Women’s bathing found that the armpit mass was suspected to be AIDS, the doctor saw his fingers pause: the cause is clear

Modern people work under pressure, the pace of life is fast, and feelings are often unsuccessful.

Even some people are keen to use one -night stand to solve the body’s desire.

However, after passion, it often brings a feathers.

For example, if you know nothing about the health of each other, if there is no protection measures, you are likely to be infectious diseases and AIDS.

Ms. Liu is a young single woman. As a mature adult, naturally there will be some physiological needs.

So she had a one -night stand with a newly known male netizen.

A few days later, Ms. Liu found a lump in her armpits while taking a bath.

She quickly searched for the reasons why there would be a mass under the armpit.

What surprised her was that many netizens said that 50%of the lumps appeared under the armpits, and 50%may be AIDS.

Ms. Liu remembered the "passion" of the not long ago. She seemed to use protection measures. She was afraid of it immediately. What if the male netizen had AIDS, would he be transmitted to herself?

Everyone knows that "inquiry on the Internet and get cancer per capita."Ms. Liu was scared to go to the hospital early the next morning for examination.

So what diseases can we suffer from our armpits?Let’s talk about this issue today.

In fact, there are many causes of lumps under the armpit. One of the most common diseases is sebaceous gland cysts.

Many people have maintained unhealthy lifestyle, such as staying up late, anxiety, mental stress, too stressful living and work, or eating foods with high oil and high sugar, which will induce sebaceous gland cysts.

As we all know, our armpits not only have very rich adipose tissues, but also have a lot of sweat glands, as well as important nerves and blood vessels that can associate the upper limbs, as well as lymph nodes on the upper limbs and shallow backs.

In other words, if the hygiene of this part is not in place or trauma occurs, the sebum excretion is blocked, which is very easy to cause retention cysts.

The manifestation of sebaceous gland cysts is that there are hard masses in the armpits. Because the sebaceous glands are narrowed or blocked, the surface of the lump will appear mostly black spots.

Because the sebaceous glands will secrete something every day, if the opening cannot be excreted normally, there is no place to discharge the secretions. The time will gradually increase, and then the accumulation and expand into a hard mass.

The block is adhered to the surrounding organizations, the realm is unclear, and it is not easy to separate.However, although it feels hard to touch the outside, it is a tofu -like thing.

In addition, there will be a dot opening of a needle size in the middle, so if long -term squeezing may be secondary bacterial infection.

Because it is not painful or itchy, you may not find it without touching your hands.

Coupled with the lumps, the lumps cannot be faded by themselves, and they will grow longer and bigger. If you have symptoms such as redness and pain, you must seek medical treatment in time.

In addition to some causes caused by inflammation, one of the most common cause is tumor.

For example, the metastasis of breast cancer is the metastasis metastasis of the armpit, and the patients with lymphoma will also experience lymph node enlargement

Many patients will appear lumps when diagnosed with breast cancer.

Generally speaking, this type of mass is a swollen large lymph node.

Its symptoms are that the lymph node area has a circular mass. The boundary of the lump is generally clear, and the mass can be pushed when touching.

If multiple lymph nodes are transferred, the lumps can be fixed to form group shapes.

Then at this time, the boundary of the lumps usually perform is unclear, the texture is harder, and the position is relatively fixed. It cannot be pushed when touching.

There are also a few patients’ masses, which will cause pain and soreness.

If you find these symptoms in your body, you must go to the hospital for examination in time, such as mammary molybdenum targets and blood tests.

Molybdenum target inspection is a way to use X -ray molybdenum target photography to carry out non -invasive examinations for breasts.

During the examination, the patient only needs to put the chest on the inspection table with the help of the nurse, and then squeeze, scan, and check.

This kind of examination of breast cancer is as high as 82 % to 89 %, which means that a little lesions in the patient will be checked by molybdenum targets.

There is a lump under the armpit. In addition to the above symptoms, there is also a case of AIDS.

If the sexual partner is not fixed, and the high -risk behavior (no protection measures) are carried out. At this time, if a mass appears in the armpit, the possibility of AIDS needs to be considered.

As we all know, AIDS will destroy the human body’s immune system. If there is a problem with the human immune system, the body will become extremely fragile, and a cold may be born.

In addition, once the human body is infected with HIV, the body is immune to the virus, and superficial lymph node enlargement will occur.

Not only is the underarm lymph nodes enlarged, but also the superficial parts of the neck and collarbone, and the whole body lymph may occur.

This type of mass is generally harder, and most of them do not feel pain, so it is easy to be ignored.

This situation will last about 2-3 months, and some patients will last for half a year. We usually call this period as a window period.

During the window period, even if the patient was infected with AIDS, it could not be tested.

Generally speaking, after three months of detection as negative, the possibility of AIDS can be ruled out.

However, once AIDS patients enter the late stage, the swollen lymph nodes are very easy to combine bacterial infection.

Symptoms of redness, swelling, heat, and pain may even infected the tuberculosis at the same time, leading to the tuberculosis of the lymph, and some advanced patients will also occur in lymphoma.

Therefore, once high -risk sex is performed with non -fixed sexual partners, and then lymph node swelling occurs, you must go to the hospital for examination in time.

After confirming that infection, it is best to do lymph node biopsy to clear the nature so that doctors can treat symptomatic treatment.

However, the medical conditions are so developed now, and although AIDS cannot be cured, if it is standardized, it can also delay the sustainable development of AIDS without life.

In addition to the above symptoms, there is also a disease that is very easy to be ignored to cause the armpit swelling, that is, cats catch disease.

This disease rarely spreads in people, because it is a infectious disease caused by Hansebar.

This kind of stick -shaped small bacteria usually exist on the cat’s mouth or the cat’s claws, which are usually only popular between cats and cats.

It is just that if people are infected with cat scratching or biting, then human beings also have the probability of infection.

After being caught by a cat or biting for three to five days, there will be some symptoms.

For example, a lump with unclear boundaries appears in the armpit, and there will be obvious tenderness under pressing.

This is the manifestation of lymphatic swelling.

Because cats caught disease, it will also be like fever, fatigue, and difference, many people will confuse the cat’s disease with AIDS at first.

However, although some symptoms are relatively similar, cats are indeed self -limiting, which means that they can heal themselves after 6 to 9 weeks.

Ms. Liu, as mentioned earlier, performed lymph node puncture biopsy in the hospital.

This test is to take out part of the tissue of part of the underarms and send it to the pathology department for further testing.

If the test results of the pathology department show that there is Hansbar in the nodular, then it can be determined that the cat is scratching the disease.

Although it is a rare disease, this disease not only does not have life in danger, but also heal itself. After taking medicine for a period of time, the mass will soon become smaller and disappear.

However, it is still necessary to note that if you are fed in your family, you must deal with it in time after being caught and bitten. Do not have a chance to avoid irreparable consequences.

Of course, through Ms. Liu’s case, we also woke us, that is, we must take safety measures when performing sexual behavior.

In particular, the past medical history of sexual partners is unclear.

Otherwise, the consequences are extremely serious, such as, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, and pregnancy, which will have a huge impact on our lives.

So don’t plant bitter fruits for a while.

Axillary is also known as the "three major health zones in the human body".

Here is not only the blood vessels and nerves of the dominant person’s upper limbs, but also lymphatic on the back, upper limbs, chest walls and other parts.

Once these parts have inflammatory symptoms or tumors, the armpit will also swell.

Therefore, we should regularly check the underarm condition, whether there is swelling or other abnormalities.In order to achieve early treatment and early treatment.

Because underarms are the place where people are most afraid of itching, especially when others touch the hands.

So you can check it yourself when taking a bath.

In addition, we can often press the armpits by ourselves, about 30 times a day, and persist to play a certain role.

Such as Shujin Huoxue, reconciling qi and blood, strengthening the body and anti -aging.

Because pressing the armpits can promote the return of local blood and improve blood supply.

It can also improve the effects of human immunity, promote metabolism, and promote the excretion of toxins in the body. It can also play a certain preventive role in annoying, insomnia, and cardiovascular disease.

And it also has stimulating sensory organs, which effectively relieves shoulder pain, upper limb pain, and pain in the armpit itself.It can also delay aging, prevent heart disease, periarthitis, breast disease, etc.

When massaging, first cross the left and right arm to the chest, so that you can press the right armpit with your left hand and press the left armpit with your right hand.

Massage and pinch with your fingers. It should not be heavy, and the soreness can reach the hand.

Once every morning and evening, about 3 minutes each time.

As the saying goes, there are diseases and diseases.

Axillary is a part that we need to focus on, and the symptoms of some diseases can be appeared through the armpits.

We need to pay attention to whether there are lumps in the armpits and pay attention to our health.

At the same time, you can clean up and avoid some diseases to come to your door.

When sexual behavior, be sure to do your own protection, require wearing a condom, and be good for each other’s body.

After being caught by pets, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time. Don’t feel that there is nothing to avoid irreparable things.

Have you been bitten by pets?How did you do it?

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