Women’s accidental pregnancy is preparing to get a fetus, and the epidemic decides to give birth to a baby. Netizens’ comments are really funny

Some time ago, a new round of new crown pneumonia broke out in Shanghai, which caused most citizens to be forced to isolate at home.

Zhen Mou, a 26 -year -old woman in Shanghai, wasolated at home like most citizens.However, Zhen’s mood was very complicated during her home isolation, because Wu was accidentally pregnant in early March, but she didn’t want this child, so she felt tangled in her heart.

Zhen said that she was a clerk in a private enterprise. She was usually busy with her normal work. According to her plan, she was ready to ask her baby at the age of 29, but what made her unexpected was that she was pregnant unexpectedly.

After discussing with her husband, Zhen was going to give up the child. Therefore, Zhen made an appointment with the hospital on March 5th to prepare for a abortion surgery on March 15th.The abortion operation on March 22 was changed.But what made Zhen did not expect: On March 19th, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention notified her husband that her husband was a second -dense person who was a new crown -positive person in the unit, and she needed to be separated at home for 14 days. At the same time, she also received it on the afternoon of the 20th.The hospital’s notice stated that the hospital was discontinued from the 21st, and the specific opening time was not determined.Under the influence of these two factors, Zhen had to give up his plan to be prepared to be tire.

On June 1st, some areas in Shanghai were unblocked, and Zhen was finally able to perform abortion surgery. However, at this time, the baby in the belly had been four months old. After a comprehensive check -up, the doctor told Zhen that the baby was very healthy.In this case, Zhen was reluctant to give up the baby in his stomach.So Zhen decided to give birth to the baby.

On June 8th, Zhen posted a video on a self -media platform saying that although the epidemic had brought her a lot of inconvenience in life, the epidemic also accidentally received a beautiful gift.Mom.If it weren’t for this epidemic, she would lose this most beautiful gift, so she should not blame this epidemic.

When Zhen posted a video on a media platform to share his joy, netizens started a warm discussion.

The story of the netizen spring: This is the baby of God, and it is destined to give birth to your home. Congratulations!When the child is born, you must treat him or her!

Netizen gentleman love money: Let’s talk about it, what is "accidental pregnancy"?If Zhen did not be with her husband, she would be pregnant?I am afraid it won’t be?Now that Zhen and her husband had stayed together, it should not be called "accidental pregnancy".

Netizens’ years: I first named Zhen’s baby: God.If it wasn’t for the impact of the epidemic, I am afraid that this baby would be difficult to come to the world, and it was because of the impact of the epidemic that this baby would survive. Therefore, this baby should be a god -free baby.The name is very suitable.

Netizen Fenghua Xueyue: This baby was born by God. Because heaven is not contrary, it is more appropriate to name "God of God".Ha ha.

Netizens uh, since Zhen said, this child survived unexpectedly, and simply gave the child a "unexpected" name. Moreover, if the child’s name is connected to Zhen’s surname, he can read it."Really accidental", it is very meaningful!Ha ha.

In short, there are many discussions among netizens.

I have something to say: Everything has two sides. Although the epidemic has a significant impact on the lives of our citizens and has brought major losses to our national economy, from another side, the outbreak of the new crown epidemic is also positive.On the side, for example, the outbreak of the epidemic has effectively reflected the strong cohesion and execution of our country; it also enables us to test the prevention and control system of our country in order to check and supplement the shortage. At the same time, the outbreak of the epidemic has made usThe awareness of personal health protection of the people has been effectively improved.Therefore, it can be said that the outbreak of the epidemic is not useless.

In addition, from the perspective of personal families, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, some citizens are isolated at home, so that this part of the citizens can take out time to see the books they like to read; do the housework they do not care about,It also made the affection that we couldn’t connect with a valid connection.In terms of Zhen Mouben’s thing to kill the child who was pregnant, the child was lucky to keep it.

In general, the outbreak of the epidemic has both disadvantages and benefits.Although the disadvantage is greater than the benefits, we must never say that the outbreak of the epidemic is useless.What do you think?

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