Women with these characteristics, basically they are in the middle, and it is easy to be healthy and good.

In the eyes of many people, after getting married, there is a matter of being able to get water after marriage. However, after getting married, you only find that you have to have luck.Some husbands and wives have not moved for a few years, and some are in the case, even if they have taken contraceptive measures.

质 体: Easy to be pregnant is really painful!I didn’t want to ask anymore after giving birth to Dabao. After going to the hospital, I still pregnant with Erbao. If I couldn’t bear it, I gave birth. I gave birth to two in three years.

Listening to the rain: I have a friend who is 35 years old. It was difficult to get pregnant at this age, but she was pregnant with accident.The doctor said that she was the most prestigious uterine.Because there are already two children, she can only choose a miscarriage.

Why do some women get pregnant as soon as they touch?Most of them meet the following characteristics:

1. During the best birth period

The best birth period between women from 22 and 29. At this time, the physiological and psychology is mature, the physical fitness is good, the egg quality is high, and it is more likely to conceive.

2. Menstruation law

Menstruation is a barometer for women’s health. If long -term irregular menstruation indicates that the body’s endocrine is problematic and it is not easy to conceive.And if the menstrual rules indicate the healthy reproductive system, and it can accurately infer the ovulation date, which is conducive to conception.

Third, uterine front position

Women in front of the uterus are more likely to conceive. This is because the anterior uterus is relative to the back of the uterus. It is more conducive to encountering sperm through the cervix mouth and eggs, and then combined into fertilized eggs and breeding small lives.

Fourth, pay attention to personal hygiene

Gynecological diseases are likely to cause infertility. Some gynecological diseases are related to living habits, such as staying up late, irregular diet, and not paying attention to personal hygiene.Personal hygiene is likely to cause gynecological inflammation. If it is not treated in time, it will aggravate the condition and affect the conception.

What should women do well if they want to conceive healthy?

1. Develop good living habits, work and rest, diet, and do not smoke or drink.

2. Appropriate exercise exercise to enhance physical fitness.

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene. If you are uncomfortable, go to the hospital for examination in time, and do not delay your illness because of shyness.

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