Women who are pregnant when they are employed are cheating maternity leave?

I have never understood, and I ca n’t agree with the point of view: "I became pregnant as soon as I joined the job, and then I had to pay the social security with him if I asked for leave or work.It is the point of deceiving maternity leave.

Regarding this view, that is to say, women are married. If you plan to ask a child, you cannot go to work, get pregnant, give birth to a child, and then bring the child to be particularly tired. He intends to not do it.Even if you think, why do women think so? The cost of educating children was already very high, and then encouraged fertility, but everyone is a bottom person, not so much money, you can only go to work to go to work to subsidize the subsidy while getting pregnant.Home use, if everyone is very rich, and the country has a lot of support for this, women need not say that they have to go to the "so -called deception" for a 1,200 yuan maternity subsidies.The suffering of work, and the subsidy is given by the Social Security Bureau, not a company. If I think of discrimination against women’s workplace because of fertility, it is not conducive to the fertility rate of our country.

It is obviously that the country’s welfare treatment is not enough. Why should this pot be pressed on women, and then discriminated against the unmarried age, unmarried, unmarried, married and breeding.It is more and more serious. Is the essence really caused by maternity leave in the half year of women’s resort? Since you don’t want to give women maternity leave why this maternity leave, why do men have no maternity leave, and there is no responsibility for taking care of children and men.

While saying that women are not high in society, they use fertility to deprive women’s right to employment equal employment. Women’s fertility is a woman’s fault. Women’s fertility cannot make money is a woman’s fault. It is a female fault that children do not educate.

I think there are few women of rich families who will deceive this half -year maternity leave equivalent to the subsistence allowance. In the final analysis, it is a social problem. The blindness is on women.I won’t be born from beginning to end, so good.

Having said so much, I just hope that women can receive equal employment rights. Women’s fertility value can be affirmed. Even if there is this half -year maternity leave, I don’t think women are willing to give birth.]

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