Women who are killed in villas after pregnancy: The absurd behavior at the expense of life is not desirable

On this day, a villa was surrounded by the police. Not long ago, the police station received a report, and the murder in the villa.As soon as the police officers entered the house, they found that a woman in pajamas was lying on the ground with blood.

The hostess Ding Jie told the Captain Captain that the deceased was her niece, named Zhang Min, the child of her elder sister’s house. She was five months pregnant.Come and begged her aunt, she distressed her niece, so she temporarily lived at home.

This morning, Ding Jie and the nanny went out to buy food together. Whoever wanted to do it for a while, Zhang Min, who was alone at home, actually came out.

Police officers subsequently conducted a survey on the scene, and did not find any useful clues.So he brought the body back to the police station for inspection.

On the other side, the neighbor’s aunt told the police that as soon as she had dinner at noon, she saw that two men in front of Ding Jie’s house were wearing helmets and sunglasses.Essence

After understanding the situation, the police officers were preparing to leave. Who would expect Ding Jie’s husband Wu Qiang to return home at this time, but when he heard the news of the death of his niece, the whole person responded very fiercely and kept shaking Ding Jie’s Ding Jie’s’s’s by the side ofAsked her arm, how could she die?Seeing Wu Qiang’s reaction, Captain Captain was very puzzled.

Inside the police station, the forensic doctor told the Captain Captain after detailed autopsy against the deceased that he could be determined that the deceased was choked by his neck and suffocated. He was violently violated before his death.After listening to the Captain Captain, the Captain Captain believed that the murderer had committed violence against a pregnant woman, which was extremely beast.

Then the police officers found the babysitter chrysanthemum to understand the situation. She told the police that a young man had come to find Zhang Min some time ago, and the two quarreled.Zhang Min then instructed her that if the person came again, he would not open the door.But since then, the young man has never been here again.

Here, the police officers found that Zhang Min’s information found that it was wrong. They entered the identity card into the system and found that there was no such number.Captain Interpol thought at this time that Ding Jie had said that Zhang Min graduated from Huazhong University, so he quickly asked the police officer to go to the university to investigate whether Zhang Min was the person.

Soon, the police officers investigated that Zhang Min was indeed Zhang Min, but it was not a Shanxi people on the ID card, but from Shandong.In addition, Zhang Min talked about a boyfriend in college called Liang Rui.

Then, the police officers asked Liang Rui to ask, and he told the police officers that he and Zhang Min were in his junior year. When he was close to graduation, Zhang Min wanted to go abroad and abandon him without money, so the two were therefore the two.Divided.But he has always had feelings for Zhang Min.

Captain Interpol asked him if he knew Zhang Min’s pregnancy. Liang Rui stared at his eyes instantly after hearing, and asked the child who was?Captain Interpol did not answer him, but continued to ask him when he saw Zhang Min’s last time.Liang Rui said that two months ago he went to the hospital to see a doctor, and met Zhang Min unexpectedly, and then secretly followed Zhang Min to find Ding Jie’s house.

After seeing Liang Rui, Zhang Min cried and told him that this was her aunt’s house, and then asked Liang Rui to help her find a job. After that, Liang Rui found Zhang Min’s school pairing work through the villagers. Who knows ZhangMin did not abandon his salary and was furious that Liang Rui had nothing to do, so the two quarreled.Since then, Liang Rui has never been looking for Zhang Min.

After listening, the police officers asked Liang Rui to compare with the children in Zhang Min’s belly, but the result showed that Liang Rui had nothing to do with the fetus.

So who is the child’s father?When the police officers were puzzled, the Captain Captain suddenly thought of a person, that was Ding Jie’s husband Wu Qiang.At that time, Wu Qiang learned that Zhang Min died, and his response was larger than anyone, which was really suspicious.

However, another police officer believes that Ding Jie is a strong woman. Wu Qiang and Zhang Min have an unfair relationship under her eyelids. Ding Jie must not stand it, not to mention raising the pregnancy Zhang Min at home.

In order to find out the truth, the police officers came to Ding Jie’s house again to ask.This time, the police officers directly asked why Ding Jie lied to the police that Zhang Min was their niece.Wu Qiang saw that the police had found everything, and no longer concealed it.

He told the police officers that the children in Zhang Min’s belly were indeed him.He and Ding Jie have a lot of family business, but they have never been pregnant with their children for many years, so Ding Jie wants to find a surrogate, and then spent 500,000 to find Zhang Min, and also promised to take all the procedures for studying Zhang Min to study abroad to study abroad.After handling it, I also show the contracts signed by them and Zhang Min to the police officers.

At this moment, the Captain Captain wanted to ask the nanny to question again. As a result, Ding Jie said that the nanny could not accept the death of the family, so he had resigned.As he said, Ding Jie’s mobile phone rang, and she looked at it, and hurriedly hung up the phone.Looking at Ding Jie’s move, Captain Captain’s doubt was even deeper.

After leaving Ding Jie’s house, the police officers found the nanny through the housekeeping company. They learned from the nanny mouth that it was not that she didn’t want to do it, but the day when she was in the accident, Ding Jie fired her.And the day before the accident, Ding Jie took Zhang Min to visit the supermarket. At noon on the day of the accident, she asked her to go to the supermarket to buy things, stroll around east, and spend a lot of time in the supermarket.

After listening to the nanny, Captain Criminal Police believed that Ding Jie had been lying, and also deliberately took the nanny out. She stayed with Zhang Min at home. It seems that there is a big problem here.

After returning to the police station, Captain Interpol immediately sent someone to monitor Ding Jie, and on the other side, letting people start investigating Ding Jie’s call record.Soon, a police officer discovered that Ding Jie’s call records in the past half a month, in addition to Wu Qiang and his family, also frequently connected with a strange number, especially after Zhang Min died more than ten times.

At the same time, the technical police officer compared Zhang Min’s DNA comparison and found that the person who violated Zhang Min had a criminal record. This person was Li Qing. He was jailed for rape seven years ago and was released two months ago.

On the other hand, the police officer who listened to Ding Jie’s phone also received a call recording. The content was that a man threatened Ding Jie to give him money, and Ding Jie also obediently did.Later, the police officers secretly followed Ding Jie according to the call content. I saw that she drove to a wasteland alone at night. After getting off the car, she gave a big package to a man. When the man prepared to count the money, the police officers rushed up and went up., Capture the two.And that man is Li Qing.

In the police station, Li Qing told the police that Zhang Min killed him, but Ding Jie let him do it.

Ding Jieyan’s testimony was conclusive and directly acknowledged the matter, but she said that she just asked Li Qing to get rid of Zhang Min’s belly and did not let Li Qing kill.

After listening to Ding Jie’s words, the police officer was very puzzled. The idea of obvious surrogacy was Ding Jie came up with it. Why should this child destroy this child now?

Ding Jie told the police officers that since Zhang Min’s nostalgia, Wu Qiang was as if he had changed his personal. He ran to Zhang Min’s room when he was okay, and Zhang Min gradually began to not propose the country.Seeing this, Ding Jie believes that Zhang Min wants to go to Wuqiang. If things really develop that step, what should she do?

Thinking of this, Ding Jie started to panic. She was looking for her, and her idea was her out. If her husband ran away in the end, she really made a wedding dress for Zhang Min.It’s right.

I thought about it, so Ding Jie found Li Qing, and paid for him to get off Zhang Min’s child. She wanted to let Zhang Min leave in this way.I never thought that Li Qing killed Zhang Min directly.

Ding Jie also went to question why Li Qing had to kill, who expected that Li Qing said that he could only get 100,000 and kill Zhang Min. He and Ding Jie were friends.EssenceAs soon as Ding Jie heard it, he was about to be fainted. Li Qing’s naked threat was clearly placed by Ding Jie as his withdrawal machine.

The case is over here. Let’s say that the rich woman really stole the chicken and did not erode rice, and finally made himself jail.If you really want a child, you can also take a legal way to adopt or test tube babies, but she chose various illegal channels.I can only say, deserve it!

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