Women still have physiological needs to enter menopause. Do they still need contraception?Women should understand

Ms. Zhang 48 this year, with a son and a daughter. The husband and wife have a harmonious relationship. The family can be described as happy and happy.Ms. Zhang is a yoga lover. Long -term yoga training also keeps Ms. Zhang, 48, still maintains very well.

But during this time, Ms. Zhang, who had to exercise every day, always felt that she couldn’t raise her spirit. She always couldn’t eat it on the dining table. She would vomit when she saw the fishy fishy.EssenceWhen Ms. Zhang’s husband was so worried, he took Ms. Zhang to the hospital for examination.

As a result, the couple stunned both, and Ms. Zhang, 48, became pregnant.Ms. Zhang was impossible, and said how could she be pregnant when she was menopausal?

It turned out that Ms. Zhang’s husband and wife had a good relationship. Since Ms. Zhang entered the menopausal period, the couple did not take contraceptive measures. They all thought that they would not get pregnant in menopause, and there was no need for contraceptive measures.

Ms. Zhang, the news of her pregnancy, said that after entering the menopause, there is still a shameful physiological need, and now she is still pregnant.

When I heard this, the doctor smiled and told Ms. Zhang that it is a very normal thing to have physiological needs in menopause, but most people know the lack of understanding whether there is no need for contraception during menopause.

Menopausal is also called "siege period", which is an insurmountable physiological period in the long river of life.At this time, the number of follicles in women’s ovaries gradually decreased due to the increase in age. After the decrease in follicles, the ovary will cause the ovaries to be exhausted. The functions of secreting estrogen and progesterone can also begin to disappear.

When the level of hormones in the body is significantly reduced, the body will change significantly, such as hot and sweating, depression, insomnia, excitement and anger, memory loss, etc. This is called menopause.

There is no fixed age in menopause, but about 45 years of age is the average age of women in my country.The length of menopause is also related to each human constitution, as well as the environment, diet, and so on. Some are 1-3 years, and some grow to about 10 years.

In addition to psychological changes, due to the reduction of estrogen secretion after entering menopause, women’s sexual organs will change.For example, mild atrophy, decreased secretions becomes no more moist, and the elasticity of vaginal walls is reduced. It is this special period that physiological needs are not only normal and indispensable.

The regular life of couples is very good for menopause women.

First of all, due to the depletion of the ovaries, the estrogen in women is also lacking, but moderate husband and wife life can stimulate the secretion of multiple hormones.

Secondly, the regular couple’s life can increase blood circulation and expand blood vessels. At the same time, stimulate the brain and cause the brain to be in a positive response and stimulate the secretion of adrenocorticoids, so that the human body will secrete more polypeptides.

The increase in polypeptides will improve the immunity of the human body. The excitement of the brain can appropriately alleviate the symptoms of discomfort such as memory loss, insomnia, and irritability caused by menopause.

It can be seen that men and wives in menopause are very important.It plays a very important role in the health of the body’s health, the joy of the spirit, the harmony of the family, and the prevention of the shrinkage of the urogenicism system.Do women of menopausal need contraception when they live in husband and wife?

Some women believe that they will not get pregnant anymore after entering the menopause, but it turns out that the idea is wrong.Women start menopausal, ovarian function has gradually begun to decline, and it usually starts to break the scriptures after one year.So at this stage, although the function of the ovary has decreased, it is only decreased. A few follicles will still be growing and developing in the ovaries, resulting in occasional eggs.If you just rush to live in your husband and wife, you may be pregnant.

There is a saying in the people, called "enough, forty -six", that is, women still have the possibility of pregnancy at the age of 46.But pregnancy at this age is very dangerous. Whether it is for mothers or fetuses, the risk of various complications will increase significantly.For example, natural abortion, fetal deformity, major bleeding during production, postpartum wounds are not easy to heal, and so on.

In addition to production danger, artificial abortion is also a category of high risks, and the harm and risks will increase.Menopausal women’s uterus contraction ability has obviously weakened. After the abortion surgery, it is very easy to cause bleeding and endometritis.And when women enter the menopausal period, endocrine also enters the disorder period, then if the flow of people is not treated clean, the fluff remaining in the uterine cavity will become hydatidal, and the time will deteriorate or even endanger life.

In addition to physical damage, the birth of children at this age, in terms of energy and economy, will undoubtedly add an unnecessary burden to themselves and their children.

It can be seen that even women in menopause are possibilities for pregnancy.Therefore, in order to avoid the damage caused by the abortion of pregnancy, and to reduce unnecessary burden and family disputes.Even if women enter menopausal periods, they must take contraceptive measures and do not have any fluke.

The choice of contraception in menopause is also the top priority. Let’s talk to you briefly, how should menopausal women contraception.

There are many ways to contraceptives, such as condoms, contraceptives, internal palaces, and safety -phase contraception.But not every kind of women who are suitable for menopause. Let’s talk about which contraceptive methods are not recommended to use menopausal women.

First of all, it is very unparalleled to adopt a safe period in menopause.It is usually called the ovulation day 14 days before the next menstruation starts.Knowing safety period.

Under normal circumstances, the safety period will not be ovulated and will not be pregnant, but that is just in the case of unconventional menstruation.The menstruation of young women will be affected by many factors, such as environment, diet, emotion, etc., so there are always several irregularities in the menstrual cycle, which proves that the safety period of contraception is not safe.

When women enter the menopause, ovarian function decreases, and ovulation is even more irregular, and there is no way to calculate the ovulation period.Therefore, menopause will only make the safety period that was originally unsafe, and it is even more unsafe.

Second, contraceptives are not suitable for menopausal women.Contraceptives contain two types of hormones: female and pregnancy. It mainly uses the level of normal hormones in women to interfere with the process of ovulation and conception to achieve contraceptive purposes.However, menopausal women’s body functions have already begun to decline. If they take contraceptives again, they may affect the metabolism of fat and sugar in the body, increase the risk of diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other diseases.

For women’s oral contraceptives, doctors usually do not recommend more than forty years.If there are women with a history of smoking, obesity, or a family history of high blood pressure, and family history of other cardiovascular diseases, in order to prevent hormones from increasing risk of disease, oral contraceptives should be prohibited after the age of 35.

So, what kind of contraceptive measures should be taken for menopausal women?

1. In -the -palace birthday

The in -palace is also commonly known as a health ring. The principle of contraceptives is mainly through metal ions produced by the ring itself or progesterone on the ring to interfere with sperm and fertilized eggs to bed, thereby achieving contraceptive effects.

It is worth mentioning here that if women put in the birthday before entering the menopause, do not rush out if there is no adverse reaction. You can wait until the menopause can be taken out about one year after menopause.

However, if you have not been put in the birthday before the menopause, it is not recommended to use this method to contraception.Because women enter the menopausal afternoon cervix, it is not easy to put in the birth ring.In addition, early bleeding after the birth ring is placed, which may cause uterine diseases to be unable to discover in time.

Therefore, women who are suitable for the birthplace before menopause are suitable for women, and they do not advocate menopause and then put in the pregnancy -saving ring.

2. Condom

A condom is a very convenient, safe and effective contraceptive measurement, mainly to prevent sperm from entering the vagina to achieve contraceptive effects.Its scope of application is very wide, it does not cause physical discomfort, the contraceptive rate reaches 99.9%, and it can also prevent cross -infection prevention of gynecological diseases and sexual diseases, so it is very suitable for menopausal women.

However, the use of condoms should also be noted that in the process of husband and wife’s life, we must wear it all the way. Do not wear it halfway or take it out halfway, otherwise the contraceptive effect cannot be achieved.Do not use damaged or a condom repeatedly.Menopausal women will become dry with the decrease in secretions, and the vagina will also become dry. You can choose to apply condoms on the condom to enhance the effect of contraceptives and lubricate the vagina appropriately.

It can be seen that due to the special body of menopausal women, not all contraceptive methods are applicable.Therefore, in the way of contraception, the in -palace should be determined according to its own situation. It is best to choose a contraceptive set for contraception.

Menopausal women have a very normal thing for physiological needs, but while meeting the physiological needs, we must take the right contraceptive measures.In addition, women should keep their minds optimistic and maintain moderate exercise during menopausal periods, so that they can spend this special period comfortably and steadily.


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