Women should experience ten suffering when pregnancy. Men need to know, and they should hurt their wives with their hearts.

Speaking of the hard work during pregnancy, the mothers always have numerous topics, and more are physical and psychological double pressure, which makes the Baomao can’t breathe.And in the face of various reactions on her body, many Baoma encountered it for the first time. It is often overwhelmed, nor is it normal or abnormal.

But many psychological pressure comes from the other half of their own, that is, the child’s father.Many Bao dads can be understood by seeing the hard work of their wives, but there are always a small group of people who not only understand the wife, but also feel that their wife is "overly affectionate."

Pregnant mothers feel the discomfort of their bodies.

So this article should write to Bao Dad, let you see how great the woman around you is.Let’s take the top ten suffering during a plate of pregnancy:

1. I can’t get meals in pregnancy

Pregnancy vomiting has problems in most Baoma, and babies and mothers need a lot of nutrition during pregnancy, so they often vomit and eat.I remember a sister before I told me: When I was born, I couldn’t eat meals. My husband cooked milk powder for me, and made eggs inside.Essence

Therefore, if the husbands of the pregnant mothers do not understand, they can let him go to the amusement park to take a liquid after eating, and continue to eat after vomiting, so that it is not easy for him to experience the pregnant mother.

2. Early response

Not just pregnancy, but also in the early pregnancy, especially after finding a month after pregnancy, or even a few months, there will be back pain and weakness.This phenomenon is generally related to personal constitution. Some pregnant mothers don’t feel much. Some people are like a serious illness.

3, frequent urine

This only appears in the third trimester. The main principle is that the belly is too large, and the uterus increases, which will compress the bladder in front, so the urine is produced.This is the same as that in the third trimester. The reason is the same, but there is no way to distinguish it, so you can only go to the toilet.

If you think about it in the cold winter, you start two or three times in the evening, and you can’t squat out for a long time in the toilet for a long time. How uncomfortable?Even some pregnant mothers fell asleep in the toilet, and then they were cold and cold.

4, control weight

It is said that controlling weight is not unilateral weight gain, but a little bit of weight gain according to the weight of the early pregnancy.Because the weight is low, it is possible that the energy is not enough and is not enough to provide the body needs.If weighing weight, it may increase the danger in the subsequent production process.

Therefore, controlling weight, but a technical job, if his husband does not understand, he can give him the task of cooking.Then when the monthly check -up, the doctor found that the weight did not bid, and he could watch the doctor scolding her husband, so that he also experienced the difficulty of controlling weight.

5, hemorrhoids

You can understand gynecological diseases, but do you know?In fact, during pregnancy, the probability of pregnant women’s hemorrhoids is much higher than normal.This part is due to the excessive pressure on the abdomen during pregnancy, which leads to more hemorrhoids.

Many people have to say what is difficult to hemorrhoids?However, it is usually uncomfortable, but you must remember that pregnant women should endure a lot of "uncomfortable". Some hemorrhoids directly disturb the pregnant woman usually go to the toilet, and when there is a child, the phenomenon of hemorrhoids may occur.

6, hands and feet edema

We can often see that pregnant women walk in the community, wearing slippers, or cotton trailers without rear heels. This is because their hands and feet are swollen and wearing ordinary shoes are uncomfortable.Hand swelling, swollen feet and leg swelling will accompany the stiffness of the limbs. Therefore, if no one usually takes care of the activity, it is easy to fall or sprains.

The hands and feet are swollen, and they usually feel very uncomfortable. At this time, the role of Bao Dad will be played.Usually help his wife pinch her hands, pinch her feet, or massage the legs.As a man for his wife and the next generation, massaging his wife is not a shame.

7, leg cramps

Pregnant women are prone to calcium deficiency during pregnancy or postpartum breastfeeding period, which is directly manifested as walking, or leg cramps occur during sleep at night.If your leg cramps are cramping, you may fall directly or have various accidents.

If the leg cramps at night, then it hurts to roll on the bed!For details, please refer to. During the development of adolescence, the pain of leg cramps appears.

8, long stretch marks

The stretch marks are due to the bloating of the stomach and the abdomen muscle fiber pulled out, which is purple -red spots caused by losing elasticity.This is the same as a woman who has just turned from a girl into a pregnant woman from a young girl to a woman who has just become a girl from a young girl.

And we need to know that many of the products on the market eliminate stretch marks have no effect. Only the maintenance cannot be eliminated. It will be eliminated to wait a few years later.This also means that in the years after pregnancy, don’t think about those clothes that are exposed and exposed.

9, dark yellow skin, long spots

If the care is not good during pregnancy, it will be a major transformation from a young girl to Huang Fanpo. The long spots are really terrible.During pregnancy, spots are due to hormone secretion in the body. A large amount of progesterone and estrogen are used to promote melanin in cells in the body.

According to the different constitutions of different people, some people have spots during pregnancy, and they are fine after giving birth, and the spots on the face of some people only have a lifetime.

Which girl doesn’t love beauty?Originally, a large amount of skin care products and time and energy were cultivated before pregnancy to cultivate delicate skin, but it was completely destroyed because of pregnancy.

10, can’t do anything

If you want to do anything at home, do n’t do anything. Should a lot of Bao dad say: Isn’t this a good thing?When you are idle every day, you know it is not easy to play?The problem is that many times we can’t even play. For the health of the baby, we must reduce the use of radiation products such as computers and mobile phones.

Moreover, I can’t go out, but I have broken the mother of Bao. If the father of Bao can’t feel it, let him stay at home without watching his mobile phone or watching TV for a month, you should know how to do anything about pregnancy, how hard it is.

Whether it is pregnancy to go to the operating table or take care of the children, the moms’ contributions to the family have never been the same.Raising children is what two people do to do together. If the mother contributes to fertility, the father must assume the responsibility that should be assumed as a father in the other aspect.

In fact, both parties have their own obligations.There is no need to complain about her suffering for her suffering. Bao Dad also knows that he is distressed by his wife, instead of playing mobile phones every day.Only two people make money to achieve a perfect home.

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