Women scrape are good but not scrape up messy

Scraping is guided by the theory of TCM meridian acupoints. Through special scraping appliances and corresponding techniques, it uses a certain medium effect to repeatedly scrape, friction on the body tableWait for the change of "出" to achieve the role of promoting blood circulation.Scraping has the effects of regulating qi and blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relieving muscles, and removing evil and detoxification. It has been widely used in the fields of various diseases and cosmetic and health care fields of internal, foreign, maternal, and pediatrics.

The application of scraping in gynecological diseases is more common. It often assists the treatment of menstrual disorders (early menstrual period, late menstrual period, irregular menstruation, extension of menstruation, less menstrual periods and amenorrhea, etc.), Pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.), common diseases such as uterine fibroids and breast hyperplasia.

According to Mr. Yu Juan, the headquarters of the municipal hospital, many women now easily self -diagnose themselves as "Gong Han" because of their cold hands and feet or cold abdomen, or have menstrual abdominal pain.In fact, there is no word "Gong Han" in the literature records of traditional Chinese medicine and formal textbooks. The "palace" in Chinese medicine is more extensive than Western medicine, including multiple organs such as uterus and ovaries.The broad sense of "Gong Han" is mainly a series of diseases that occur in the female cell palace caused by spleen and kidney yang deficiency.The majority of women who think that "Gong Han" should go to the hospital to find a Chinese medicine to confirm the diagnosis before choosing the right method to drive the cold.Blind scraping not only cannot cure the disease, but even harm the human body.

1. First of all, we must understand the condition, dialectical treatment, examine the cause, and determine the part of scraping.

2. Take the corresponding methods according to the different situations of the patient’s virtual reality, cold and heat, on the surface, and yin and yang. This is one of the main precautions of scraping.

3. Women’s pregnancy, scraping on the abdomen and lumbosacral regions, and women’s nipples are prohibited.

4. Women’s menstrual period, scraping is not recommended to prevent changes in menstruation.

5. Those who have fertility requirements, it is recommended not to scrape after ovulation, or irregular menstruation but have fertility requirements. It is not recommended to scrape before it is not determined to be pregnant to prevent early abortion.

6. Skin infection, ulcer sores, scars or subcutaneous parts are prohibited from scraping.

7. Platelets are low (those with coagulation dysfunction), it is recommended not to scrape it.

Although scraping therapy seems simple, it is recommended that you conduct regular treatment. Do not regulate the operation to prevent unnecessary damage.

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