Women pregnant with ice cream, teach by her husband and brother, signs of miscarriage at night

Girls who are pregnant are pouting. We must control our own amount of meals. Some things cannot be eaten. We must control their mouths and have a healthy baby.

This story sharing is a pregnant woman. Relying on her husband’s love for himself, he secretly eats barbecue and drink milk tea during pregnancy. Later, eating ice cream causes yourself to have a miscarriage. If you marry such a wife, what do you want to say?

Xiangxiang is 25 years old and three months pregnant. Because she is particularly slim, she can’t see that she is a pregnant woman.Since her pregnancy, she has become a giant panda at home. She has been taken care of in her mother’s heart and loved in her mother’s house.

Xiangxiang is a woman who loves snacks. She usually gets used to it. Her husband always takes her to buy different snacks.

Today, some things can not be eaten when you are pregnant.Seeing that her son had no time to take care of her when she went to work, her mother -in -law often bought fruit snacks and put them at home. They wanted Xiangxiang to have a healthy baby.

Her husband is a careful man. Since Xiangxiang is pregnant, he has been particularly concerned about his wife.Considering the health of the baby, he took the fragrant skin care products into a picture, and took it to consult a doctor for pregnant women.

When the doctor saw it, he told him that the pregnant woman could not use it. Let him put it away first, and it is not too late to wait for his wife to have a child.For the health of the baby and wife, her husband Wang Yuan put away the cosmetics.

In the evening, Xiangxiang couldn’t find cosmetics and shouted in the bedroom.Wang Yuan and his mother heard that they came quickly, they thought Xiangxiang had an accident.

Seeing his wife sitting in front of the dressing table, Wang Yuan asked, "What happened, and make you look like this?"

Deng Xiangxiang was very angry and pointed at the dressing table: "My cosmetics are gone, is it collected by my mother?"

Hearing that the daughter -in -law said so, the mother -in -law standing at the door was unhappy. He thought that the daughter -in -law was wronged, and he did not enter their bedroom at all.

Wang Yuan pulled his wife: "It was not a mother who took it away. I put it away. You are now a pregnant woman who cannot use them. You can use it when your baby is born."

Knowing that the husband had taken away, Deng Xiangxiang lowered his head awkwardly and felt wronged with her mother -in -law. How can I face each other in the future?

Xiangxiang’s temper: "You take it away, why don’t you discuss with me."

My mother -in -law saw two people quarreling because of "cosmetics" and stood up to stop: "A set of cosmetics, and put it away."

Knowing that the daughter -in -law was pregnant, her mother -in -law pulled her son away. I hope that the two young people will calm down.

Wang Yuan’s approach was wrong and taught by his mother.The first small contradictions and disputes in the family were simply resolved, and life returned to calmness.

Deng Xiangxiang is a beautiful person. Suddenly, without cosmetics, she dare not go out to go shopping.Complained in my heart that I knew that pregnancy could not be used with cosmetics, and I should not buy it.

I was sullen at home. I felt that pregnancy caused him to lose his motivation for life, and some things could not be eaten. I felt that the pregnancy was too much.

On this day, Deng Xiangxiang and friends went out to go shopping. They entered a baby shop, and Xiangxiang wanted to rely on baby clothes.

Seeing these cute little clothes, I look forward to the baby in the stomach is a female baby. In this case, we will put him in beautiful small skirts and pink shoes in the future.

The boss came: "Beauty, what do you like to choose casually."

For the first pregnancy fragrant fragrance, he would not choose clothes at all, but only felt beautiful for her children. She was a lot of small skirts.

Friends came to see: "The newborn children can’t wear these skirts. It takes ten months to wear it. It is necessary to buy baby supplies and pure cotton."

Friends introduced her baby clothes, and Xiangxiang prepared a lot of small clothes for the baby.After they came out, the boss let Xiangxiang start to inferiority.

Because the boss calls his friends a beauty, Xiangxiang feels that there is no makeup, not before before.She rushed home angrily and was sad in the bedroom.

When Wang Yuan saw his wife unhappy after get off work, he knew that his wife did not use skin care for half a month, and his face was dry.In order to coax his wife, Wang Yuan secretly went to the shop to buy a set of pregnant women’s cosmetics, which is dedicated to pregnant women.

Wang Yuan still didn’t believe: "Boss, I want to take a look at the doctor. If pregnant women can’t use it, I will return it."

The boss is a beautiful woman. For the first time, I saw a man buying cosmetics. He was careful to this extent, revealing envy from his eyes: "Your wife is really happy."

After paying the payment, Wang Yuan came to the hospital with a cosmetics and found a friend: "Brother, can pregnant women use cosmetics?"

My friend laughed at: "When dad is different, to this extent, pregnant women have no problems, it is a specialty for pregnant women."

Wang Yuan laughed: "A set of skin care products is 1500 yuan, which is more expensive than I smoke and drink."

Knowing that his wife could use it, Wang Yuan returned home happily and planned to surprise his wife.Hidden cosmetics in the quilt intentionally, and found when Xiangxiang was sleeping at night.

Xiangxiang was ready to rest, and Wang Yuan deliberately was late.The wife pulled the quilt, saw the new cosmetics, and jumped happily: "Husband, I have cosmetics, I really like the gift you gave me."

Seeing his wife happy like a little girl, Wang Yuan knew that a girl likes beauty.With cosmetics, Deng Xiangxiang’s mood is stable.

Following the big month, Xiangxiang has more and more time to eat. When she bellys, she can only eat more meals and eat, and she is thinking about what to eat at home.

Thinking that he hadn’t eaten barbecue for four months, Xiangxiang told his parents that he went downstairs to take a walk.Mother -in -law cooks in the kitchen and let her be careful.

Without the care of his family, Xiangxiang went to the barbecue restaurant to order a lot, seized the opportunity to work hard, and wiped his mouth and wipe his mouth clean.

Walking around the house leisurely, the mother -in -law had made the food well, and the father -in -law and husband came home.Everyone saw him back and quickly asked him to sit down for dinner.

Because Xiangxiang has eaten barbecue, there is very little during dinner. The husband saw that he didn’t eat much meal: "Eat so little today, is it uncomfortable?"

Xiang Xiang just smiled, and he didn’t dare to tell his family about the stolen barbecue. After eating some meals, he returned to bed to sleep.

Seeing that the daughter -in -law didn’t eat much, her mother -in -law thought whether she was not in her stomach today, or she said, she went out to meet, and began to make a small temper.

In order to increase her meal, the next day her mother -in -law returned to buy fresh vegetables with the vegetable basket.I bought a lot of pork ribs and a family ate a hot pot at night.

The mother -in -law took care of Xiangxiang very well, but her baby was the blood of the Wang family.Wang Yuan is the only child, and the family sees the child very important.

Seeing that the daughter -in -law is big in the month, go to the hospital to check the doctor and say that the baby is very healthy, and the parents of both parties are not easy.Go to buy baby supplies and discuss how to bring the baby who is about to come.

The parents took the strict care of Xiangxiang. She had to be accompanied by someone to walk downstairs.

For a few days, she didn’t eat barbecue incense and pouted her mouth again. She told her family to take a walk as usual.Run with your mobile phone quickly to the barbecue restaurant, and click on your stuff to start eating.

After many times when she went out and went home to eat less, her mother -in -law and husband began to follow secretly and found that she was eating barbecue outside and was very angry.

Wang Yuan and his mother’s face were gloomy, and thought that Deng Xiangxiang needed face, they didn’t immediately rush in to stop her from eating barbecue.

When she came, Wang Yuan ran over: "Life is good, a pregnant woman dares to eat barbecue, you are not afraid of hurting your baby."

Deng Xiangxiang turned to see her husband and mother -in -law behind him, and glanced at the barbecue restaurant with Yu Guang: "Pregnant women are pouting, what happened to barbecue."

Wang Yuan’s belly had an endless grievance: "You have a good time, my son is suffering in your belly, and a mother will feel bad for children. How can you be so cruel?"

Deng Xiangxiang went home with a big belly, but was very aggrieved: "I just eat a little, you have a big temper, you have to show me your face."

On the road, Wang Yuan did not quarrel with his wife, but returned home to see his wife’s attitude.So he walked into the bedroom: "Which mother has told you not to eat those unhealthy things like you. Children are not developing well, and it is difficult to bring it to be born."

The two quarreled in the bedroom. The parents saw that they didn’t speak. After half an hour, they saw the daughter -in -law walking with their luggage.

Wang Yuan sat on the bed and lowered his head, and heard his mother asking him what was going on at the door, and Wang Yuan told his mother the reason.

Thinking of his wife’s pregnancy, he also chased it out, waiting for him to go out and his wife disappeared.Wang Yuan was frightened and went to the mother -in -law’s house when he drove.

Seeing his wife came to the mother -in -law’s house, Wang Yuan could only handle it embarrassingly: "Mom, you are all at home." He didn’t talk to his wife, and the two were in the cold war.

The mother -in -law saw that the two young people did not speak. Thinking of her daughter’s willful temper, she probably guessed that the two had quarreled.

Seeing that his wife lived well in her mother -in -law’s house, Wang Yuan could only drive back home, and he didn’t mean to call his wife home.

I ca n’t do anything when I go home. I live in my mother -in -law’s house and let them take good care of them. She is unwilling to listen what she said.

Half a month later, Wang Yuan was going to see his wife and found that the elder brother took his wife out to go shopping. Thinking of his wife’s wayward temper, he followed him.

The wife was not by the side of the elder brother, but the elder brother was eaten on the square with something. He curiously ran over and asked: "Where did Xiangxiang go? Aren’t you together?"

Brother Da saw him coming and swallowed the things in his mouth: "She went to the toilet and waited for her here for a few minutes."

Wang Yuan did not believe in the words of Brother Grandma, and began to look for it according to the route he said, and found that his wife was sitting in a chair to eat ice cream.

Seeing his wife’s wayward move, Wang Yuan was annoyed and fierce: "Deng Xiangxiang, are you a pregnant woman, do you know? You have to eat such indifferent things to stimulate his brain. There is no mother like you in the world."

Wang Yuan was completely furious, because the voice of speaking was relatively loud, and the people around him were over. Everyone couldn’t understand that a pregnant woman still had the emotional to eat ice cream.

Brother Big Brother also came to see the fun, and saw his brother -in -law and sister quarreling. My sister kept licking the ice cream in her hand: "Deng Xiangxiang, you are a pregnant woman, how can you still eat ice cream, it is not good for your child, you don’t know, you don’t know."

After Deng Xiangxiang was taught by her husband, she was taught by her brother. She was very aggrieved, and she had to eat the last bite of ice cream with tears.

After she left, the two men kept gazing behind, and did not know what the baby was born with. She was particularly tired of such a life.

My brother went home and started to sue. Deng Xiangxiang was taught by his mother fiercely: "The baby can’t stand it, you like to eat, it will hurt him sooner or later, and it will break my heart after marrying."

Teaching by her family one by one, Deng Xiangxiang was very angry and hid at home and cried, and she did not come out to eat with everyone.

After the husband returned home, thinking that his wife became more and more presumptuous, he felt that he was too fond of his wife, and he was still unhappy when he was pregnant.

In the middle of the night, Wang Yuan received a call from his mother -in -law, claiming that his wife had a stomach pain to the hospital for examination, and asked him to go to the hospital to sign it.

Wang Yuan came to the hospital anxiously. The doctor told him that he showed signs of miscarriage and asked him if he wanted to choose an adult or a child?

I heard that both of them were dangerous. Wang Yuan didn’t want to tell the doctor that he had to protect the adult first. He felt that as long as his wife was, the baby would have it in the future.

Doctors still have to keep their children all of their best. After all, the baby has been more than six months old. After this noise.

Deng Xiangxiang believes that some things cannot be eaten. After all, each pregnant woman’s physique is different. Busy and drinking will ignore the baby in the stomach.

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