Women pregnant again after a sterilization surgery

He × Qing went to the hospital for examination at the hospital accompanied by her husband yesterday

The newspaper He × Qing is a native of Yongfa Town, Chengmai County. At the age of 24, she is the mother of three children.Shortly after she gave birth to her younger daughter in 2012, she went to Chengmai County Family Planning Service Station at the request of the village committee to perform sterilization surgery.This month He X’s menstrual menstruation did not come, and symptoms such as nausea and vomiting appeared. She used a pregnancy test stick to test the previous day and found that she was pregnant again.He × Qing’s life is constrained. The couple believes that the family planning office should be responsible for the matter, bear the inspection fee and traffic costs, and should also give compensation such as transportation, nutrition and misunderstanding.Reporter Li Meixiangwen/Picture

After 3 years of sterilization surgery, I was pregnant unexpectedly after 3 years

He × Qing is a native of Yongling Village, Yongfa Town, Chengmai County.In 2009, she married Zeng Shuo who participated in the army in Yongfa Town.At the age of 24, she is already the mother of three children.The eldest son Xiaozhi is 6 years old and just goes to elementary school; the second son Xiaopeng is 5 years old and is studying kindergarten; the younger daughter is 3 years old, and her grandma is brought at home.He × Qing introduced that one month after giving birth to the younger daughter in 2012, the family planning staff in the village notified them to perform a ligation surgery."The little daughter was unexpectedly conceived. At that time, I didn’t want to be unexpected. I went to sterilize surgery for the sake of stability." He × Qing said.On August 6, 2012, why did the Chengmai County Family Planning Service Station perform sterilization surgery and issued a family planning surgery certificate on August 14.

He × Qing said that this month’s menstruation was not delayed, and symptoms such as nausea and vomiting also appeared. She bought a pregnancy test stick before and found that she was pregnant again."At first I didn’t believe it. How could I get pregnant when I ligated it?" He × Qing’s husband, Zeng Xuo, said.Yesterday morning, he took his wife to Haikou Haixiu Health Center to do a B -ultrasound. The doctor confirmed that his wife was pregnant, but said that the fetal bed was not normal. It is recommended to go to a large hospital for a color Doppler ultrasound.Then the couple went to the Provincial People’s Hospital for inspection. The color Doppler ultrasound results showed that He × Qing had been pregnant for more than five weeks, and there was a effusion in the uterine cavity.

The family planning department said that it can give certain compensation as appropriate

It is understood that the He × Qing family currently rent in Ruyi Village, Xiuying District, Haikou.Zeng × Shuo served as a driver in a private company, with a monthly salary of 1,800 yuan. He × Qing was a worker in a pharmaceutical factory in Haikou, with a monthly salary of 1,500 yuan.Zeng Xishuo said that his 62 -year -old father was sick last year. He is still recovering after surgery. He needs to spend more than 1,000 yuan per month for injections and medicine. The 61 -year -old mother’s legs are disabled, and the three children are still young.The couple are worried. They must not have the children in the belly, but the flow of abortion will not only cause damage to the body, but the month after surgery is not available for work without income.Waiting for spending, the days when they were tightly stretched.The couple believes that the Family Planning Office should be responsible for this, and the burden of the traffic expenses, inspection fees, traffic expenses, nutritional costs, and misrepresented expenses generated by this accidental pregnancy.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Wang Haiying, a family planning member of Yongfa Town, Yongfa Town, Chengmai County. She used to bring He × Qing to sterilize surgery."I am also surprised. I have been the first time I have encountered this kind of thing after ten years." Wang Haiying said that the family planning department can be free for free.Regarding the economic compensation requirements put forward by He Xieqing, Director Liu of Yongfa Town Family Planning Office stated that he could give certain compensation as appropriate, but he needed to ask his superiors.

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