Women only have 180 pregnancy opportunities in their lives?Come and test how much fertility you have left

Under normal circumstances, women will come about menstruation around 12-13. After menstruation, one egg is basically expelled every month, and two or more eggs may occur occasionally, but this situation is relatively rare.At 45-55 years old, ovulation will stop.

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The golden age of bred baby is between 20 and 35 years old. During this period, women have a total of 180 menstruation.A woman excreted only one precious egg every month, that is, the best opportunity for normal women to bred a baby is only 180 times!How many times have you left?

If you are at 20-35 years old, you are full of 100 points, step on the following items, and deduct the corresponding scores.

The following calculations are started:

Have you done artificial abortion surgery?

Someone experienced 5 points, and more than three people experienced 10 points deducted

Have you done mid -to -middle and advanced production surgery for more than 4 months?

12 points for output production surgery

Have you ever performed an ectopic pregnancy surgery?

30 points for an ectopic pregnancy surgery

Do you have more than 2 sexual partners?

Answer "yes" deduction 5 points

Do you work overtime more than 2 times a week?

Deduction 2 points every more than one time

Are your daily work and life close to the source of radiation and pollution?

Answer "yes" deduction 3 points

Do you have a history of diet or use of cosmetics for a long time?

Answer "yes" deduction 3 points

Do you drink more than 2 cups a day?

Answer "yes" 2 points

Do you smoke more than 5 every day?

Answer "yes" 2 points

Do you soak bars or KTV twice a week on a week?

Answer "yes" deduction 3 points

What is your score?

You who want to have a baby

Are you anxious to see your score?

Don’t worry!

The following points are done

It can help you better seize fertility opportunities!

1. Hold the ovulation timing

Although it is said that as long as there is a chance of pregnancy in the same room during non -menstruation, the chance of pregnancy will be greatly improved in the same room during ovulation.

You can learn your ovulation time through the online ovulation test software, or you can speculate on your own. Generally speaking, the ovulation day will be about 14 days before the next menstrual period.

The first 5 days and the next 4 days of ovulation day, together with the ovulation day, is called the ovulation period for 10 days.Because the same room is more likely to conceive during the ovulation period, the ovulation period is also called susceptible to pregnancy or dangerous period.

2. Grasp the best pregnancy age

The age of pregnancy is an important factor affecting the development of the baby in the abdomen.Women’s best conception is 20 to 35 years.

Women at this age are the best egg quality and physical function.If this time, the chance of women will become smaller, and the risk of miscarriage will increase.Therefore, it is best not to be more than 35 years old.

3. Healthy body

A healthy body is the prerequisite for breeding healthy babies.Regardless of whether it is for the next generation or for themselves, expectant parents should adhere to the right amount of physical exercise, strengthen their bodies, enhance immunity, and relax their fatigue and anxiety in exercise.

4. Healthy diet

For men, zinc -rich foods such as fine meat, chicken, seafood, etc. are the key to improving sperm quality.Calcium and vitamin D can also help improve men’s fertility, so please drink more milk!

Women should eat foods rich in iron, protein, folic acid and vitamin B12.Such as animal blood, fish, shrimp, eggs, soy products and vegetables, fruits, etc.

Warm reminder of Suining Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital: The above can help you "pregnancy", but if you are ready, but you have no hope of good news you want, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time!

It should be known that if there is a fallopian tube, the diseases such as not smoothly and the fallopian tubes block, water accumulation, and polycystic ovary can also cause infertility.

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