Women moving and stocking after pregnancy are not blindly tossing.

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Many pregnant mothers will be surprised to find that they love to buy things during pregnancy, and they are not pleasing to the eye at home and want to change them.Seems to be pregnant once, I wanted to mobilize my lifetime shopping and shopping desires.In fact, women moving and stocking after pregnancy are not blindly tossing. This is the awakening of "building awareness".

All kinds of stocks during pregnancy are just like birds building nests

My girlfriend, 5 months pregnant, went to see her last weekend.I found that she and her husband specialized a baby room for the baby and bought a beautiful crib.The curtains of her own house were also changed, which became a warm pink.In the storage room, the various stocks used by the baby are full of stocks.She told me: "I can almost use my baby for half a year old,

I stock from the S and M to L.I also intend to use the activity to store some pull pants, so that the baby can use it a little bigger."

I have known the ability to buy daily necessities in my girlfriend. I did n’t expect that she was so amazing to stock up her unborn baby. It was really amazing.In fact, not only my girlfriends, many pregnant mothers will prepare all kinds of stocks during pregnancy, just like birds building nests. They must not be perfect and consider it.From this perspective, maybe the word "stocking" may be invented by the majority of pregnant mothers?

Suddenly I love to clean up housework, all the furniture wants to change, and even move

Another change during pregnancy is that he suddenly became to clean up housework, and even the placement of furniture wanted to change.I was pregnant at first. I moved a large sofa in the bedroom, bought a baby cabinet, and even wanted to re -decorate the house and temporarily move.Fortunately, my husband stopped in time, and I held a series of "crazy" moves.

I found that many pregnant mothers around me started to "compete" with the house after pregnancy, especially those who wanted to move or change the house. It was really unbearable.No wonder the customs in some places are that they cannot move during pregnancy, otherwise it is easy to disturb the "fetal god" and is not good for pregnant mothers and babies. This superstition may be that the momentum of women and houses is too fierce and phenomenon. People around them want to come out.Let’s respond.

In fact, it is because it is to add a new member, the motherly love drives the "nest instinct" of human beings

So, why do women love to "compete" with the house after pregnancy, love to buy things, and love to stock up?In fact, this is mainly because women are pregnant, which means that new members will be added at home, and then they are driven by motherly love. The most primitive "nest -building instinct" of human beings is inspired, and "the awareness of nesting" awakens.

This kind of "nesting consciousness" is actually a reason for nausea, vomiting, insomnia, and low emotional affected by hormones during pregnancy.It is a normal phenomenon that women’s appearance and performance after pregnancy.However, we also remind you that pregnant mothers must not start the rhythm of "buying and buying" without restraint, or do it, and reasonable stocking.There are also cleaning rooms, changing furniture, moving, etc., depending on the situation, don’t toss yourself and your family too tired.

Pregnant mothers, have you awakened your "nesting consciousness" during pregnancy?


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