Women hurriedly told "cold garbage" to worship for a trick, it is enough

As the saying goes: "Ten women and nine colds", most women are troubled by cold diseases. It can be said that the damage caused by cold disease to women is huge.It can not only cause female dysmenorrhea, but also cause various gynecological diseases. In severe cases, it may also cause female infertility.Coupled with some women who love to eat cold drinks, cold disease is even more "inseparable" with them.

Although these cold garbage is easy to store in women, it is not impossible to discharge. Now I will tell you some simple and practical small recipes.


Herbalism, also known as moorch and Ai, is warm, tasteful, bitter, and belongs to the spleen, liver, and kidney meridian.It has the effects of warming the body, dispersing cold and dampness, and warm menstruation.It can effectively treat various cold diseases, such as deficiency and cold abdominal pain, bleeding, etc., which has a significant effect on women’s cold menstruation, omissions, and abdominal pain. It is a kind of gynecological medicine.


Materials: 25 grams of ginger, 15 grams of wormwood, 2 eggs.

Step: Put the three ingredients in an appropriate amount of water and cook it; wait for the eggs to peel the shell and cook in the soup for a while.



Because of the warmth of wormwood, it can play a good warm -up, because most of the female dysmenorrhea is caused by palace Han, so the warm palace effect of wormwood can alleviate dysmenorrhea.


The same is the same as the dysmenorrhea function, because women’s pregnancy and the health of the uterus have a lot to do. If the palace is severe, it may reduce the chance of conception and pass through the wormwood palace to achieve the purpose of improving conception.

Get rid of cold and dampness

Cold and wet are the two major diseases of women, and wormwood and ginger have the effect of removing cold and dampness. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica", there is a record of "Ai to leaves into the medicine, which is warm, bitter, non -toxic, and pure yang.Sex, Tong Twelve Classics, Huiyang, qi and blood, wet and cold, hemostasis, and so on. It is also often used for acupuncture. Therefore, it is also called "medical grass".

For female friends with a lot of cold, in addition to eating wormwood, the following methods can also help.


Sweating is mainly for friends who do not have time to exercise. When sweating, the body will sweat violently. It can discharge cold and dampness, garbage in the body through sweating.


There are a lot of acupuncture points on the feet. It can lead to all parts of the body, so soaking feet is also one of the good ways to get rid of dampness. We can put some warm materials when soaking feet,Pepper, etc., can play a role in eliminating the cold and dampness in the body, and have a better effect on people who have the cold.At the same time, acupoint massage can be performed on the soles of the foot to protect the body.

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