Women have these three symptoms during ovulation, hurry up to make people, make a accurate

Different from men, the female reproductive cells of the egg generally discharge only one per month. Only when the eggs are discharged after the sperm binding, the fertilized eggs can be formed, so that women can only wait for it.It’s a month.Therefore, no matter for couples who want children or contraceptives, they hope to know when women will ovulate.So, a few days after menstruation is the ovulation period? How can women calculate their ovulation period?

There are a lot of statements about the ovulation period on the Internet. Some people say that women usually ovulate ovulation before the next menstrual tide. During the menstrual cycle, except for the menstrual period and ovulation period for a total of 10 days, other timesIt is a safe period. Women’s pregnancy rate is low, and even other contraceptive measures can be taken.

The rule of menstruation can be taken from the first day of the next day for 14 days. It can be considered as ovulation day. "

However, Director Tang Wei reminded that in real life, women’s physiological cycles are affected by many factors. Many women are often caught off guard by the sudden "big aunt", let alone push the ovulation period in the next menstrual period."Aquino’s calculation is based on very regular and not abnormal situations, but because women are easily ovulation due to various reasons, the accuracy of Akinoifa is not high."

Therefore, Director Tang Wei does not recommend adopting a safe period to contraception. "Women’s ovulation date is related to emotions and environment, and it will also change. For example, couples or couples separated from the two places will reunite for a long time. Women are likely to be becauseThe emergencies occur various sex hormones, and then the phenomenon of advanced ovulation is occurred under the stimulation of sex hormones. In the end, the situation of the safety period but unexpectedly conceive. "

Using simple and rude calendar tables to calculate the ovulation period is not scientific, so how should women find their own ovulation period?

Director Tang Wei said that if women are infertile or need artificial conception, they can go to the hospital for ultrasonic detection or body temperature detection, which is relatively high.Two methods.

Of course, there are still more convenient and accurate methods, that is, self -observation.

According to Director Tang Wei, women will have 3 symptoms during ovulation, and women can observe themselves.

The first is to suddenly become brushed or egg white leucorrhea;

The second is bleeding in the middle of two menstruation.Some people will have brown, light red bleeding, or a little bit of blood on the ovulation effect when ovulation.

The third is slight lower abdomen pain, on the left or right pain.

In addition, for women with not obvious ovulation symptoms, Director Tang Wei suggested that ovulation test strips can also be used.Seeing a very weak line, it becomes stronger and stronger. When it is close to the contrast line, it means that the woman will ovulate in about 20-24 hours. "

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