Women have menopause. If you still want to have children, can I be a IVF?Popular science analysis

In everyone’s impression, after women enter middle -aged and elderly people, the organs of their bodies will begin to enter the aging period, especially women’s ovaries will gradually aging and lose function.

When the follicles in the ovaries are exhausted, or after the follicles lose their reactions, the follicles are no longer developing, and the ovarian no longer secretes estrogen, the menopause will come!

From a scientific point of view, the menopause age group in my country is about 45-55 years old, with an average age of 49.Most of the women completely bid farewell to the menstrual period before the age of 50.Menstructed menstruation means that ovarian function is lost, endometrium is no longer metabolized, and women will naturally lose their fertility!

So the question is, and the age of 50 is obviously a menopause period. Why are anyone pregnant naturally? Is this normal?

First of all, as mentioned above, menopause is a major manifestation of women’s organs aging, and it is also a signal of loss of fertility.If women are completely menopausal, the ovaries will not have an egg excretion, and naturally they will lose their chances of fertility.

As far as the current situation of women in my country is concerned, after the age of 50, it is indeed very low in fertility and even lost!

However, this is just a general situation. From an individual perspective, is this person who has no fertility and cannot judge arbitrarily from age. It also needs to conduct a specific inspection of the next step.

Because each woman’s ovarian reserve ability and ovarian aging speed are different.At this stage, some people still have the function of egg production and still have egg excretion every month. In this case, there is hope for giving birth again!

The human body wants to know whether they still have fertility. Women need to conduct quite complicated inspections, including the measurement of sex hormones, the test tube hormone testing of the anti -seedlings, and the B -ultrasound test.After checking, you can clearly understand the personal fertility index, and use a series of indexes to determine whether you can have childbirth and what kind of pregnancy -assisted methods to choose!

In this case, if women have menopausal and want to have children, can I do IVF?

IVF is a medical method that is accompanied by the development of external fertilization technology. Its birth has triggered a sensation in medical science in the world, and even a great initiative called human reproductive technology.new Hope!

This method is to allow sperm and eggs to be combined with in vitro and test tubes as fertilized eggs, and then transplanted small lives in vitro fertilization into women’s uterus, allowing them to gradually grow and grow in the uterine cavity.EssenceAfter the fertilized egg develops to a full moon, women will give birth to baby normally!

However, for menopausal women, it is obviously no longer suitable for fertility of IVF.Because the ovaries of menopause women have lost their function, there are no longer normal eggs excreted in the body.

Moreover, the uterus will be aging, and the environment in the uterine cavity is not completely suitable for fetal growth and development.Even if the eggs of others are adopted, and the fertilized eggs are transplanted in the uterine cavity, it is not an environment that is completely suitable for fetal development, and it is easy to face various problems!

What age and what do you do, this sentence sounds very cruel, but it has to face the reality.For the family who lost independence, the ideas of middle -aged and elderly people who want to give birth again can actually be understood.

However, the future development of personal body, economy, and children is also a real problem that has to be considered.If it ’s just for someone to give yourself old -age care and choose to adventure again, is it really fair to the child?

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