Women have found a few cervical cancer after pregnancy. What are the signals of early cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is a kind of cancer that seriously threatens the physical and mental health of women, but cervical cancer is another disease with a very clear cause.

And it is also a kind of cancer that can be completely prevented. If the signs of cervical cancer can be found early, more than 90%of patients can be cured.

However, some women are unfortunate. During pregnancy, they have been found to have cervical cancer. Faced with the fetal baby that has not been born in the stomach, many women want to have a strategy of beauty.

It can successfully give birth to the baby and control the development of cervical cancer, and wait until the birth of cervical cancer.

In fact, the best way to prevent cervical cancer from pregnancy is to conduct related examinations when preparing for pregnancy.

For example, the screening of conventional cervical diseases to prevent cervical cancer during pregnancy is the best way.

And women should also understand the signals of early cervical cancer and timely treatment.

What are the signals of early cervical cancer?

1. Abnormal bleeding

When a woman has abnormal vaginal bleeding, it may be the signs of early cervical cancer.

Generally, cervical cancer is mostly contact bleeding in the early stage, such as when the husband and wife live or perform gynecological examinations.

Some younger patients will also have extension of menstruation and increased menstruation. However, elderly cervical cancer patients generally show irregular appearance after menopause, and the amount of bleeding is generally good, and there will be no abdominal pain and low back pain.

Therefore, if women find that there are often bleeding after the husband and wife live, they should conduct cervical disease screening as soon as possible to achieve early treatment and early treatment.

2. Increase secretions

Most of the gynecological diseases will cause increased secretions, and 75%-85%of patients with cervical cancer will increase to varying degrees of vaginal discharge.

Generally, patients with cervical cancer will show an increase in secretions, and then changes in the odor and color of the secretion and color will occur.Therefore, when women find abnormal secretions, they should also check them in time to judge whether inflammation or other diseases and diseases, which are good for targeted treatment.

3. often pain in the lower abdomen

Gynecological diseases often cause lower abdomen pain. When suffering from cervical cancer, lower abdomen pain occurs, mainly because cancer is caused by the compression of cancer to the surrounding tissue. ThereforeCauses attention.

Because the lesions of cervical cancer will affect the pelvic connective tissue, pelvic walls, and even compress the ureter or rectal, sciatic nerves and other places, there will be the phenomenon of frequent urination, anal swelling, and swelling of the lower limbs.

Will the infectious HPV be cervical cancer?

After the HPV is infected, the chance of developing cervical cancer will increase, but it will definitely get cervical cancer after being infected with HPV.If you have a good immunity, some people will also be infected with one or two cervical cancer

Because the main cause of cervical cancer is to infection with human papilloma virus HPV, and there are many types of HPV.

Among more than 90%of patients with cervical cancer, HPV16, 18, 58, 52, and 33 are infected.

However, many women can also remove HPV through their own immunity, so in most cases, finding HPV positive may not necessarily lead to cervical cancer.


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