Women have breast pain, mostly related to five reasons

Breasts are particularly important for women. Some women may often feel breast pain often. There are many reasons for breast pain. Everyone must understand the causes and then treat them with symptomatic treatment to thorough the disease to thoroughly treat the disease thoroughlyCure.Breast pain in women is mostly related to five reasons.

Adolescent breast tenderness

Women’s breasts generally begin to develop during adolescence. About 9-13 years old, there will be some slight swelling and pain. In fact, this feeling is also a symbol of breast development, but this feeling is not so soIt is strong, but it can be ignored.

Preliminary breast tenderness

In fact, there are many women in real life. In the days before menstruation, they will feel like breast pain. At least the body will be slightly shaken, and the breasts may feel unbearable.In fact, this situation is also normal, mainly because women will secrete more estrogen hormones in the past few days when menstruation comes, and the breasts will also have hyperplasia, so it will feel painful.

This feeling will continue until the end of menstruation, and the estrogen level in the body will return to normal, and the feeling of breast pain will disappear.

I feel breast pain after pregnancy, postpartum or abortion

When female friends are pregnant, some hormone secretions in the body will also be severely disrupted. Women’s placenta will secrete a large amount of estrogen and some progesterone. A large number of these hormones will make women feel that their breasts will significantly change significantlyBig, even feel painful.It can obviously feel the feeling of breast soreness throughout pregnancy and a week after production.

In addition, after some women choose artificial abortion, they will feel swelling and pain in breasts. This is because the hormone in the body has been disrupted by pregnancy.There are almost one to two months buffer periods. During this time, women also feel like breast soreness.


In fact, this is also a relatively common health problem in women. Generally, women who have breast hyperplasia generally have a feeling of pain in the breasts whether they have menstruation or not, and there is no fixed cycle.longer.If this happens for a long time, be sure to go to the hospital to check the health of the breast to avoid having the hyperplasia of the breast without knowing it.


If women suffer from breast pain due to mastitis, this feeling is generally strong, and each time it occurs, it will be accompanied by breast redness and fever.Many women will have acute mastitis after giving birth to a child for the first time. At this time, you must ask the doctor in time, don’t bear it.

Do two things well and protect your breasts

The first thing is to regularly check your breasts. This will not only allow yourself to understand your body better, but also discover the discomfort in the breast in time. Early treatment and early treatment to avoid deterioration of the condition.

The second thing is to choose a bra that suits you. For women, if the bra is uncomfortable, it is easy to cause the blood and lymph of breasts and lymphatics, which is not conducive to women’s breast health.It is recommended that when you choose a bra, you must meet your cup size and the shape of the breast.At the same time, choose those comfortable, light and breathable bra.

I believe that after reading the above articles, everyone also has a certain understanding of several factors of breast pain. Breasts are one of the organs that women are often onset, so women must maintain their breasts in normal times. If there is a disease,In the future, we must treat it in time to avoid the deterioration of the disease.

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