Women dream of tigers, tigers: Don’t marry someone, you will keep widow

In ancient times, there was a silk merchant in Qinling in Shaanxi Province. The surname was Fang. This person was more than 40 years old. There was only one daughter under his knees.IntersectionFang Yuan lost his wife in his early years. Since his wife died, he did not marry again. As the only daughter of Fang Member, Fang Xueer had eaten a young lady’s life from a young age!

When Fang Xueer was very young, Fang Member invited the teacher to teach her to read and learn words.

What’s more worth mentioning is that Fang Xueer has been doing silk business outside the side. From an early age, Fang Xueer has been in the same type of silk. Since the age of 13, Fang Xueer has learned to do silk business with Fang members. NowOld hand!

Fang Xueer has been careful and kind. His family’s silk shop not only sells silk, but also sells some cheap cotton cloth used by civilians. Sometimes people have no money to buy winter clothes. Fang Xueer will give them as cheap as possible.When encountering the poor poor people, Fang Xueer is even more scattered!Therefore, the local people love this beautiful and kind Miss Fang family very much. Everyone said that Miss Fang family is a bodhisattva in the world.

On this day, Fang Xueer went to the south to purchase a batch of goods for his father. For the sake of insurance, she brought more people. One month later, they returned from the south successfully from the south!

When I arrived in Shaanxi, there was a heavy rain in the sky. It happened that the pedestrian did not eat, so Fang Xueer found a inn, ready to hide the rain, and eat it by the way!

In this way, they found a house that was not small, walked in, and after calling a few small dishes, Fang Xueer chatted with his followers!

Just when they were waiting for the meal, they suddenly heard the sound of quarrels not far away. Fang Xueer looked down and only saw that the owner of the inn was scolding the guy.Three years old, begged by the boss!Fang Xueer was originally an enthusiastic intestine. Seeing such an injustice, he stood out and said to the owner of the inn, "What’s wrong with your guy and be able to beat him like this?You killed! "

When the boss heard Fang Xueer said, he stopped the movement in his hand. The other party Xueer said, "This little rabbit cub actually packs the guests left by the guests while I don’t pay attention.With one stitch, I have not thought of taking them away without my consent! "

Fang Xueer frowned after listening, and said to the guy: "The boss said that you secretly pack the food leftovers left by the guests. Why is this?"

At this time, the guy rubbed the wound, crying and said, "This lady, my mother is sick, has no money to see a doctor, the guests on the last table ordered some good wine and good dishes.It’s a pity that it is a pity that I want to pack it back and go back to my mother to make up for my body. Please tell me and the boss to talk about love, and I dare not! Fang Xueer heard the guy say so and sympathized with him, so he then thenHe said to the boss: "The guy of your family, just packed some meals that some guests don’t want. Anyway, you will be poured out in the future. I asked him to take it home to respect the filial piety!"

Fang Xueer originally thought that the boss would listen to his advice, but he did not expect that this boss was a tendon. After hearing Fang Xueer’s words, he immediately said angrily: "My own guy, how should I discipline, and I still don’t turn the round.When an outsider pointed to draw, you are a guest in the store, but you don’t need to teach me how to discipline the guys! "

Fang Xueer’s followers, seeing the boss’s attitude so arrogant, and began to clamor, the two sides had a fierce dispute in the inn!

This boss is a very good face. Because the dispute between the two parties has attracted a lot of people to watch, the owner Xueer said: "Since you are so kind, then you will bring this guy home.By the way, I showed his mother’s doctor. I was not a good man. Fang Xueer was a young girl. After hearing this, I pulled up the guy and walked out of the inn!

After walking far away, Fang Xueer said to the guy: "Where do your home live? You take me to see your mother. Today’s business is too reckless, you lose your job, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, soIn order to apologize, I will give your mother to see a doctor to catch medicine! "

In this way, Fang Xueer asked other followers to pick up the goods to return to Fang’s house. He himself took a credible follower and followed the guy to the family’s house!

Fang Xueer grew up from a small Jinyi Yu food, so he has seen the poor people, but he has never been to the home of the people of the people.Taste, he took out the silver he carried with him, handed it to the guy, and asked the guy to ask the doctor in front of him!Soon after, a doctor who had white hair came to the family’s house. After the doctor diagnosed the pulse, he said to the crowd: "According to the diagnosis of the old man, there is no big problem.Take more rest and support it with peace of mind, otherwise, even if you eat ginseng! "

After sending away the elderly doctor, the young man said with a desire: "In fact, we all know what the doctor said, but my father died early. My mother has always been to marry a daughter -in -law for me, and help others wash clothes day and night.This has fallen the root cause. For our poor people, it is just a luxurious hope! "

After hearing it, Fang Xueer felt that they were too pitiful, so she wanted to help them. She said to the guy: "You work for others every day in that inn. There is no time to take care of your mother. You, youIs there any skill that can stay at home and take care of your mother and support the family. After thinking about it for a long time, the other party Xueer said, "My father was a carpenter when he was alive.Crafts, my father praised me to be a good seed of a carpenter, but I haven’t learned my father’s craftsmanship, and my father died of illness. After my father died, I wanted to learn woodworking craftsmanship, but the family was too poor. I didn’t go out.Working, I can’t support her family at all, so this idea has been delayed!"

Fang Xueer heard the guy say so, and took out a piece of silver, and said to the guy: "As the saying goes, help people help the end, send it to the West, you can hold these silver.A craft, just come to open a carpenter’s shop, you can also take care of your mother! "

The guy and his mother have never seen so many silver. For a while, they didn’t know what to do. I saw the mother’s mother struggling to get up from the bed and held Fang Xueer’s hand and said, "Girl, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, youBut it ’s really a great person! I thought that rich people were all iron -hearted, but I did n’t expect that there were still female bodhisattvas like you! After the mother finished speaking, she ordered the guy to say," Go to us.In the house where the home is placed, take out the small box in the box on the left!"

The guy was a little puzzled after hearing it, but he went out to find something as he said!

Soon after, the guy held a small box, walked into the door, handed it to the mother. After the mother opened the box, there was a bracelet in the box.The complicated pattern, even Fang Xueer, who is well -informed, can’t see the color of this bracelet!

The mother handed the bracelet to Fang Xueer and said, "This bracelet was picked up by accident when his father was alive. At first he got it in the city to sell it, but he couldn’t sell it.The bracelet was thrown away. I think this bracelet is very beautiful, so I keep it all the time. You are the great benefactor of our family. Our family is on the wall. I don’t know how to repay you.It is a little bit of us. After seeing this bracelet, Fang Xueer also felt very much. This bracelet looked very quaint, but Fang Xueer felt that he was not extraordinary, so he accepted the braceletWhen I came down, I said to the mother of the guy: "In this case, then I will respect it as if I am more than life, and take this bracelet. You can take good care of the disease. If I have time, I will come to see you!"

In this way, Fang Xueer left here with a bracelet!

Since then, Fang Xueer often took this bracelet, which was strange. After wearing this bracelet from Fang Xueer, he felt that his essence was better, and his skin was smoother than before.Bone -changing bones is average!

Two years later, the 17 -year -old Fang Xueer had been out of the country, and there were countless people who came to the door. Fang Yuan also wanted to find a person who was the right person for his daughter, but it seemed that there was no suitable one!

Fang Yuan looked in his eyes and was anxious in his heart. Seeing that his daughter Fang Xueer was getting older, Fang Yuan felt that because his daughter was too beautiful, so now it is not low.On this day, Fang members did business outside. After returning, they were infected with wind and cold, and invited a lot of doctors. Instead of improvement, it was even more serious. Fang Xueer felt very anxious, so he waited for Fang Member!

While taking care of the party, Fang Xueer felt that the bracelets in his hand were a little hindered. He took him down and put it on the pillow outside the party!

It is worth mentioning that since that day, the body of the side of the party improved every day. After half a month, the party members were completely getting better. What is even more bizarre is that since the better, the whole person seems to be ten years younger than ten years younger.Generally, it actually became a dragons and live tiger. Everyone lamented that Fang members had a serious illness, and they were blessed because of misfortune!

Fang Xueer saw his father’s change so much, and suddenly thought of the strange bracelet in his hand. He felt that it must be this strange bracelet, which made his father’s illness better.coming!One day after half a year, Fang Xueer was resting at home. Fang Yuan suddenly walked into the house. As soon as he entered the door, the other party Xueer said, "Daughter, tell you a good news, the little grandfather of our city in our city, the younger grandfather of the county in the city,Son, I saw you inadvertently last month, and I was very enthusiastic about you. The younger son of the county ’s younger son is 20 years old.It is also a beautiful thing. If you are willing, I will go to the matchmaker now, let you meet you! "

Fang Xueer nodded after listening, and said to his father: "Since ancient times, men have been married and female marry. Since they are people who are fancy, then I see it!"

In this way, Fang Xueer and the son of the county Taiye Liu Sanlang met. Fang Xueer felt that Liu Sanlang’s long -standing style and extraordinary temperament were extraordinary.Cher did business, so Fang Xueer agreed to this family affairs.Seeing that the children had no objection to the matter, they asked the children to choose a zodiac day to make the two children marry as soon as possible. After half a year, the two of them were busy for the coming happy event!

The night before Fang Xueer’s marriage, he suddenly had a very strange dream. She dreamed that he was in the mountains, and a tiger rushed towards herself.After, hurriedly escaped in the opposite direction, but after the tiger caught up, he did not hurt Fang Xueer. Instead, he licked Fang Xueer’s arm with his tongue, which made Fang Xueer put down his fear in his heart!

Fang Xueer suddenly remembered that someone once said that everything has spirituality. Is this tiger catching himself, but does not hurt himself. Is there any reason?So he squatted down, touched the tiger’s head, and said to the tiger, "I don’t know what you caught up with me?"

Surprisingly, the tiger actually spit out and said, "I want to tell you that you must not be married tomorrow, otherwise, you will be a widow! After Fang Xueer wakes up, he feels like he feels like he wakes up, and feels that he feels herself.This dream is unusual. He looked around, but he bizarrely found that there was a bunch of hair on his pillow. Fang Xueer picked up the hairy hair and observed it carefully. He felt that this rubbing hair was exactly the same as the hair of the tiger in his dream.Intersection

This time, Fang Xueer was not calm, and he ignored him now in the middle of the night. He quickly ran out of the room and walked into his father’s room.

After hearing it outside the Fang, he didn’t believe it at first, but he looked at the hair in his daughter’s hands, and looked at his daughter’s serious expression, and said slowly: "Well, if it is a small door and a house, then it is okay.However, the other party is the county Taiye. If we regret marriage tomorrow, the county grandfather will have to sweep the floor. At that time, it is estimated that our Fang family will not stay in this place.He did not want his daughter to be a widow, so Fang Yuan came to the prefecture of Taiye while he was at night. He told the county Taiye about the ins and outs of the matter., Fang Yuan quickly took out the crime of compensation!

The county grandfather saw that Fang Yuan took out such precious gold and silver treasures, and when he was in the air, he disappeared. After all, although he was a county grandfather, he did not have the richness of Fang members.I do n’t ask for a strong demand. In the future, the two of us do n’t communicate with each other! "

In this way, the county grandfather and the party added a marriage contract. This matter is a big blow for the two.Fang Yuan’s home is not so good. Local people are the most reputable. Fang members and others have relatives and retired. They are people who have no integrity.No man is willing to come to the door.In a blink of an eye, three years have passed. At this time, Fang Xueer is 20 years old. A woman like Fang Xueer has married a life child. Only Fang Xueer is still waiting for the word!

Fang Xueer always felt very sad when he remembered the marriage he missed. On this day, Fang Xueer went to the temple to pray. Suddenly, the old abbot in the temple called Fang Xueer.There seems to be sorrow between the eyebrows.

Fang Xueer looked at the old abbot, and he browed his eyes, so he said the troubles in his heart to the old Zhang of his heart!

After I heard that Fang Xueer’s experience over the years, the other party Xueer said: "The bracelet you got at the beginning was not aquin, and there was a tiger essence that practiced for thousands of years.Fate, this tiger essence has a relationship with your previous life. Now you two meet again! It turns out that Fang Xueer was a daughter of Langzhong in the past.When the best time for the tiger was injured by the opponent, when the original shape was dying, Fang Xueer passed by and tried the injury for the tiger, thereby retaining the life of Tiger essence!

After Tiger Jing was injured, I really missed Fang Xueer’s life -saving grace. It happened that at that time, Tiger Jing learned that the enemy was deliberately prepared to kill Fang Xueer when Fang Xueer went up the mountain.Fang Xueer was not harmed. When the mana did not completely recover, he used the forbidden surgery, seriously injured the Qiu family, and lost his body. He had to be attached to a bracelet!

After many years, when Fang Xueer, who was reincarnated, got this bracelet under a chance, and the tiger essence attached to the bracelet suddenly felt it.The mana repair Fang Xueer’s body, which is why Fang Xueer feels that he is shaking, and his skin is getting better and better.When Hu Jing learned that Fang Xueer was about to marry others, he deliberately dreamed of dreaming to Fang Xueer, hoping that she would not marry, because the Tiger Jing at the time waited for another three years, and he could completely restore his mana!

After hearing that Lao Fang said that, Fang Xueer was stunned. He didn’t expect that in the bracelet he inadvertently obtained, there was such a big secret!

At this time, the old man of the Fang Fang also said: "Now the three years that Tiger Jing said, there are more than a month, and then he can restore mana and turn into a human body!"

Fang Xueer looked down at the mountain. In the evening one month later, Fang Xueer slept at home. Suddenly, she felt like there was a sound beside the bed. She opened her eyes and looked at her handsome man.At the bed, Fang Xueer was a little scared at first, and suddenly remembered what Lao Fang said to him at the beginning, so she trembled and asked, "Are you the tiger essence in the bracelet? At this time, the man smiled slightly at this time.The other party Xueer said, "Yes, you have gratitude to me in the past, so I want to repay you. At first I let you not marry someone because I loved you long ago, and now I can turn it into humans.I don’t know if you want to marry me as a wife, I will definitely be nice to you throughout my life!"

Fang Xueer looked at the man’s handsome appearance.

Early the next morning, Fang Xueer was still sleeping. Suddenly he heard the maid’s call to get up. The maid claimed that the master was waiting for Fang Xueer in the hall. Fang Xueer quickly put on his clothes., Sitting outside of his father, the other side, actually sitting on the handsome man that Fang Xueer saw last night!

When Fang Yuan saw his daughter coming over, the very enthusiastic opponent Xueer said, "Daughter, come over and introduce it to your father. This is a wealthy businessman from the capital.In the future, he was stunned. He never thought that the man actually changed and became a wealthy businessman from the capital. Fang Xueer didn’t pay attention to his father, and secretly asked the man secretly what happened.The man smiled slightly, and the other party Xueer said, "Since I want to marry you, of course, I have to have a righteous identity. You can rest assured. I have enough gifts for my father -in -law to buy the entire Fang family!"

In this way, under the host of the party, the two held a wedding. After the marriage, the two gave the case with a brow, respect each other as a guest, and lived very happy!Well, the story of this issue, we have finished telling here. Welcome to leave a message in the comment area. Thank you for watching!

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