Women are like flowers, ovarian, uterine, and menstrual moxibustion to protect the "three treasures", one cannot be less!

[Introduction] Women are afraid of aging, and always try to retain the appearance of Hua Rongyue.However, 90%of women only know to maintain their faces, but ignore those more important places."Women are like flowers", ovarian is root, uterus is soil, menstruation is rainy dew, the root is broken, the soil is barren, the rain is dry, and the beautiful flowers will wither.Is it "a 30 -year -old face with a 30 -year -old" or "30 years old becomes prematurely aging like 50 years old", or whether the ovarian, uterus, and menstruation are normal or not, playing a decisive role.Therefore, the length of the woman’s flowering period depends on the above "three treasures". Only by protecting them can flowers be unbeaten.

1. Ovarian: Once premature failure, irreversible

1. Ovarian, women’s "youth treasure"

The ovary only occupies a small place of a woman’s body, but affects the health and beauty of women’s life.There are two major functions of the ovary:

First, produce eggs.Ovarian changes once a month and excreted eggs to make women conceive or maintain a normal menstrual cycle.

Second, secrete estrogen.Estrogen can promote the development of women’s reproductive organs and secondary signs.Why do girls reach a certain age, body shape, skin, etc. will change?This is the credit of estrogen, so the ovarian responsible for the production of estrogen is known as "youth treasure".

2. Premature ovary, people will be aging

The ovary is root, the root is withered, and the flowers fade.As long as we observe it carefully, we can find that from the outside, patients with premature ovarian aging generally have dry skin and dullness, just like flowers that have not been irrigated for a long time and have no vitality.In addition, there will be some symptoms that should have appeared in menopause, such as hot and sweating, vaginal dryness, upset and irritability, and decreased memory.

3. Delay premature ovarian failure and cannot rely on health care products

Once the ovary is aging, it is irreversible, so the ovarian nests focus on prevention.

In order to prevent premature ovarian failure, some women often supplement health products for a long time (mostly hormones containing ovarian health products). Although this method can alleviate menstrual disorders, dry skin, irritability and insomnia, etc. to a certain extent, it is endless:

On the one hand, ovarian itself is responsible for secreting estrogen, and exogenous hormones can have negative feedback on the ovaries, resulting in the worse ovarian function;

On the other hand, it is easy to make the human body dependence on exogenous hormones. Long -term use will induce endometrial cancer and breast cancer. World authoritative magazines such as "Liuye Knife" have long been reported.

Second, uterus: Without it, it is not a complete woman

1. Is the uterus just used as a child?

Some western medicine believes that the uterus is mainly used to have children. There are problems with the uterus. As long as they have had children, it is often recommended that patients remove the uterus in order to "do everything once and for all."It is this irresponsible approach that causes more than 2 million people in my country to be removed each year, of which 60%-70%of factor uterine fibroids are removed.

The US authoritative academic journal "American Obstetrics and Gynecology Magazine" once explained the uterus: "The uterus is an important physiological function controller and regulator for women, a sexual organs, a source of vitality and energy of women, their youth and their youth and their youth and energyThe patron saint of charm. "

It can be seen that the role of the uterus is not just to give birth to life. It is one of the organs that make you a "woman". Not only does it secrete estrogen with the ovaries, but also the endocrine function that other organs cannot replace.From this perspective, women’s uterus is equivalent to men’s testicles. Men have no testicles and become eunuchs. Similarly, women have no uterus, and they cannot be regarded as a complete woman.

2. A set of data tells you that the hazards of removing the uterus

33.1%of women "cannot maintain family labor";

39.0%of women "lose their sexy";

49.5%of women "cannot maintain the previous work";

65.8%of women "bone joint pain";

70.0%of women "lose social ability";

72.1%of women "lose short -term memory";

78.2%of women "lose vitality";

79.1%of women "change";

79.6%of women are "deep fatigue";

79.6%of women "lose sexual desire";


3. Uterine fibroids, the longer and longer

For uterine fibroids, 3 methods are generally used in western medicine clinically:

1. There are no other adverse indications in the fibroids below 6 cm, and the method of observing the clinic is used;

2. The fibroids reaches more than 6 cm or accompanied by continuous bleeding, compression organs, etc., choose surgical resection;

3. If the size of the uterine fibroids exceeds 6 cm, the uterine is oppressed, or the amount of bleeding is large and difficult to control, and the full uterus is often directly cut off.

Western medicine believes that the specific causes of uterine fibroids are unknown, but the relationship with estrogen levels is the most closely related.From this perspective, as long as the uterine and estrogen stimulation exists, the uterine fibroids are likely to relapse, and it is useless to remove how many times.According to statistics, after surgical resection, the recurrence rate of single-occurred uterine fibroids was 30-40%, and the recurrence rate of multiple uterine fibroids was as high as 60-70%.

Third, menstruation: women’s healthy "barometer"

1. Irregular menstruation is not a disease, but a result

Menstruation is considered a "barometer" for women’s health.Menstruation normal means ovulation law, indicating that ovarian, uterus, vagina and other aspects are roughly normal, which means that the functions of regulating ovarian ovulation (including the brain and other endocrine glands) are basically normal.

Conversely, once the menstruation occurs abnormal, there is a problem with the body, such as qi and blood deficiency, yin and yang disorders, liver qi discomfort, phlegm and blood stasis, etc. Therefore, irregular menstruation is not a disease, but the result of these problems.

2. There are fewer people

Under normal circumstances, the normal menstrual flow is 30-80 ml, and the menstrual period is 5-7 days. If the menstrual flow is small each time and the menstrual period is very short, you must attract attention.

Generally speaking, the low menstrual flow is related to the following reasons: premature ovarian failure (decreased estrogen), blood deficiency (at the same time accompanied by qi deficiency), blood stasis (blood stasis can not be discharged in time), kidney deficiency (the sky in irrigation uterus is about to dry), sputum, sputum, sputum, sputum, sputum, sputum, sputum, sputum, sputumWet (blocking).

Among them, no matter which one, it may develop amenorrhea (adolescence and childbearing age), or even menopause (menopause) to accelerate women’s aging.

3. Irregular menstruation, it must be divided into treatment

Menstrual irregularities include dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and small menstrual volume. These symptoms correspond to different causes and pathogenesis, such as qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yang deficiency, yin deficiency, liver qi discomfort, and heavy phlegm.In view of this, irregular menstruation should be treated.

There are many drugs specifically to deal with irregular menstruation on the market, but most of them belong to the standard "one medicine cure" — no matter what symptoms, no matter what kind of cause, it is solved with a drug, and the method is simple. The method is simple.Rough, the effect is naturally conceivable.Therefore, irregular menstruation is the most common and difficult problem for women!

Fourth, why can moxibustion protect the "Three Treasures"?

1. Premature ovarian failure

Premature ovarian aging is generally virtual syndrome, and virtual syndrome is the best at moxibustion!

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records: Ai Yiye is used as a medicine, warm, bitter, non -toxic, pure yang, Tongxu Jing, rejuvenating, qi and blood, wet and cold, hemostasis and so on.Known as "medical grass".

Moxibustion can warm the meridians, dispersing cold pain, relieving qi and promoting blood circulation, Huiyang solidarity, warm kidney yang, and can adjust the cold and cold of meridians, viscera, and rational.With the help of moxibustion to stimulate specific acupoints, the ovaries can be activated to return to normal, achieve the purpose of stimulating gland axis, enhance the amount of estrogen secretion, and play a dual effect of health and beauty.

2. Uterine fibroids

The root of the uterine fibroids is cold, and the cold evil enters the body, leading to qi stagnation and blood stasis, blood stasis internal knot, qi gathered as a pupa, and then "tumor".Therefore, uterine fibroids are caused by yin and evil stasis. This situation is the best with moxibustion, because moxibustion can be warm and can be dealt with, just to deal with it.

The uterus is located deep in the human body. It is difficult to reach the lesion in ordinary therapy, and the penetration of Ai heat is very strong. It can be qi to the diseased place and achieve the purpose of "big tumor reduction and small tumors disappear."At the same time, moxibustion can also improve the internal environment, eliminate the soil that the uterine fibroids are breed, and cure both the symptoms, so that the uterine fibroids will not be recurred.

Therefore, it is very valuable to perform effective intervention before the uterine fibroids have reached surgical indications!As long as the condition is not very critical, it is recommended to treat moxibustion. If the fibroids are gradually reduced or no longer grow up, you can continue to consolidate moxibustion, so as to avoid once surgery; retreat 10,000 steps, in case moxibustion does not work,The surgery is not too late.

3. Irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is generally related to factors such as qi stagnation, blood stasis, and blood deficiency. No matter which one can be used for moxibustion, it should be noted that although some health public accounts believe that menstruation can be moxibustion, whether it is Chinese medicine, whether it is Chinese medicineWestern medicine, it is believed that the menstrual period is when women’s immunity is the lowest, and it is not advisable to interfere.

For example, if a person has too many menstrual flow and even accompanied by symptoms of anemia, if moxibustion during menstrual periods, it will accelerate qi and promoting blood circulation, resulting in excessive menstruation and more severe anemia.Accompanied by the symptoms of kidney yin deficiency, if moxibustion during menstruation, it is easy to "bake dry" fluid in the body, resulting in less and less menstruation.The menstrual period is the most unstable state of a woman’s physical condition, so it is not appropriate to interfere. It is recommended not to moxibustion in the early stage of menstruation. If you really want moxibustion, you can try [Conclusion] ovarian, uterus, and menstruation in a few days after menstruation."They determine the health and beauty of women, and determine the happiness of a woman’s life!Many people know that they want to maintain them, but they are always used to adjusting with western medicine, health products, and even hormones. I do n’t know that these have certain toxic and side effects. They are taken for a long time and are not as good as "drinking and quenching thirst."Moxibustion is safe and effective. As long as the acupoint is accurate, the method is correct, and the amount of moxibustion is in place, it can be transferred to the "three treasures", so that women can stay away from premature aging and always be young!

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