Women "have the same room" for the first time after giving birth. These 5 embarrassing things are difficult to avoid, prepare early

After finally surviving in October and a month of confinement, many young couples have begun to look forward to the first room for the first time after giving birth.

1. Suddenly leaking milk

After giving birth to a child for the first time, women are breastfeeding, and many couples will encounter the embarrassment of leakage milk in the same room.Especially in sexual life, there is no good posture, and women’s chest will be squeezed, which will cause leakage.Not only embarrassment, but also blocked breast ducts and induced mastitis.Try to feed the child for the first time before giving birth to the child, and you can also drain the milk with a breast pump to avoid embarrassment.

2. Vaginal dryness and pain

After giving birth, the hormone level in the body has changed a lot, and the vagina is prone to dryness and pain.In addition, after giving birth to a child, he is weak and is still in the recovery period. Some women may have bleeding for the first time after giving birth to a child. Do n’t worry too much about this problem.Because after giving birth to a child, most women’s minds are concentrated on children, and they may have cold sex, coupled with excessive tension, there will be discomfort during sexual life.At this time, the husband should give a certain comfort and encouragement. Pay attention to the gentle movement during sex, and you need to use a lubricant if necessary.Don’t worry for the first time after giving birth, take your time and gradually restore sexual life.

3. Vaginal relaxation

Whether it is a cesarean section or a smooth delivery method, it is accompanied by vaginal relaxation after giving birth.As the body recovery time is prolonged, the problem of relaxation will gradually alleviate.15 days after giving birth, you can insist on pelvic floor muscle training, such as Kigel exercise or interrupt urination and anal lifting exercise, which can make the vagina firmer.

4. There are ugly stretch marks on the belly

Take too much fat during pregnancy and accumulate fat on the stomach. Coupled with a certain amount of exercise, the ugly swimming circle will appear on the belly. The most annoying is stretch marks., It simply affects the form.Some women are anxious because of their body deformation, and even postpartum depression will occur.Women should correctly face postpartum body deformation problems. Six months after giving birth are the golden period of weight loss, which can control weight by exercise and controlling heat.

5. Suddenly being cried and interrupted by the child during sexual life

After giving birth, the family had another member. When many couples suddenly woke up when the children were in the same room, this made the couple very embarrassing and disappointed.Before sexual life, the child must be fed to sleep and sleep before doing it.

Kind tips

After 6 weeks after giving birth, women need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.As long as the reproductive organs recover well and prepare psychological preparations, they can arrange the time of living appropriately.However, many women lack interest in sexual life after giving birth and are not fully prepared. The husband must give enough understanding and support.Women’s vaginal laceration and cervical tear are not fully recovered, premature sexual life may cause gynecological inflammation, and even cause bleeding pain or organs to be damaged, extend the time of wound healing, so the time of sexual life should not be too early.When the first room is for the first time in the same room, we must pay attention to the movement of the movement and not too impatient, so as not to cause damage and bleeding of perineal tissue, and you can also use lubricating cream or lubricant appropriately.In addition, postpartum sex should not be too careless, it is necessary to take contraceptive measures, and condoms are safe and effective contraceptive methods.

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