Woman, why do you always have back pain?The culprit for your back pain may be the calamity caused by these 10 diseases

Lumbar pain is very common in daily life. Many women choose to ignore low back pain. When the pain is particularly severe, they can’t bear to see a doctor. They know that they are all caused by disease.

The disease is the most common cause of low back pain.Most of the women are caused by acute pelvic inflammation after receiving cesarean section, ovarian cyst removal or appendicitis, and failed to treat them in time. They are characterized by back pain, lower abdomen, and increased leucorrhea.

Lumbar pain is caused by the increased inflammatory exudation, which causes pelvic adhesions to seriously affect life and health.Therefore, it is especially important to do sick early treatment and early prevention.

Patients with endometritis will also have pain in the pelvic area, mainly because the lower abdomen and lumbosacral soreness occur during the menstrual interval.

Chronic attachmentitis can cause pelvic congestion, fibrosis of connective tissues, and pelvic organs to adhere to each other, causing symptoms such as swelling, pain, and lumbosacral pain in the lower abdomen.Overwhelming after labor.

The position of the uterus is abnormally seen in the uterine sagging, taking off or adhesion to the abdominal cavity.

The position of the normal uterus is slightly forward, and the functional activity of the surrounding ligaments is free.After frequent abortion, multiple or other uterine surgery, the uterus is easily flexed or leaning back. Inflammation of the uterus and surroundings causes adhesion to cause pulling lumbosacral pain.

Under normal circumstances, uterine fibroids do not cause pain, but many patients say that there will be symptoms such as lower abdomen and back pain during the disease.

In addition, when pelvic tumors such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, and ovarian tumors compress nerve or cancer cells invade the pelvic connective tissue, back pain can cause back pain.

The nursery is in the uterine cavity, which stimulates the uterine wall and reflectively cause lumbosacral pain. Most of the women who occur in the new surrounding nursery ring, especially within 3 months after surgery.

Due to the characteristics of anatomical structure and physiological, women are susceptible to urinary system infections, such as acute and chronic pyelonephritis. The disease is manifested as lumbar pain or dull pain, and radiates along the ureter to the perineum.While back pain, it is accompanied by symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria.

Sometimes, the above symptoms are not obvious. Patients only feel unfavorable urination and often ignore it.In addition, urinary stones, tuberculosis, tumors, etc. can also cause pain.

During pregnancy, as the fetus grows grows, the joint ligament ligaments of the pregnant woman and the pelvic cavity are relaxed. At the same time, the weight of the uterus increases, causing the body’s center of gravity to move forward.In order to keep your body balance, your waist is up forward. If you don’t pay attention to rest, it is easy to cause back pain.

During pregnancy, fetal development requires sufficient nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus. If the nutrient intake in the diet is insufficient, it can cause the softening of the bone of the pregnant woman to softened and describe and cause low back pain.Excessive bleeding during puerperium, or premature labor, too tired, and cold, can also cause back pain.

Excessive fatigue, abnormal standing, sitting posture, etc. can cause lumbar muscle strain and cause chronic and faint pain in the waist.Usually pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

The disease is one of the common causes of low back pain in young people. It is mostly caused by lumbar injuries and long -term chronic strain. It is manifested as pain in the waist, and the radioactive pain of the lower limbs has been treated with bed traction and surgery.

Pain occurs in the waist, which is a very common symptom in clinical practice. Many diseases can cause back pain.After pain appears in the waist, first of all, it is necessary to actively clarify the reason, and then treat the corresponding treatment.

Pain in the waist may also be caused by the disease of the lumbar spine, such as lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, fasciitis on the back of the waist, or small joint dysfunction of the lumbar spine.

Pay more attention to rest for waist pain caused by these diseases. Sleeping hard boards can properly perform muscle function exercise on the back and back of the waist, such as three -point support method, five -point support method, Xiaoyanfei, etc. These actions are for strengthening the waist of the waist.Muscle, reducing the pain of the waist has a better effect.

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