Without mental, no appetite, and pursuit of mosquitoes, how can pregnant mothers come in summer?

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

The weather gradually became hot, and the sun showed its enthusiastic charm, baking all things in the world.

If it wasn’t for the daytime, I would like to nest in the house more and more; in the evening, the sunset westward, I stepped on the oblique sun lazily, and went out with Xiao Bao with Xiao Bao.

Today, I happened to meet my neighbors, and I was walking outside with Liujia, so we slipped together for a while.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

I am a little worried about Xiaobao’s recklessness. Isn’t it a big crime in if I met my neighbors?So he pulled Xiaobao intentionally or unintentionally to prevent him from rushing between me and neighbors.

The neighbor thought I was catching mosquitoes to Xiaobao, while holding my stomach gently, a small folding fan, and said to me with a smile, "Being with me, you don’t have to be afraid at all.Following Ding. Before entering the summer, I have been bitten all over. "

Xiaobao asked curiously: "Auntie, why do mosquitoes love you?"

The neighbor said with a smile: "Because there is also a baby in the aunt’s belly, it is too tender, so mosquitoes like it!"


The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

Studies have shown that the opportunity for pregnant women to be bitten by mosquito bite is twice as much as uncomfortable women.

This is because women exhaled during pregnancy contain a variety of different chemicals, especially in the late pregnancy, the amount of breath is 21%larger than a non -pregnancy woman.Attraction.

In addition, pregnant women have high body temperature, sweating, and more volatile substances emitted on the surface of the skin. This chemical signal generated by skin bacteria is easily smelled by mosquitoes and became the bite target.

These two reasons make it easier for pregnant women to attach mosquitoes than other women.

In fact, the reason why babies also like to like mosquitoes are: children are generally better, strong metabolism, and higher triaine content.The smell of this trothamine has a strong mosquito -seductive effect. It can guide mosquitoes to find "food" conveniently through air.

In addition, German scientists have long proven that mosquitoes can smell the smell of prey one kilometers away, especially women who are in the ovulation period are most concerned.

This shows that it is loved by mosquitoes with fat -containing blood, so people with high cholesterol content in the blood are also the most likely to like mosquito.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

In the hot summer, it is no exception to say that many people will lack appetite, and pregnant mothers are no exception.

However, the nutrition that pregnant mothers take during pregnancy are closely related to the growth and development of the baby in the abdomen. The growth stage of the fetal baby is very nutritious, and good nutrition comes from the daily balanced diet.

The so -called "balanced diet", that is, the six major categories of foods are balanced, including pork root stems, milk, fish and bean eggs, vegetables, fruits, oils.The importance of a balanced diet is that the nutrients contained in different foods are different. If it is abolished or which types of foods, it is a state of losing balance for nutritional needs, so it is very important to balance all kinds of foods.

For the baby in the stomach, pregnant mothers cannot eat at will, and they should pay attention to food diversity, balance, vegetarian matching, and comprehensive nutrition.If you have a bad appetite, you may eat less meals.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

Nutritionists remind that in order to control calories and take into account nutritional needs, pregnant mothers can choose more fruits, oatmeal, low -fat milk … such high nutritional and low -calorie foods as snacks, try to avoid high calories, try to avoid high calories, and try to avoid high calories, and try to avoid high calories, try to avoid high calories, and try to avoid high calories, and try to avoid high calories, and try to avoid high calories, and try to avoid high calories, and try to avoid high calories, and try to avoid high calories andHigh -fat and high -sugar foods, such as cakes, potato chips, seasonings, etc., otherwise, not only lack of nutritional value, but also easily leads to a straight -line increase.

However, these cannot replace the staple food.

In addition, although many fruits are on the market in summer, if pregnant mothers eat a lot of high sugar fruits, and the amount of activity is small, it is easy to form an agile adding weight. In addition, the psychological change of pregnant mothers can easily lead to the chaos of sugar metabolism, which can easily cause gestational diabetes.It affects the health of myself and the baby.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should not eat more high sugar fruits and fruits, try to choose low sugar -containing fruits.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

The gastrointestinal function of pregnant mothers is weak. After eating too much cold food, it is easy to suddenly shrink the gastrointestinal blood vessels, reduce the secretion of gastric juice, reduce the digestive function, and symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea occur.

In addition, fetal baby is also more sensitive to hot and cold stimulation. When pregnant mothers eat a large amount of cold drinks, fetal movements will be more frequent, as if the baby is snoring in the stomach, so it can be known that cold drinks have a certain degree of stimulation on the baby.

In addition, cold drinks and cold foods enter the pregnant mother’s body to shrink the blood vessels, reduce the blood supply of the placenta to the baby, and will also affect the baby’s development.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must control their mouths, and don’t eat more cold and cold food.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

Pregnant mothers can easily lead to a series of unsuitable reactions such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, panic, and even syncope due to their various changes during pregnancy and other changes in progesterone during pregnancy.

Therefore, choosing cotton and loose clothing that is conducive to sweating will help pregnant mothers to disperse warmth, and effectively prevent rash and skin infection caused by the lack of perspiration.

Of course, you can enjoy the comfort brought by the air conditioner, but you must pay attention to the indoor and outdoor temperature not to be too different, and every three or four hours, it is necessary to turn on the ventilation. Perhaps when the air conditioner is turned on, leave the window.

In addition, when pregnant mothers take a bath, do not adjust the water temperature to too low, because too cold water can stimulate the skin, cause the pores to shrink and expand sharply, cause abnormal fetal movements, and stimulate the blood circulation of the uterine.The bath temperature is best to close to the body temperature (27 ℃ ~ 35 ℃), and the bathing time should not be too long. It is advisable to take 10-20 minutes.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

For all women, summer sunscreen is a compulsory course, especially for pregnant mothers.

During pregnancy, the skin melanin is more lively. The skin of pregnant mothers is more sensitive and easy to be sunburned. Therefore, pregnant mothers try to prevent going out at 10 to 14 o’clock. This period of time is fierce and the surface temperature is high.

If you have to go out, it is best to put on a parasol, put it on a sun hat, and apply a sunscreen without lead. Of course, the mask is also a must -have for masks now!

May the pregnant mother live in summer, and every day is water and beautiful!

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