Within three months of pregnancy, these three things should be "avoided", otherwise it will easily lead to unstable fetus

In the early pregnancy, the fetal image is unstable. These three things have to "avoid" and are good for pregnant women and fetuses!

After women have just become pregnant, the fetus seems to be very unstable, so in order to ensure the stability of the fetal image, there are many things to avoid during pregnancy. As a qualified pregnant mother, we need to know what should be done by ourselves and what we should do.It should not be done by yourself. Next, I will introduce today’s topic of pregnancy. Within three months of pregnancy, these three things pregnant mothers must "avoid", otherwise it will easily lead to unstable fetus!

The first thing: Dajin special supplement

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will blindly supplement themselves. In their consciousness, they will make up for themselves, and the fetus will follow.Excessive nutrition may be supplemented with pregnant mothers, which leads to excessive obesity in pregnant women, but it is not conducive to health and fetal development during pregnancy.So during pregnancy.Just a reasonable diet, don’t make up for it.

The second thing: blindly taking medicine

After a woman is pregnant, her body temperature will rise, but the woman does not know, and she thinks she has a cold, so she takes the medicine.Taking drugs after pregnancy is likely to increase the chance of fetal deformity.Therefore, do not blindly obey the drug during pregnancy. Even if you really get sick, you must go to the hospital to see the doctor in time to ask the doctor to give you the right prescription.

The third thing: Li Erlang’s legs

Now the favorite of many people, even the legs of Qiao Ershiro, because the feeling of Qiao Erlang’s legs is more comfortable, but when you are pregnant, you try not to tighten Erlang’s legs, because when you are in Erlang’s legs, it will affect the blood of the pregnant mother’s lower limbs.The cycle is easy to cause edema lower limb. Even if the pregnant belly is not obvious, it will also be squeezed to the fetal treasure, which will cause the fetal position to be incorrect. Therefore, the pregnant mother still needs to choose the correct sitting position.

Well, the above is the introduction of the editor’s introduction within three months of pregnancy. These three things are "avoided", otherwise it will easily lead to unstable fetus!Expectant mothers know that the first three months of pregnancy is the most unstable time period during pregnancy. At this time, the fetal treasure has not been fully developed, and the connection with the placenta is not so firm. At this timeWaiting for the situation, so the above three things must be avoided.

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