With these situations, it really proves that you are pregnant

Everyone who likes children hopes that there will be a little angel to him.

Symptoms before pregnancy:

1. Mentalities.

Under normal circumstances, women’s menstrual periods are relatively regular, and they will not exceed a week before and after. Even the kind of irregular menstruation must be recorded in advance.Under normal circumstances, if the menstruation has not come yet, it has not come for more than ten days, and buy a pregnancy test stick to see if it is pregnant.Because this situation is very likely to get pregnant.

But delayed menstruation does not necessarily mean pregnancy, especially for women who are irregular during menstruation.In addition, stop taking contraceptives sometimes cause delay of menstruation.

On the contrary, sometimes when the fertilized eggs are in bed, it can cause minor bleeding, so do not mistakenly judge that you are not pregnant because of bleeding.

2. The body temperature rises.

In fact, many women who prepare for pregnancy will record before and see their physical condition. When it is suitable for pregnancy, there is a record in the middle.It is measured every day after the end of the last holiday.If the temperature and height of the body do not last for more than 18 days, it is likely to be pregnant.

3. Frequent urination.

Because the increase in the fetus after pregnancy puts pressure on the organs of the mother’s body, there is frequent urination.Because the uterus will become larger and compress the bladder, urine will appear.(The blood circulation is accelerated during pregnancy, so that the burden on the kidneys worsens, and it must be discharged from the body through urination. This manifestation is particularly obvious at night.) At that time, it was just pregnant.Some of the frequent urination will be obvious.So when this happens, you still need to test it again.

4. Increase leucorrhea

Estrogen in the body after pregnancy gradually increases as the pregnancy month increases. Estrogen can promote the secretion of mucus secretion of cervix and endometrium gland.There are also increased things, and leucorrhea has increased.

5. I’m disgusting

This nausea does not refer to the morning vomiting reaction in the early stages of pregnancy, and it appears before the morning vomiting reaction.I don’t really want to vomit, but often feel nauseous.Doctors said this was caused by changes in hormones during pregnancy.

6. I feel very tired

In the first few days of pregnancy, the body should prepare a series of changes that are about to occur.If you suddenly feel very tired for no reason, 80 % of them are pregnant, and the content of progesterone in the body has risen rapidly, so I feel tired.

7. Tighter chest

The changes in hormones caused by pregnancy will be performed intuitively on the breast.Until production, the chest will gradually become bigger and heavier (similar to the symptoms before menstruation).Sometimes breasts are painful because the breast is preparing for breast milk.

8. Small abdomen has a feeling of lowering

In the early stages of pregnancy, I feel that my body is not very comfortable. The lower abdomen seems to have something to do, and even some spasm and mild pain, which is similar to the symptoms before menstruation.This is because the uterus is preparing for the next change.

Tool inspection:

1. Early pregnancy test paper

You can buy early pregnancy test strips to test whether you are pregnant. It is generally used for 3 to 5 days in the period of menstruation. You can test whether you are pregnant.According to the instructions of the use, if it is two red lines, it is pregnant.Of course, after using early pregnancy test strips, you need to go to the hospital for further determination.

2. B -ultrasound

B -ultrasound testing early pregnancy, it is best to stop a month when menstruation stops.The B -ultrasound results will be answered by the doctor. Generally, if the B -ultrasound can see the pregnancy halo, it means pregnancy.This method is the most accurate but the longest -waiting method.

3. Through blood testing

After the same room, you can pass the blood test HCG. Generally, you can go to the hospital for examination. You can know if you are pregnant

Preparation before pregnancy:

1. Choose the appropriate age and season of pregnancy

From the perspective of childbearing age, women’s conception is suitable for 25-30 years, and 25 or 26 years old is the best age.Premature pregnancy and cervical cancer are prone to occur; too late pregnancy, the fetus is prone to congenital defects, deformities, and difficulty in yields.

It is best to pay attention to the season.Generally, it is advisable to conceive in spring, that is, 3, 4, and 5 months.At this time, when the fetus develops to about 3 months, it is the time when the brain cells are the most developed, and it is also the time to be nutritious. It happens to be in the summer of June to August.The richest season for meat supply is enough to meet the needs of pregnant women.In addition, the climate is stable from March to May, and pregnant women are not prone to diseases such as colds.

2. Avoid the impact of bad living habits

At the stage of preparing for pregnancy, both husband and wife must quit smoking. As we all know, smoking will affect the development of the male sperm and the development of the woman’s eggs.

3. Welcome new life with a full mental state

If you are really ready to get pregnant, you must re -examine your mental state in this period.Both husbands and wives should maintain full spirit, happy emotion, and good health.If you have a disease, you must actively treat it, and then consider conception after cure.When preparing for pregnancy, women also need to prevent colds and other infectious diseases, so as not to affect the development of the embryo due to diseases and centers.

It is not suitable for pregnancy when tiredness is tired. For example, it is not advisable to be advocated when conceived when traveling, because the fatigue and drinking of alcohol during the journey are extremely unfavorable to embryo development and may even cause abortion.

4. Avoid vaccination

If your little couple is going to be pregnant, at this time the health department requires people to take vaccination for certain diseases, and you need to consider it again and again.Generally speaking, if you are not vaccinated during this period, you should try to avoid vaccination.

If it is a virus vaccine, such as rubella, measles, etc., it should be absolutely avoided to avoid causing infections to the fetus.Even if the dead vaccines such as cholera are not infected by embryos, immune response such as high fever occurs, it can cause miscarriage.Hepatitis vaccine is a genetic synthetic vaccine, which has no damage to the fetus, but also avoids vaccination during pregnancy.

Of course, if you have a dangerous disease, such as close contact with the patient in an epidemic high -incidence area, or the risk of rabies in the bite of crazy dogs, and may be in life, it is still important.Must be injected with vaccine.

5. Treatment of diseases such as dental diseases in advance

Data show that when 80%of women are pregnant, they are prone to dental complications, such as toothache and gum bleeding.If we notice this, to treat dental disease before pregnancy, we will not suffer from dental disease during pregnancy.

More importantly, three months and three months after pregnancy cannot be extracted.Because tooth extraction is prone to abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, and premature production occurs in the late pregnancy period, if your teeth are not good or suffer from dental disease, you still have timely cure before pregnancy, so as not to cause trouble during pregnancy.

Farewell, if women suffer from heart disease, kidney disease, hypertension, etc., they must also consider whether they can get pregnant.If the disease is too serious, you can get pregnant under the guidance of a doctor; if the condition is serious, follow the doctor’s opinion. Don’t barely get pregnant, or treat the disease.

If women suffer from mental illness, diabetes, epilepsy, thyroid dysfunction and other diseases, and have not been cured, they are not suitable for pregnancy.

6. Try to stay away from harmful substances

If the woman’s job is to closely contact the electrical radiation, lead, mercury, gasoline, paint, carbonide, organic phosphorus pesticide or anesthesia, etc., it is necessary to leave these harmful jobs or working environments to the fetusEssence

7. Stay away from pets.

Because pets such as cats and dogs may carry pathogens that are harmful to fetal health, such as arch -shaped bodies, which can cause various malformations of the fetus.Severe rabies, because women who are preparing to get pregnant should stay away from pets.Pregnant women with this hobby should endure their love early and give them to relatives and friends to raise them.

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