With these pregnant women’s lipsticks, they are no longer afraid of bad complexions during pregnancy

Lipstick is the finishing touch of women’s makeup. A beautiful woman’s bag will always be prepared.But after pregnancy, you need to be cautious when choosing lipstick.General lipsticks can be said to be a dangerous product for pregnant mothers, because ordinary lipstick contains chemical ingredients such as fat, wax, pigments, etc. Oils are a kind of natural animal fat from rinsing wool waste fluid, which can penetrate the skin into the skin into the skinIn the case of poor resistance, it is easy to bring harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses to affect the fetus.Therefore, when choosing a lipstick, pregnant mothers must pay attention to the redness of pregnant women. It is specially made for the healthy and safe of pregnant mummy, which does not affect the fetal and mother health.

So which lipsticks recommend pregnant mothers to use? Let ’s take a few times for a few of the pregnant women who are privately customized for pregnant mothers.

Dear adventure pregnant women discolored lipstick

Kuang Run, from domestic pregnant women’s skin care benchmark brands, has a history of 12 years, and products are favored by pregnant mothers.And this pregnant woman has a discolored lipstick, but the lipsticks recommended by hot moms such as Dong Jie and Ye Yiqian in the entertainment industry. Xiaobian’s pro -test is very beautiful+practical, and has many pregnant mothers around him.

The pro -moisturizing pregnant woman’s color lipstick, the legendary lipstick, is based on natural ingredient carrots, is safe and secure.Natural carotene is natural color, unique temperature changes, and erase the private custom feel; rich in moisturizing factors, more moisturizing and moisturizing than ordinary lipstick, one -effect is one -effect.A pro -moisturizing lipstick can make the pregnant mother a new height. Preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, lactation, and sensitive can be used with confidence!

Little Bee Burt’s Bees pregnant woman moisturizing and lipstick

Burt’s Bees is a green and old -fashioned skin care brand in the United States. It is marked with a portrait portrait of "beard" beekeeper and a small bee. Almost all products are related to bees, smooth and sweet.For pregnant women’s moisturizing and lipstick, BURT’s Bees selected and effective lip -protective natural plant essence, such as bees, beeswax, grapefruit, raspberry, etc., making the lipstick cream delicate and smooth, full of color, and moisturizing and moisturizing.BURT’s Bees pregnant women are moisturizing and lipstick. Although it is easy to color, thick coating will not look strong, light and natural, and pregnant mothers are very convenient to use daily!

Karen Murrell Natural Pure Plants Lipstick

Karen Murrell, the famous pure natural organic make -up brand in New Zealand, their lipsticks use plant formulas, the main component is Mexican wax halberds, Moon See Cao, Heheba Oil, Castle, Cinnamon, Sweet Cinnamon, SweetNatural plants such as orange, mainly natural safety, pregnant mothers can use it with confidence.However, Karen Murrell’s pregnant woman’s lipstick paste is somewhat soft. During the use of the use of, the pregnant mother should pay attention to the application of the application, so as not to be careful and break the lipstick.

Canadian Bite lipstick

BITE is a makeup brand in Canada’s specialized lips, and the popularity of lipstick is the most significant.Bite’s ointment is made of organic shea fruit oil and fruit cream refinement. It does not add chemical products at all; the beautiful colors of lipstick come from food -grade raw materials, naturally guaranteed, and pregnant women can use them safely.It is worth mentioning that Bite’s lipstick has a very good color and moisturizing degree, which is both colorful and moisturized. The pregnant mother can improve the complexion without makeup during use!

Fresh yellow sugar sunscreen pregnant woman lipstick

Fresh is a high -end skin care brand under the French LVMH Group. The core concept of this brand is to combine the classical beauty formula and amount according to the therapy with modern cutting -edge technologies.And this sunscreen’s lipstick is added to an innovation of the Fresh brand.Yellow sugar is a natural moisturizing agent. Adding to lipstick can effectively deeply moisturize and repair lips, prevent the outside world from infringement of lips, and also have the function of sunscreen to protect the most primitive colors of lips.The natural ingredients of the lipstick of Fresh pregnant women are the most effective guarantee for pregnant mothers.

As a pregnant mothers in the new era, we must not give up beauty! Pick a healthy lipstick designed for pregnant moms, apply gently, simply can instantly improve the complexion of pregnancy and be a delicate hot mom.

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