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The word "abnormal tire" is often mistaken for the word "abnormal tire". In fact, it is not related to the fertilized eggs, it doesn’t matter

"Doctor, I just graduated from graduation, and there is no boyfriend. How can I be a" teratoma ‘? "The gynecological diagnosis room of Qingdao Women’s Children’s Hospital, 22 -year -old girl Yao Yao (pseudonym) was immediately excited when he heard the doctor diagnosis, and he was excited immediately.Di Di talked to the doctor …

It turned out that Yao Yao, who had just graduated from the work this year, was found to be found in the ovaries during the medical examination organized by the unit, so he went to the Qingdao Women’s and Children’s Hospital for further examination to clear the diagnosis.The consultation experts combined with the results of the examination, the diagnosis of Yao Yao suffered from ovarian teratoma. Due to the complex ingredients in the tumor and large tumors, it is recommended to perform surgery as soon as possible.After admission, the team adopted a single -hole laparoscope to peel off ovarian teratoma for Yao Yao. Yao Yao was discharged from the hospital 2 days after surgery.

Ovarian teratoma is a common ovarian germ cell tumor formed by abnormal germ cell differentiation during the embryo period.Due to the different degree of differentiation of various types of embryos to mature, the tumor may contain oil, hair, teeth, bones, and even head sections of the scalp. These tissues are messy to form a mass, like a "fetus" with deformities.Therefore, it is called "teratoma".Ovarian teasing tumors are better in women of childbearing age. Most of them are benign mature teratoma, and only 2%-5%are malignant tumors.

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Ovarian teratoma

It’s "tumor", non -"fetal"

Can I not handle it after discovering it?

Most of the ovarian teratoma of women in the childbearing age is benign. The larger ovarian teratoma is obviously damaged to normal tissue, which may cause ovarian dysfunction or abnormal menstruation.Once the tumor rupture or twists, acute abdominal pain, nausea, and even hemorrhagic shock can cause ischemia necrosis of ovarian tissue and damage the fertility function.Special types of teratoma, such as ovarian goiter, may cause alpine hyperthyroidism and thyroid nodules.In the acute abdominal pain of young women, the most common is ectopic pregnancy, followed by teratoma to reverse and rupture.Therefore, smaller and slow -growing ovarian teratoma can regularly come to the hospital for review and monitoring according to doctors’ suggestions; the small ovarian tumor that is smaller but grows rapidly or has a larger ovarian tumor should be treated in time.

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At present, the treatment of ovarian tumors is mainly based on laparoscopic surgery. In recent years, the emerging single -hole laparoscopic technology has entered through the single piercing holes of the navel mouth.advantage.Especially for young women with fertility, pregnancy can be prepared around January after surgery

Expert reminder

Gynecological experts at Qingdao Women’s and Children’s Hospital reminded that regular abdominal pain must be paid attention to. It is recommended that female friends regularly check and pay attention to physical changes in time. Once physical discomfort occurs, seek medical treatment in time.

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