With no boyfriend, I woke up after I was unconscious and found that I was pregnant. What was the truth?1

"Congratulations on you are pregnant!"

"Impossible!" Zhou Zhiyi’s face was pale, because the excessive shocking sound was sharp: "There is no object of my object, or a virgin, how can you get pregnant!"

Three months ago, she encountered a high -altitude pendant.

I was in a coma in the hospital for nearly two months before I woke up. Today is the twentieth day when she woke up. I went to dinner with my colleagues at noon. Before I walked into the restaurant, she began to turn over the wall and fall into the sea.In the end, she almost endured rushing into the bathroom and vomited to doubt life.

After a little better, she immediately asked for leave and came to the hospital for examination.

Because it is too uncomfortable.

Even passing by the door of the hotel, she couldn’t help nauseous.

When she came to the hospital, she rushed into the digestive department.

To this end, she also carried some vomit.

After testing, the result obtained was not food poisoning, nor was it acute gastroenteritis. The doctor asked her if she had dizziness, headache, tinnitus and other symptoms.

The doctor was silent for a moment and asked her how many holidays last time.

She answered truthfully.

The doctor said she was most likely pregnant, and suggested that she go to the obstetrics and gynecology department for examination.

Actually, she was stunned at the time.

One is that she has no boyfriend, and the other is that she has never had sex.

However, she still entered the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Because she was too uncomfortable in her stomach, she intends to try to die as a live horse doctor.

However, before the test results came out, she still felt that those who had no sexual life could be pregnant.

But, reality slaps his face.

Since she was not in the morning, she did not have an empty stomach, and she did a blood test for early pregnancy.

There is almost no misdiagnosis!

Tianlei rolled.

The brain is buzzing.

Even though the doctor told her himself, she was no doubt that she could not believe it.

Obviously, she has no boyfriend.

Obviously, she is still a innocent daughter.

How can you get pregnant?

The expression on the doctor’s face became dignified: "Miss Zhou, the inspection report shows that you are really pregnant, but you said that you have no boyfriend and have no sexual life. I must arrange a B -ultrasound for you.There is no fetal sac, it is clear at a glance! "


Can you refuse?

Naturally not!

The reason is simple, and the cause of vomiting must be found.

After paying the fee, she came straight to the door of the B -ultrasound, waiting in line to do inspection.

"The child is very healthy, it’s about five weeks of pregnancy+!"


Later, the doctor who checked the doctor did not hear the words. She stared at her eyes and was incredible and unacceptable.

There is a voice in my mind [pregnant!I am really pregnant!].

She didn’t know how she walked out of the B -ultrasound, and she was full of people.

The doctor looked at the B -ultrasound report in his hand, and he was relieved and said, "Miss Zhou, you are indeed pregnant!"

Zhou Zhiyi felt that his soul was out: "How is this! I can’t even get pregnant! Impossible! Impossible!"

The doctor looked at Zhou Zhiyi’s deep hit, sighed, and said, "Miss Zhou, generally there is no sexual behavior, you will not get pregnant. You are thinking about whether you are sleeping or not sober consciousness.In the case, there has been sex with the opposite sex. "

Zhou Zhiyi’s face suddenly shocked.

Time is paired.

The doctor who checked said she was about 5 weeks of pregnancy+.

Five weeks ago, I was still in a coma.

She seized her inspection report from the doctor, and rushed to say "thank you" and fled.

She stunned.

Due to the panic of the mood, his feet exchanged a mess, and almost tripped himself.

She doesn’t want to go home.


Since she was nineteen years old, after her parents left the air crash, her home had been occupied by her grandma and her aunt’s family.

The aunt faced her good, but because the airlines and insurance companies had compensated a lot of money after the plane crashed.

A huge sum of money to get rich.

Over the years, all the aunts seduced that she hoped that she could take out the money.

She is full of silly pretending.

At the beginning, my aunt was still a little patient.

Later, her aunt understood that she would not take out the money anyway, was anxious, scolded, lost money, cheap hoofs, funeral stars, and debt collection ghosts often hung on her mouth.

In recent years, she did not think of using the law to drive them out. But, her aunt was particularly refined. She had a good reputation in the minds of the neighbors around her. Instead, she shaped her into a white -eyed wolf without conscience.

When she realized, her aunt had successfully became the best aunt in the eyes of the neighbors.

She took a taxi and came to the hospital where she was unconscious and went straight to the office of her attending physician.

She opened the door to see the mountain: "Dr. Qin, I want to see all the surveillance videos during the hospitalization! Oh, no, it was within two weeks before I was discharged."

Qin Beizheng thought he could never see this little thing again. He was still immersed in joy. Chasu Chard heard her request and couldn’t help but stun: "What happened? Is your face so ugly!"

"Please! I really need it!" Zhou Zhiyi begged, with tears in his eyes.

Qin Beiyi panicked: "Don’t cry, I promise, this will help you apply."

Zhou Zhiyi’s tears burst out.

Qin Bei was busy pumping a tissue, and when his hand was about to meet Zhou Zhiyi’s face, he felt inappropriate. He busy putting the paper into her hand and said, "I go, wait for me to come back."


Six hours have passed, and the time is close to ten o’clock in the evening.

After watching the clock on the wall, and looking at Zhou Zhiyi, who was sitting steadily, Qin Beiyi said: "Zhou Zhiyi, this is a full two weeks of monitoring videos.Yes, you go back first, and come here again. "

Zhou Zhiyi rejected: "No! I won’t return. I must have a result today, otherwise I will be crazy."

Qin Beizheng saw her collapse and concerned: "What happened?"

Zhou Zhiyi leaned over, covered his face with both hands, and was very sad: "I’m pregnant! Five weeks+!"

Qin Bei: "!!!"

If he remembers it correctly, she woke up a little more than around.

Five weeks+meant that the child was pregnant during her coma.

His heart shook fiercely.

Because of the week in this time, he happened to go to a hospital in a foreign country for study and exchanges. After returning to the job the next day, she woke up and observed that it was not a problem for two days before she was discharged.

At this moment, he was very fortunate that he had performed an operation because of the patient’s request for the patient, otherwise she would go empty today.

He calmed his face and looked cold, pulled his chair and sat down again, operating the remote control in person.

Time is adjusted to your own business one week.

Secretly vowed that we must find this devil.

Time passed by minute by minute.

No harvest.

At 12 am, Qin Bei stood up, pulled out the mobile hard disk with one hand, pulled Zhou Zhiyi’s hand in one hand, and said, "Go home, go back to me, let’s take it back and see it."

Zhou Zhiyi’s eyes were red, and his voice was with a strong cry: "Dr. Qin, thank you!"

Qin Bei galloped all the way.

After arriving home, he poured a glass of water and turned on his computer.

"You squint for a while, two hours later, change me."

"Good, you are a pregnant woman now, you need to rest."

In the evening, Qin Bei’s home, Zhou Zhiyi’s psychology was both stunned and uneasy.She originally thought about watching herself and let Qin Beizhen rest, and they were willing to take her. She thanked her herself.

Now that Qin Beizheng’s low and gentle voice was heard, her heart seemed to be soothing. After calmness, she told herself that she narrowed for a while.

Xu is the relationship between pregnancy, and the eyelids are asleep almost in seconds.

Qin Beiyi was considerate to cover her with a small blanket.

Then, began to accelerate fast forward.

Whenever he found a little suspicious, stop and check it carefully.

Time passed like the sand in the finger.

Unconsciously, the time has arrived at 4:20 in the morning.

Qin Beizheng pressed the pause button and squeezed his eyebrows.

Turned his head and saw Zhou Zhiyi sleeping quietly and beautiful, and the corners of his lips slowly evolved.

At this time, he gave birth to a feeling of quiet years.

I really can’t bear to wake her up.

He squeezed his eyebrow again, and he dripped his eye drops and continued to "fight".

The first rays of sun in the early morning entered the room like a cheerful child. Qin Beizheng, who had been sleeping for more than half an hour, opened his eyes, sat straight, and continued.

By eight o’clock, Zhou Zhiyi slowly opened his sleeping eyes.

Suddenly, the sky was already bright.

Suddenly, completely sober.

"woke up?"

"what time is it now?"

"Just eight o’clock."

"Ah? I’m late at work."

"Do you want to do it?"

"I can’t want it!" Emperor Zhou was very excited before.

Although it is said that the child is innocent, Zhou Zhiyi knows that this child must not stay!

How could she want a child with unknown father!What’s more, the child’s father invaded her while she was not conscious.

The crime of rape is established!

"Dr. Qin, if I call the police, will it affect you?" After Zhou Zhi awakened, he heard that he was dying when he was sent to the hospital at that time. After promoting the operating roomThe aunt who could sign the signature did not show up, and Qin Beizheng struggled to pull her back from the line of life and death with pressure.

During her unconscious time, Qin Beizheng except for five days when he was on a business trip, and the rest of the time Qin Bei took care of her.In the words of the auntie of the caregiver, Dr. Qin, who was handsome and temperament, couldn’t wait to run to the ward eight a day.

Although she wanted to find the murderer, she was afraid of a bad impact on her life -saving benefactor.

"Don’t consider me. If the staff of the hospital lost liability, let the wicked people get invading you, they must report to the police! Otherwise, if such social defeats can not be arrested, I don’t know how many girls will be harmed." Qin Bei pinched pinching.Fist, calmly.

"Thank you!" Zhou Zhiyi sent from his heart.

"Don’t thank you, are we friends, don’t we?"

After hearing the words, Zhou Zhiyi was moved, and his eyes could not help crying: "I am very happy to be your friend!"


She choked her voice: "This time, don’t you go to work?"

"I have taken leave. Today I will accompany you to perform abortion surgery. Anyway, I don’t intend to stay. The sooner the better."

"Dr. Qin …"

Since her parents are gone, Qin Bei is the second person to be good to her except her girlfriend flowers.

Regardless of gains and losses, I really think about her.

Qin Bei thought that she would not forget that in her life. When she walked into the ward, she entered her eyes with a pair of smiles with a smile.

From that, when she saw her, she always had a light smile on her face.

But at this moment, she is like a strong rose flower, although she is still beautiful, but she is shaking.

"You and I are so familiar, call me the name, it will pass, don’t be afraid, I will accompany you."

"Thank you!" In addition to thanks, Zhou Zhiyi found that he was poor.There was tears in her eyes, and her heart was incredible.

Looking at it, Qin Bei was in a hearty heart, and it was difficult to hide his distress. He really didn’t hold back. He touched her head and said, "Go first, immediately ask the company to leave with the company immediately. We go to the hospital.After hanging, you will go directly. "



"how do you feel?"

Seeing Zhou Zhiyi came out of the operating room, Qin Beizheng quickly greeted him.

"Well, it’s not bad."

"That’s good! Let’s go home." Said, Qin Beizheng couldn’t help but say that the clothes on the hand on the clothes were put on, the hat was on, the scarf surrounded, and then helped her away.

After getting in the car, he helped her tie a seat belt and handed her a thermos cup.

"Red bean porridge, eat something first, I will go home later, I will do something else for you."

"Qin Bei, take me to Xiaohua, do you want to do it when you have yourself, I can’t bother you anymore!"

"I have called Hua Xiaohua. She asked you to go to me first, and the leader came over after approval."

"……All right!"

What can she say?

Zhou Zhiyi’s helpless compromise.

In fact, Hua Xiaohua did arrive quickly, holding a large bag in his hand.

As soon as he met, Hua Xiaohua held Zhou Zhiyi in his arms distressed.

Staring at her ate a bowl of porridge in person, after watching her asleep, she took the initiative to watch the video to find a clue.

At first glance, it was seven hours.

Takeaway for dinner.

When Zhou Zhiyi woke up, it was dark outside the window. She glanced at the cell phone and was already 7:30 in the evening.

She went to the bathroom and changed her aunt pants, and then opened the door out of the bedroom. She came to the living room and saw Qin Beizheng and Hua Xiaohua still watching the video.

She seated around her girlfriend: "Dear, worked hard, have you found it?"

Hua Xiaohua reached out and held Zhou Zhi’s cheeks, frowned with a small eyebrow, and looked serious: "For my good sisters, you are not working hard! You, you are not so polite to me, hear it?! If I happened to happen, if I happened,You will do the same, isn’t it? "

Zhou Zhiyi’s eyes of Xiaoyahua, a word and one word: "Yes! As long as it is a flower, even if it is my life, it is at all."

"Don’t say such unlucky words, both of us must live a long life!"

"Okay! Life is 100 years old."

"This is almost the same!" Hua Xiaohua looked proud: "Dr. Qin and I saw now, no suspicious persons have been found yet."


Zhou Zhiyi knew that it was not so easy.

Suddenly, Qin Beizheng’s voice came eagerly: "What do they do? Hua Xiaohua, look at it, is this aunt and cousin of Yiyi?"

I saw that in the surveillance video, Zhou Zhiyi’s aunt Zhou Jia pushed the wheelchair, and Zhou Zhiyi was sitting crooked in the wheelchair.

Zhou Jia’s daughter Sun Jiaojiao stood in front of the wheelchair one meter, and he turned to what Zhou Jia said.

Not over, to be continued …

The new chapter is opened.

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