With my wife back to my mother’s house, my mother -in -law instructed me to kill the fish. I quietly made a bad, turned and blushed

My name is Okawa, the only child in the city.Although my parents are not wealthy and wealthy, they are so good to me.This also develops I am so lazy to do it, but my only personality.

At the age of 29, the community supermarket downstairs recruited a waiter called Xiaoying.Don’t mention how beautiful the little girl is, and the voice is sweet.My soul was hooked away by her, so she ran to the supermarket every day, and she was closer to her.

Later, my parents saw the clue and helped me chase her together.She came from the countryside, and there was a distant relative here.Under the emotional offensive of our family, she agreed to associate with me.As for me, she was tired of her all day and quickly coaxed her into bed.

She was pregnant and I was happy. We went to see her parents together.Her parents didn’t seem to like me very much, but raw rice had been cooked and couldn’t help it, so she had to agree with us to get married.My parents said that Xiao Ying had a baby, so I don’t have to give it to Cai.Although Xiao Ying was wronged, he acquiesced.

At the wedding, the mother -in -law’s face was very bad, but I didn’t care.Anyway, my wife is in hand, how can she take me?

Soon after marriage, his wife gave birth to a daughter.Her parents immediately forced her to resign and took their children to cook and wash clothes every day.My wife lost its financial source, and it was even more docile to me, and I was even more proud.Isn’t it the feeling of men?Fortunately, find a rural wife, virtuous and hardworking.Parents are very comfortable every day, and their children are also taken care of well.

A year ago, my wife said that she was home, and she had to go back and see her parents.I am naturally unhappy, but I can’t bear the tears of my wife.I had to drive her back.The mother -in -law saw us back and was very enthusiastic.But I love to answer, and she can’t help it anyway.The wife’s family was so busy in the kitchen, and I was lying on the sofa to play with my mobile phone.At this time, the mother -in -law came in: "Son -in -law, I bought a fresh fish in the morning, and you helped me kill. My hand cut the vegetables."

I looked at her hand with gauze and frowned and took the kitchen knife.

My wife said to me: "After the fish washed the scales, you put the seasoning in the fish’s belly. I have prepared you."

I quickly handled this fish, but I was uncomfortable.As soon as I looked up, I saw a bowl of solidified lard, and my heart was born: Hum, the old lady still instructed me that I couldn’t make you eat fish.Because listening to his wife said that the mother -in -law never eats pork, but just loves fish.Look at today’s vegetables, there are not much meat. If there is lard in this fish, how can she eat it …

I quietly scooped a spoonful of lard and wiped it in the fish belly, and quickly stuffed the green onion ginger and garlic.When I was ecstatic, I felt someone behind me.Turning around, my wife was staring at me with a pair of big eyes.Her eyes were complicated, she looked anxious, her face was ashamed like a red cloth.

Because she was afraid of her mother -in -law, she didn’t quarrel with me.We found a reason to go home after eating.Along the way, my wife Leng Ruoshi was frosty, and she didn’t tell me in a word.I couldn’t coax her, so I also lost my temper: "What do you want? Do you want to take a stinky face and want to take it home? I confessed it wrong. Do you want to live a good life?"

My wife cried sadly, and my daughter was crying, and I couldn’t be irritable.Passing the car on the side of the road, pulling off his wife’s long -standing.According to her personality, she must be commented with me soon.

But I had dinner, my wife hadn’t returned yet, and I didn’t call me.I was a little panicked and quickly called my mother -in -law, but my wife did not return to her mother’s house.Hitting her mobile phone actually turned off.Where will this woman go?There will be no accidents.I regret it, I hope they do something else.Is this a bit unreasonable?

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