With menstruation, you can get pregnant, you need to know these points when you are a test tube baby

For women with pregnancy, whether menstruation is normal as the standard for judging health. Of course, this is indeed a way we roughly judge the situation of pregnancy.But do not judge only in this way, because menstruation does not mean ovulation.As there are more and more women in the elderly, some of them think that they can get pregnant when they have menstruation. I do n’t know that menstruation does not mean ovulation. Let me tell you:

Menstruation does not necessarily ovulation, no menstruation without ovulation

The relationship between menstruation and ovulation is closely related. Simply put, ovulation determines menstruation. If there is no ovulation, there will be no menstruation. More precisely, without ovulation without ovulation menstruation, you cannot give birth.Therefore, judging whether menstruation is normal, you should first determine whether ovulation is ovulated, and menstruation with ovulation is normal.

Once the hormone level is reduced and the endometrium loses hormone support, it will be necrotic and fall off. Menstruation is tide. This is normal ovulation menstruation.With no ovulation menstruation, the ovaries only secrete estrogen and do not secrete progesterone, so the endometrium only changes in the hyperplasia period.When estrogen drops to a certain level, the endometrium falls off, and women will also have menstruation.

If you want to get pregnant successfully, you need to know these aspects:

1. What should I pay attention to when giving birth to a second child?

A comprehensive assessment of the ovaries and uterus.Normal menstruation ≠ ovarian function is good

If the first tire is a cesarean section, the risk of the second child is: the pregnancy may be removed by pregnancy;

In addition, even if women over 35 years old have normal menstruation, the quality of ovarian function and eggs has been declining, and the pregnancy rate is only 30%to 40%.Experts suggest that ovarian function testing should be performed first at the age of 35.

How do you usually evaluate ovarian function?

You can see from the changes in the menstrual cycle.If the menstruation has been premised for 2 or 3 days, you must pay attention to the basic endocrine examination at this time. If the elderly women promote the follicle hormone value (FSH) to reach 15 or more, the risk of miscarriage is very high.

Experts remind women over 35 years of age that if they are not pregnant for 6 months, they should go to a regular infertility outpatient clinic and seek medical methods to intervene and doctors’ help.

2. After the elderly women are pregnant, how can I keep and have a healthy baby?

For elderly pregnant women, there is a certain correlation with the risks that are difficult to retain after being pregnant.

First, before preparing for pregnancy, you must not only judge your fertility function, but also do a comprehensive physical examination and overall health assessment to judge whether you are suitable for pregnancy.

Second, to make nutrition adjustments, after the age, the habits formed are relatively fixed. Pay more attention to the supplementation of multiple vitamins and minerals, and the supplement of folic acid.

In the end, it is very important to prepare for the psychology and spirit of re -pregnancy. You must not be pregnant with your mind and get pregnant happily.

3. Will elderly men affect the health of birth babies?

Men over 45 are elderly dads, with high probability of autism and schizophrenia.

Regarding the problems brought by late childbearing, everyone thinks more about the mother’s side, thinking that women’s fertility is ending earlier than men.In fact, old men have a great impact on children, even more than women.

The 2015 report of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the father over 45 years old, compared with the 24 -year -old father, the probability of mental illness such as autism, schizophrenia and bidirectional emotional disorders increased.

4. Is it not as good as a child born with reproductive technology than children who are pregnant naturally?

"Many elderly couples know that their own conditions are bad, and they are unwilling to try to auxiliary reproductive technology. They have instinctual rejection of children born with birth. This is also a misunderstanding."

As early as 2009, auxiliary reproductive technology was established.From 2009 to 2018, 5612 children born through the auxiliary reproductive technology found that their birth defects were only 0.7%, which was similar to children with natural pregnancy.

During the consultation process, many elderly women will tell me AMH1.8 or 2, but for women over 35 years old, even if they are naturally pregnant, the chance of chromosomes will be very high.The third -generation IVF technology can help screen high -quality embryos and give birth to healthy babies. Women who have fetal stopping or abortion after natural pregnancy need to pay more attention.

The elderly mother with a strong desire for fertility, especially the extremely elderly maternal, should be fully evaluated before preparing for pregnancy to see if you have the opportunity to get pregnant, such as how the endocrine condition and the physical tolerance of the bodyThe process of pregnancy), ovarian function is good or bad, etc., rationally chase the second child.

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