With a lobster under his belly, he suddenly shocked!Experts: In summer high, there have been many cases!

Together with three or five friends

Blow the night wind

Eat some crayfish

It is the summer "standard" in the summer of many people


Xiaoxu after the middle school entrance examination

Go out to dinner with classmates

A lobster down the belly

He burst into shock

Emergency rescue

What is going on?

The 15 -year -old Xiaoxu has been allergic since childhood, and his parents rarely let him eat seafood fish and shrimp.Last weekend, he went out to dinner with his classmates. Everyone ordered the crayfish, and Xiao Xu couldn’t help eating a lot.

After returning home, at three or four in the morning, Xiaoxu felt itchy ears. He thought he was bitten by a mosquito. One hour later, his rash was spread all over his body, itching and unbearable.In the morning, his parents brought Xiaoxu to the dermatology department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hubei Province and were diagnosed with acute urticaria.

When the doctor diagnosed and treated Xiaoxu, he suddenly had allergic shock symptoms such as blood pressure decrease, general edema, unclear consciousness, slow response, and shortness of breath. The emergency doctor immediately gave an emergency treatment.After nearly an hour of rescue, Xiao Xu’s blood pressure began to recover, the rash gradually faded, and his condition was controlled.

"Since the summer, there have been many patients who have admitted foods such as crayfish, mango and other foods that cause urticaria, and even young children and pregnant women." Director of the dermatology department of Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital said that many young children have first tasted these foods allergic to allergies.There are also breastfeeding mothers who are allergic to milk dolls.In addition, pregnant mothers need to pay special attention, especially in the early pregnancy expectant mothers. The scope of medication is very small when allergic symptoms occur.

Why do crayfish and mango cause acute urticaria or even allergic shock?Doctors explained that acute urticaria is a common allergic skin disease.Crayfish is rich in foreign protein, and the single (or two) hydroxybenzene in mango, especially incomplete mature mango also contains aldehyde, is allergic, which can cause urticaria in the skin, even reduced blood pressure, throat edema, and edema of the throat.Asphyxia, shock or sudden death.

Doctors remind that infants and breastfeeding mothers and expectant mothers should carefully eat these foods that are susceptible to allergies. Once acute urticaria, local itching is used for warm water, and glyphosate in the stove.If the rash continues to develop, itching is unbearable, and chest tightness and shortness of breath are not adapted to the consultation in time.


In addition to the above -mentioned cases of eating crayfish allergies, news can be seen every year, news such as "intercontinuing of horizontal muscle caused by eating crayfish".

What is the disease of horizontal muscle dissolving?What does it have to do with eating crayfish?Zou Xinrong, a chief physician of the Department of Nephrology of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Affiliated Hospital of Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine), reminded that the health risks hidden behind the food are worthy of everyone’s attention.

What is transverse muscle dissolving?

Eyebal muscle dissolving refers to the dissolving and destruction of transverse muscle cells caused by various reasons, causing a series of clinical syndrome caused by the release of material in the muscle cells into extracellular fluid and blood circulation.Its most typical manifestations are muscle pain, weakness, and thick tea or soy sauce urine.

After the horizontal muscle is destroyed, the released substances are dissolved in the blood. After the blood circulation, it will block the renal tubular tubules and cause acute renal damage.Severe secondary renal failure, liver failure, hyperkalemia, arrhythmia, heart failure, and even cardiac arrest.

What is the relationship between crayfish and muscle dissolution?

The pathogenesis of muscle dissolving after eating crayfish and certain seafood is not very clear.

Some experts said that from the perspective of research experiments, this problem may be related to the sizes of the growth process of a small, food type or specific microorganism in the waters, food types or specific microorganisms where the crayfish is located.That is, specific factors have problems with specific factors, which causes the crayfish to carry a certain biological toxin itself. The human body may occur after eating, but there are no such factors in other waters. ThereforeEssence

Secondly, the sensitivity of a certain substance in the personal constitution may also be the cause of the dissolving of the horizontal muscle.

How to avoid food risks?

When dining in a restaurant, you must choose a restaurant holding a food management or catering service license, a regular sanitary restaurant and asking for an invoice or receipt.Try not to eat the head and internal organs of crayfish.

If you make a crayfish at home, you should pay attention to buying crayfish from regular channels. Do not fish and eat wild crayfish yourself. Do not eat crayfish with death, abnormal sensory, or not fresh taste.

Clean it before cooking. It is recommended to put the crayfish in water for 4-6 hours to allow the sediment and other impurities in the body.When cleaning, cut off the gills and paws of the crayfish, then remove the black intestinal thread on the back of the shrimp body, and wash the shrimp shell with a small brush.

When cooking crayfish, be sure to heat up for more than 20 minutes to make it completely familiar.If the crayfish is stored in the refrigerator, it should be appropriately extended the heating time.


If those who have a whole body or local muscle soreness within 24 hours after eating the crayfish, go to the hospital for medical treatment in time. Remember not to delay and tell the doctor the relevant situation.

Comprehensive from Hubei Disease Control, Jimu News, Yangtze River Daily, and Wuhan

Source: Voice of Hangzhou

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