Will you get pregnant with a ring?Learn about these points, don’t wait for the suffering, then regret it

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Gate pregnancy is prone to pregnancy after the ring.Ectopic pregnancy is harmful to the body and mind.Understand several situations that induced ectopic pregnancy and reduce harm to women.

Ms. Zhang has been irregular on holidays, and sometimes once a holiday for three months or half a year.Recently, she felt uncomfortable for some time, especially the abdomen sometimes faintly painful, but she was busy every day and never cared. It was not until the day before yesterday, and the lower body suddenly flowed a lot of blood. She went to the hospital for examination.Essence

Ms. Zhang said that after giving birth to her baby, she has been contraceptive through a loop, and she has never considered other contraceptive measures.Unexpectedly, the accidental pregnancy brought him such a great pain to himself.Then she knew that the belt contraception was not absolutely safe.

In fact, there are many women who have the same heart as Ms. Zhang, and think that it is considered to have a birthplace.After being injured after accidental pregnancy, it is normal for bringing a ring to become pregnant, and the chance of accidental pregnancy in the harem pregnancy is very high.Ectopic pregnancy brings a lot of pain to women’s physical and mental body and mind, understanding several cases that are likely to cause ectopic pregnancy, and reduce harm to physical and mental.

Why is it prone to ectopic pregnancy after the ring with the ring?

Principles of Nursery Ring contraceptives: The breeding ring does not suppress ovulation, and sperm can go in. It is through the interference of chemicals and mechanical stimuli, causing sterile inflammation in the uterus, hindering the embryo in the uterus, to achieve contraception to achieve contraceptionPurpose.So in case of accidents after the ring, mostly ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms after ectopic pregnancy

The symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are not particularly obvious.There are symptoms of pregnancy reaction such as menstruation, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination during pregnancy.After ectopic pregnancy, some will be accompanied by irregular vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, and abdominal swelling.

Generally, ectopic pregnancy can be found around 10 days after the same room.Most of the ectopic pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tube. After menopause, the fallopian tubes are dangerous with the growth of the fertilized eggs.

Several cases of ectopic pregnancy easily cause

1. Unexpected pregnancy after bringing a ring, the chance of ectopic pregnancy is high.It is recommended that even with a birthplace, contraceptive measures should be taken as well as the ovulation period.

2. Women often drink alcohol or drink a large amount in the short term. The stimulation of alcohol to the body is easy to cause tachopatromycomes stenosis and external pregnancy.

3. Due to endometriosis, gynecological inflammation.These situations have a hindered effect on the normal eggs in the uterus. Before preparing for pregnancy, you need to do pre -pregnancy examination and treatment.

4. Disposal dysplasia of the fallopian tube, or connecting the fallopian tube again after ligation, these conditions may cause ectopic pregnancy.It is recommended that this situation can take contraceptive measures and take pre -pregnancy examinations before pregnancy.

5. Take emergency contraceptives.High estrogen content in contraceptives can easily cause female endocrine disorders and easily cause ectopic pregnancy.

Understand these points that can easily cause ectopic pregnancy, take contraceptive measures during non -reserve pregnancy, and take pre -pregnancy examinations during pregnancy.

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