Will you get pregnant if you can’t get in?

There has always been a "four consecutive consecutive ghost words" about men on the Internet:

Every picture has an inexplicable sense of familiarity …

I often see the social news of "unexpected pregnancy going to the hospital abortion". Generally, I started to start with "I can’t get in". However, both men and women may not expect that alone "Intersection

A 20 -year -old girl in Wuhan has no substantial sexual life and her boyfriend, but she is pregnant and pregnant!

We all know that the process of women’s pregnancy must have two most basic conditions: men’s sperm and substantial sexual behavior.Some people think that it is not a substantial behavior to be used only, so it will not cause pregnancy.

If each man has 100%control, it can really ensure that the whole process is "outside" and can also control the outflow of "liquid" without a little "liquid".

Probably this kind of "controlling strong people" is expected to have no substantial behavior. Even in the process of "蹭", the prostate fluid secreted by men only contains a small amount of sperm, and this small amountSex is minimal.

After all, women’s egg cells do not say that they can enter. There are also two "defense lines" outside the outside, and there must be sufficient amounts of topdocytes to break through, and the sperm weight must be too small, and the egg cells cannot be touched at all.


99.99%of men have no control

Come, learn from the vaginal ejaculation.

If you have not entered completely in the process of "的", but 99.99%of the 99.99%can not help …

Even if a large number of small tadpoles are only in the vagina, the possibility of pregnancy is greatly increased.

Here we have to add another deceiving ghost- "in vitro ejaculation".

This kind of reliable contraceptive method in men’s mouth is actually deceiving …

On the one hand, it is not time to control the time before the orgasm, and timely ejaculation; on the other hand, the male secretion before ejaculation also contains sperm.

It is reported that a small amount of semen is usually flowing with a small amount of semen with the vollarization tube before ejaculation, and each drop contains about 50,000 sperm.In other words, even if most semen is excreted, 5%to 10%of sperm remains in women.As long as this part of the sperm and eggs are combined into fertilized eggs, women can get pregnant.

Some men will refute: we are preparing to be a child, not afraid!We are born when we are pregnant!

Girls must not believe it at this time!Because effective and appropriate contraception is the first step in scientific pregnancy!

负 Unexpected pregnancy, the burden may be the burden of a lifetime

The key to a baby’s health is about the future of a family, and the key to bred a healthy baby is whether parents are healthy.During the 3-6 months before pregnancy to the early pregnancy, it is a critical period for embryonic growth and development. Whether the embryo is healthy determines whether the fetus survives and whether it can continue to develop and be born.

The health of the embryo development is mainly affected by external factors.If the prospective father/expectant mother is taking drugs to treat the disease before pregnancy, or the factors that can cause fetal malformations (such as radiation, toxic substances, etc.) in the working environment of the prospective dad/expectant mother, or the prospective father/expectant mother smokeBad habits such as alcoholism will affect embryo health.

In this case, if you accidentally getting pregnant, it is likely to cause fetal malformations, and even the birth of birth defects, bringing a heavy burden on the family.

科 Effective contraception is the first step in scientific pregnancy preparing for pregnancy

Due to the dramatic pressure of modern society and polluting the living environment, many couples of childbearing age have sub -health or suffering from certain basic diseases, such as overweight, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, thyroid diseases, etc.Preparation of pregnant couples, the disease needs to be controlled within a certain range before pregnancy.

In this process, both men and women must take effective contraceptive measures, and effective contraceptive measures are as follows:

1. Aphrodisiac

This is one of the effective contraceptive methods recognized among many contraceptive methods. The effective contraceptive rate is as high as 95%, and it can also prevent cross -transmission of sexually transmitted diseases to a certain extent.

However, the condom is easily damaged and falling off during use, and there are still unexpected occurrences. You must be careful when using.

2. Short -acting contraceptive pill

The characteristic of short -acting contraceptives is that it is easy to control. On the basis of correctly, the contraceptive rate can reach almost 100%, and you can get pregnant after stopping the drug.

However, it should be noted that for women with basic diseases such as liver and kidney disease, hypertension, and heart disease, you must consult a doctor before taking contraceptives to understand the safety of taking medicine.

In the end, Niangniang had a saying to say to the girls: "The best love between the two people is to make your love crystallize ‘!" So, don’t be "unable to go in" "I can shoot outside"Such" ghost words "cheated!

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Picture source: network, invading deletion

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