Will vulva also malnourished?That’s vulva white spots!The key to diagnosis: itching, light, atrophy, collection

“” Itching is extremely itchy but can’t find any abnormalities. Changle various treatments, but the symptoms will never get better …

Until one day, he was diagnosed with malnutrition of vulva, but such humor was so helpless’s disease name, which made people laugh.

Expert warning: This nutrition is not nutritious and should not be taken lightly.

Vulvar malnutrition, also known as vulvar leukoplakia, refers to the tissue degeneration and pigment changes caused by local nerve and vascular nutritional disorders caused by vulva. Clinically, the local skin and mucous membranes of the vulva are blank and thickened or atrophied diseases.Vulvar malnutrition. "

So, will vulva malnutrition become cancer?

This is a problem that many people care about, and it is also the burden of fear of cancer that many women can’t let go.

In order to answer this question, I want to list a specific case-

Li Xia (pseudonym), 45 years old, history: 12 years.

Since Li Xia’s pregnancy, the vulva itching has found her.

For this reason, there have been countless leucorrhea inspections, but they can’t find any abnormalities.The terrible thing is that when it itchy, she kept scratching, and sometimes it was about to catch it.And this itching is more frequent and more intense at night, which seriously affects her insomnia, which is really painful.

Later, Li Xia obviously felt that the skin of the vulva became thinner, as if even the elasticity was gone.

To this end, Li Xia replaced a special gynecological hospital for examination before being diagnosed with "vulva malnutrition".

As soon as he heard this name, Li Xia’s first reaction was also surprised -vulva can also be malnourished?So what should I eat to supplement nutrition?

But after listening to the doctor’s explanation, Li Xia couldn’t laugh. The doctor told her that this was an external lesions of an external cause of an unknown cause, which was often accompanied by labia atrophy and the color of the external causes.Essence

Although the reason is unknown, there is no reason,

At present, there are three major reasons for vulvar malnutrition:

one.Private infection and inflammation stimulus:

This is the main reason for vulvar white spots, accounting for about half of the patients.If the inflammation of the private part is not treated in a timely and proper treatment, the secretions of words and deeds will be infiltrated to the perineum. In the long run, it will damage the skin and mucosa, redness, swelling, ulcer, and degeneration, which will gradually develop into vulva white spots.

two.Genetic factors: Especially young women suffer from this disease, and the genetic factors are relatively high.

three.Other diseases: If there are diseases such as diabetes, vitiligo, vulva eczema, patients take drugs or use drugs, and improper treatment may also cause vulva white spots.

There are three main key to clinical diagnosis of vulva white spots:

Itching -the vulva is extremely itchy:

"I feel itchy." The common feelings of many patients with bad adverse patients around, and most of the patients who go to the hospital for treatment have been troubled by this kind of itch for a long time.Note, but at night, itching will become fierce, and torture people can’t sleep well.If you scratch, it was more comfortable at the time, but this approach can easily destroy the nerves of the skin, with skin lesions, thickening, cracking, etc., thus falling into the vicious cycle of the more itchy, the more itchy, the more itchy, the more itchy.

Light -The skin color of the private parts fades:

Women with malnutrition everywhere, they usually check any abnormalities when checking the leucorrhea. Only by carefully observing the private parts can they find that the color is lighter than the healthy women.

Atrophy -skin or mucosa atrophy:

There are three main types of privacy malnutrition: the private parts of the private parts, the hyperplasia of the private parts, the hardening moss and the mix of the two types of private parts.

If you are suffering from the first one, you will feel the itchyness, getting more and more itchy.

In the second case, although it does not necessarily itch, it is prone to shrinking private parts, which will affect the life of husband and wife.And often occur during menopause women, adolescent girls and young girls.

Patients who have been sick for a long time are mostly mixed.

Reference/picture (from the Internet, invading and deleting): In the second issue of "Slim Health" magazine, Cui Qi article "The vulva will also be" malnutrition "?"

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