Will vaginitis be obtained after the same room?Why are pregnant women prone to vaginitis

Vaginitis is a relatively common gynecological disease. Repeated attacks are not affected by health, and may also make it difficult for female friends to get pregnant. Therefore, we must pay more attention in daily life.Frequent and unhygienic happiness is one of the causes of vaginitis, but it is not that women who do not have the same room will not have vaginitis. Usually do not pay attention to personal hygiene.Essence

Bacterial vaginitis patients can be gray or white, which is large and thin.The white belt has a fishy smell.Itching will occur.In terms of treatment, if there is no pregnant person, you need to take oral antibiotic drugs. For pregnant mothers, doctors generally use drug gel.

Women’s vagina is a acidic environment, and the interior of the vagina is warm and humid -these create an environment suitable for mold growth, which can easily cause mold vaginitis.At this time, women will feel itching and burning vulva, thick leucorrhea, creamy or tofu -like.Mold vaginitis does not pay attention to hygiene in peace, and the same room is related to the same room. Repeated seizures may break the fetal membrane early, resulting in serious consequences such as abortion.Even if it is smoothly produced, newborns may still have a goose.

It is a parasitic disease caused by vaginal tricia and is contagious.Its main symptoms are the increase in vaginal discharge and itching of the vulva. It may have burning, pain, and more pain in the same room. The leucorrhea is thin, yellow -green, foam, and odor.Trichomonas vaginitis may have urethral, urethral gland, and vestibular gland hormon infection at the same time, so if you want to cure this disease, you need to take medicine.

Under normal circumstances, there are a variety of bacteria in women’s vagina, but they are in a balanced state. After pregnancy, due to the immune regulation of the body, it is easy to induce dysfunction of the flora, which is also the emergence of vaginal inflammation.

During pregnancy, the hormone level of the body changes, the vaginal environment will change, the vaginal mucosa becomes soft, the tissue congestion and edema, the increased secretions increase, the increase in the vaginal epithelial cells of women, and the increased lactic acid content, resulting in a decrease in the pH value of the vaginal secretion.Promoting the formation of an environment suitable for mold breeding, coupled with the low body resistance of pregnant women, it is easy to cause pregnant women’s fungal vaginitis!

Finally, you should remind friends that if vaginitis occurs during pregnancy, you must treat as soon as possible. If you have vaginitis before pregnancy, it is best to get pregnant after cure.Pay attention to personal hygiene in life and do a good job of prevention.

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