Will vaginal B -ultrasound abortion in pregnancy?Does it affect your baby?B Ultimate questioning one explanation once

The first week of pregnancy to this period of the thirteenth weekend is called early pregnancy. During the period of pregnancy, early pregnancy may occur, so many expectant mothers will conduct pregnancy tests, including vaginal B -ultrasound.On this day, Ms. He, 27, regretted her vaginal B -ultrasound for a while. The thoughts in their hearts kept lingering: maybe the vaginal B -ultrasound would have miscarriage.

Because the vaginal B timeout, Ms. He saw that the doctor put the B -ultrasound probe on her own private part. Does the fetus so "close" will not have any impact?For this reason, Ms. He didn’t think about tea, for fear that the child would leave her at any time.

The husband couldn’t bear to see that Ms. He lived in panic and started searching for information on the Internet. However, everyone had divergent opinions. Some said that they would not have an impact on the fetus, and some said they would cause miscarriage.

Unborn babies almost carry the hope of the whole family, but before the baby falls to the ground, various pregnancy examinations will make the prospective dad and expectant mothers commit difficult. The baby is so fragile. What should I do if there is any loss in the midway?In various inspections, the great concern is the vaginal B -ultrasound examination. We actually need to understand this inspection in detail.

The vaginal B -ultrasound is a ultrasound method, because its operation is simple and non -invasive, it can be used as the preferred method in the emergency treatment of obstetrics and gynecology. HoweverAt the time, because you do not understand the vaginal B -ultrasound, you often cause unnecessary panic.

In fact, the vaginal B -ultrasound is also called the B -ultrasound in the cavity. When checking, the B -ultrasound probe will be placed in the vagina or rectum to facilitate the observing organs to observe the pelvic cavity.Early endometrium, early pregnancy, early pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy can be diagnosed, so everyone will say that the vaginal B -ultrasound obstetrics and gynecology check tools.

However, compared to the abdominal B -ultrasound examination, the vaginal B -ultrasound examination will be more "dangerous" inside the human body. Why not directly perform the abdominal B -ultrasound examination?

In fact, vaginal B -ultrasound is more advantageous than the B -ultrasound.People who have done the abdomen B -ultrasound must know that before the examination, doctors often let the subject drink water, causing the bladder to be in a state of full. At this timeEssence

In addition, the ultrasound of the abdomen B -ultrasound can reach the uterus through abdominal fat and organs in the abdominal cavity. In addition, the ultrasonic ion is far away. It may be disturbed during the examination, which will eventually cause the test results to not be clear enough.

In comparison, the vaginal B -ultrasound is close to the ion, and it is not affected by the abdominal flatulence, abdominal fat, etc., and can find early pregnancy in time.Therefore, because the vaginal B ultrasound has a large "risk" that is larger than the abdomen B, it replaces or directly rejects the vaginal B -ultrasound, not to mention that the so -called "risk" is not as serious as everyone thinks.

In many people’s cognition, the fetus is very fragile in the uterus. What should I do if the vaginal B -ultrasound is checked?In fact, this kind of concern is normal. No expectant mother and prospective father do not take the child’s heart, but at the same time care, the effect of vaginal B ultrasound on the fetus is exaggerated.

The important stage of the baby’s life is the early stages of the embryo. At this time, if it is disturbed by external factors, the baby will easily develop abnormal development. In severe cases, it may cause abortion, including the interference of physical, chemical, rays and other factors.EssenceThis shows that the parents’ concerns are not extra, but we have ignored an important condition -time.

According to relevant data, after the embryo in the early stages of the embryo is about 15 minutes of ultrasound radiation, the DNA inside the nucleus will be damaged to a certain amount.The DNA causes any damage, and it will not affect the baby.

However, there are still many expectant mothers who are worried that when the vaginal B -ultrasound is performed, the B -ultrasound probe entering the uterus will cause uterine contraction, which will cause abortion.We need to know that the doctor’s actions are very gentle. Generally, the expectant mothers will not feel the pain, it will not cause the uterine contraction, and it will not cause abortion.In this case, even if you do many vaginal B -ultrasound, it will not have an impact on the child. However, doctors suggest that expectant mothers have indicators for vaginal B -ultrasound, and they do not want to do it.

Although the vaginal B -ultrasound has a safety guarantee on the baby and does not have any impact, it does not mean that there can be no vaginal B -ultrasound during pregnancy. In generalVaginal ultrasound examination.

Even if some people in life have become prospective dads and expectant mothers, they still know what they should do in the early pregnancy. For the baby can come to this world healthily, everyone around them needs to work hard.

Pregnancy is a very important moment in most women’s lives. It is necessary to make comprehensive efforts to eat, whatever, and do everything, so as to create a comfortable growth and development environment for the baby.

First of all, expectant mothers should pay attention to avoid wearing high shoes, comfortable shoes are the best choices.Because the baby’s development in the early pregnancy is not stable, if it falls because of the inappropriate wearing shoes, it may cause harm to the baby, and it will even abortion in severe cases.We have seen too many quasi -mothers’ reports that lead to abortion, so we should pay more attention in life.

In addition, expectant mothers should also do their own cleaning work in the early pregnancy and pay attention to personal hygiene, because as the nutritional needs continue to increase, there will be more vaginal secretions in expectant mothers, which will increase bacterial infection in infection.The risk of the body brings unnecessary trouble.

In addition, it is necessary to supplement the food rich in iron -rich elements in the diet. This is because after women are pregnant, the blood capacity will increase, and it is easy to produce anemia.Lotus seeds, Chenpi, jujube, etc., maintain blood concentration under normal circumstances.It is also necessary to replenish folic acid in time. It is necessary to know that women’s demand for folic acid during the entire pregnancy cycle will be twice the pre -pregnancy. In order to avoid defects after the baby is born, it is generally best to replenish about 0.4mg of folic acid every day.

Although the probe used by vaginal B -ultrasound will be penetrated into the rectum and vagina to observe the organs in the pelvic cavity, it will generally not affect the baby, let alone abortion. Therefore, the expectant mothers will beYou can check it, you don’t need to resist so much.

Of course, the advantages of the vaginal B -ultrasound itself cannot be equal to the B -ultrasound with the abdomen. This is because the abdomen B -ultrasound will be interfered by factors such as abdominal fat, which will have a certain impact on the results of the examination.Nearly, it will not be affected by the abdominal flatulence and abdominal fat, and the early pregnancy phenomenon can be observed in a timely manner.Dear mothers, have you done vaginal B -ultrasound during pregnancy?Is there any precautions?Come and share your experience with those prepared!


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