Will there be little tadpoles in the swimming pool?Will girls get pregnant?

This sentence often spreads: girls may be pregnant in swimming in the pool.

Although it sounds a bit unreliable, it is better to believe in many girls.

Foreign media have reported that at a single swimming pool party, a guy was unable to describe in the swimming pool, and 16 girls were pregnant unexpectedly after the party.

This news was later confirmed to be a fake news.

According to legend, a high school girl in China was tested for pregnancy, and the girls insisted that they did not have a relationship with the opposite sex. Because they usually swim frequently, they caused pregnancy.

Under the questioning of parents and teachers, the girl was pregnant because the girl found a boyfriend outside.

But the accidental pregnancy of the pool did not stop because of rumors.

So, will the small tadpoles of the swimming pool really make girls pregnant?

The answer is possible, but the probability is extremely low.Besides, there will be no shameless people.

Let’s take a brief analysis of everyone, why swimming in the swimming pool can not get pregnant.

According to the World Health Organization, the number of sperm in normal semen is about 40-60 million/ml.When this data is less than 1000, it is infertile.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, there are 250 million small tadpoles of 5 ml of sperm at a time. In the end, only one can successfully conceive. The difficulty can be imagined.

Suppose a swimming pool is 50 meters long, 10 meters wide, 2 meters deep, and about 1,000 cubic meters of water.Even if there are 10 men in the swimming pool, the sperm concentration is only 3 million/cubic meter after being diluted by the pool water.

If you want to fertilize the eggs, then women must inhale 7 cubic meters of water into the body.

In this case, women should be pregnant unless: the pool is small enough, hundreds of men do bad things at the same time, and women have been soaked in the water, even if this is very difficult.

Because the sperm swimming ability is actually very average, it is generally only about two or three centimeters per minute. Even if you swim to the girl, you will be washed away by the water.

Men’s small tadpoles can survive well in a weak alkaline environment of 35 ° C. However, the swimming pool is only about 26 ° C, and it is weakly acidic.

In addition, there will be various disinfectants in the swimming pool, which is only 1-2 hours in this sperm in the water.

Taking a step back 10,000 steps, there are really Xiao Yan rushed into the girl’s body, and he also faced the pursuit of the female self -protection mechanism.

Outside the egg cells, there is a layer of transparent protective layer, and enzymes that can dissolve this layer of protective layer can be secreted on the sperm head. Because the protective layer is relatively thick, a large number of sperm can cooperate to kill a blood path.

There must be at least tens of millions of sperm to enter the girl’s body at the same time, and hundreds of sperm can reach egg cells in order to cause girls to be pregnant.It is impossible to be diluted.

Therefore, whether swimming in the swimming pool will be pregnant, girls don’t have to worry about it.

However, a survey showed that 19%of people admitted that they had peeing in the pool, how much urine in a swimming pool, and no one knew the answer.

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