Will the whole process of women’s "upper rings" hurt women’s health?Both men and women should take a good look!


Hello everyone, I am Daming, let ’s take a look at the whole process of the girl’ s “upper ring”.

For girls, they usually bear the ability to fertility in their lives, but some people want to achieve the goal of all the time when they live, so many girls choose to go to the ring.

For the older generation, if you want to contraception, you will choose to get on the birth ring, and you will not consider other contraceptive measures at all!However, there are many recent breeding rings that will hurt women’s health. So, is there a scientific basis for this statement?

The breeding ring is a common contraceptive measure, and it is often considered an effective method to avoid accidental pregnancy.

The breeding ring is a small plastic or metal ring. It is placed in the uterus to avoid conception. This process is usually performed by doctors or nurses in medical institutions.Before placing the birthplace, doctors or nurses will ask some questions, such as menstrual cycle, whether there are uterine surgery in the past, whether they have gynecological diseases, and so on.

Generally speaking, the purpose of these problems is to understand your physical condition to ensure that the placement of the birth ring is smoothly carried out.

Before placing the birthplace, doctors or nurses use appliances to check the uterus and vagina to ensure that there are no inflammation or other abnormalities.Then, they will use an appliance called "uterine dilatator" to expand the cervix. This process may make people feel a little uncomfortable, but this discomfort will only last for a few minutes.

Subsequently, doctors or nurses will place the birth ring in the uterus. This process usually only takes a few minutes.

After placing the rings, you may feel some slight discomfort, such as abdominal pain or increased vaginal secretions. These symptoms usually disappear by themselves within a few days.In the first week after the breeding ring is placed, sexual life needs to be avoided to avoid infection or other complications.

In addition, you need to check every time to ensure that the birth ring is still in the right position and can work properly.

It can be seen that the placement of the breeding ring generally does not hurt human health. During the placement, doctors will check people’s health and check whether the patient can place the birth ring.

But despite this, in the long years in the future, the birth ring will still inevitably hurt human health; in fact, many girls have been harmed by the birth ring in their lives. Therefore, it is not recommended that people usually wear the nursery ring.

1. Extra -ectopic pregnancy

Although the success rate of contraceptive contraceptives in the palace is relatively high, it may also occur in tubal pregnancy, which is often referred to as ectopic pregnancy!If you are pregnant during the ring, you need to take the ring first, and then perform abortion surgery, which is very unfavorable to women’s health.

2. In -palace infection

The birth ring is a kind of foreign body in the uterine cavity. When performing physical activity, it will cause a certain amount of friction to the uterine cavity, which will cause a small amount of bleeding. If you do not pay attention to personal hygiene, the bacteria will enter the body, which will cause inflammation and infection.

When the infection occurs, it is recommended to relieve oral drugs. During the medication process, we must take the doctor’s instructions to effectively alleviate the symptoms.

3. vaginal bleeding

Long -term wearing a ring will cause certain damage to the cervical tube and endometrium, which will cause patients with irregular vaginal bleeding. If a lot of bleeding, you need to go to the hospital for medical treatment!Don’t think it is normal.

4. Lumbar back pain

With age, women’s body will change significantly!

After menopause, the uterine cavity will become relatively smaller, the uterus will gradually shrink, and the "radio ring" is still fixed and will not match the uterus and uterine cavity.Damage to the endometrium, leading to symptoms such as back pain and abdominal pain and bleeding, the body will feel great pain.

It can be seen that improper wearing of the birth ring will affect physical health. Therefore, it is recommended that it is generally the best use of condom contraception to achieve the purpose of maintaining physical safety.

I don’t know if the people around you have experienced the experience of wearing a festival?Have any accidents during wearing?

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