Will the pregnant woman infection with the fetus?Can you take medicine in the "New Crown Medicine Sequence"?Expert answering

What should I do if the pregnant woman is sunny?Can you take the medicine yourself?Will it be transmitted to the fetus?On December 17, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command of the autonomous region organized experts and gynecology experts to explain the knowledge of the new crown epidemic prevention and treatment of pregnant women.

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Kong Lin, director of the obstetrics of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of the Autonomous Region and Director of the Bamboo Bamboo Shopping House, was interviewed by a reporter from the South State Morning Post client.Photo by Zou Cailin, a reporter from the South State Morning Post client,

1. Is the pregnant woman more likely to be infected with the new coronary virus? Will the symptoms more serious after infection?

Kong Lin, director of the obstetrics of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of the Autonomous Region, introduced that pregnant women and mothers are special groups, but they are not high -risk groups of new crown virus infections.The infection rate of pregnant women is close to ordinary people. If the corresponding symptoms occur after infection, their manifestations are similar to ordinary people. There are very few severe diseases and no excessive anxiety and panic are required.Common symptoms include: fever, soreness of the whole body, headache, cough, dry throat, runny nose, etc., generally improved 3-4 days after the onset, the symptoms will be significantly reduced, which can be cured in about a week.

2. Do maternal maternals be hospitalized or observed after infection?

According to reports, the new coronal virus infection is not a indicator of hospitalization. Without fever or mild symptoms, home monitoring can be monitored.If there is high fever, severe symptoms, or signs of delivery, it is recommended to seek medical treatment. After the doctor’s evaluation is evaluated, it is determined whether it is necessary to further be hospitalized or treated.What needs to be reminded is:

1. Maternal mothers with basic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, or other internal medicines, if there is continuous high fever, shortage, convulsions, conscious disorders, abdominal pain, diarrhea, chest pain, etc.

2. All infected pregnant mothers should pay attention to fetal movement, especially at 24 weeks of pregnancy. If you feel that the fetal movement decreases, disappears or excessively, the emergency treatment needs to be medical.

Third, can pregnant mothers take the self -propelled medicine on the Internet after infection?

Kong Lin introduced that commonly used antipyretic drugs, cough and phlegm drugs, and medium categories of cold medicines are used to alleviate the corresponding symptoms, not treatment and preventing drugs. Do not blindly take the medicine without symptoms.As a special population, pregnant women need to be careful about medication.The fever and body temperature exceeded 38.5 ° C. You can take acetaminophenophenophenophenophenophenol. If you cough for more than 3 months of pregnancy, you can take the right Michafen orally.Pay attention to the number of times and dosage of medication, you can refer to the drug manual, do not take over dosage.Because of the unknown safety of various medium -sized categories, because the safety of pregnant women is unknown, it needs to be used under the guidance of the physician.

In addition, the various "new crown medicine sequences" passed on the Internet are unreliable and cannot be blindly believed. If you have doubts, you can consult your doctor through outpatient and online.

Fourth, will pregnant women infect the new crown, will it be transmitted to the fetus or newborn?Can I breastfeed postpartum?

Experts said that after pregnant women infected with new coronal viruses, due to the protection of the placenta, they would hardly be transmitted to the fetus, and generally they would not be transmitted to the newborn by childbirth.After the birth of the newborn, it is recommended that in the space with Baoma appropriately to be separated, contacting the newborns suggest to wear the N95 mask.

Although there is no evidence to confirm that the new coronary virus can be spread through breast milk or breast milk, the mother -in -law feeding the baby may increase the risk of the baby’s exposure to the virus. Therefore, pay attention to it when feeding: before breastfeedingN95 mask, do not use the mask repeatedly.You can also choose to squeeze the milk and give it to other healthy family members to do a good job of personal protection to the baby. Baoma should also fully clean her hands and wear a mask when milk.

Fifth, can pregnant women continue to see the medical institution in the original card after being infected?Do you want to be concentrated in the designated hospital for delivery?

It is understood that in principle, medical institutions will not refuse to be treated because of the pregnant maternal infection with the new crown virus. Maternal women can make a medical institution at all levels through online appointments and emergency consultations.Infected positive pregnant mothers or symptoms of fever pregnant women generally arrange to go to a popular kidney clinic or door, emergency diagnosis and treatment area. Positive pregnant mothers who are in delivery or inpatient can choose a designated hospital in the city or have the condition of treatment conditions.Democratic agencies at all levels have delivery.

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