Will the hair during breastfeeding really affect the hair?

Some time ago, a pregnant mother talked with us, saying that when she was pregnant, the family did not dare to let her do nails, hot hair, and dyed her hair.But it was stopped again, saying that the chemical composition in the perm can affect the baby.

However, isn’t the star dyeing and perm when the stars are pregnant, isn’t they afraid of accidents?

Can you hot your hair during breastfeeding, can you dye your hair?

This problem is estimated that many postpartum mothers want to know that they do n’t dress up well when they are pregnant. Therefore, after unloading, I think about dressing myself and hot hair to make themselves beautiful, so that I can restore their previous self -confidence.

However, most people believe that the perm components will be integrated into breast milk and then absorbed by the baby, so the breastfeeding period cannot be scalded.


Can I perm during breastfeeding?

Many beautiful mothers must have been so worried. Will it affect the baby when she is doing her hair during breastfeeding? Now the International Breast milk Association has given a proposed answer: don’t worry.

Although we all know that the perm or hair dye contains a certain amount of chemical ingredients, it is really minimal to enter the milk and absorb by the baby.At present, no research data shows that hairdressing or hair care products used during breastfeeding will have any adverse effects on the baby.Therefore, the use of a small amount of low -frequency hair dye and perm during breastfeeding will not affect the baby.

However, if mothers frequently increase hair loss and hurt their health.Postpartum hair loss is a normal phenomenon, but due to frequent use of hair dyes or perm, this will damage the basic tissue of the hair, which will accelerate the degree and scope of hair loss.Coupled with the decline in the mothers during breastfeeding, it is easy to cause some skin diseases due to the quality problems of perm.


Precautions for hot hair during breastfeeding

1. Do not let your baby contact your hair

The lactating mother has just finished her hair, and it is recommended that you do not breastfeed your baby within 24 hours of hair or after your hair.

There are also some babies who like to catch the mother’s hair, so you should avoid contact with your baby. Frequent shampooing can remove some residual potions, and you will not have a bad impact on your baby.

2. Choose a safe hairdressing agent

There are many hairdressing shops for hair squeezing or perm, and the quality of the hairdressing agent is uneven. If the hair dye has quality problems, it may cause skin allergies.

Therefore, breastfeeding mothers need to choose a hairdressing agent produced by regular manufacturers, and can also choose more safer plant dyes to reduce their concerns.


Hair loss is not suitable for hair hair

Although breastfeeding mothers can dye their hair to dress themselves beautifully.

But if hair loss is serious, it is not suitable for hair.Although it is normal for postpartum hair loss, the hair quality is not good, hair dyeing or perm will increase the scope of hair loss, and it will also damage hair health.

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