Will skin care during pregnancy affect fetal health?If you contain these two ingredients, it will hurt, and you must not use it

Pregnancy is a very beautiful thing. Most women think that if you are pregnant, you ca n’t use any skin care products, otherwise it will be harmful to the child.

There are also some women, the opposite, "Buddha" is pregnant. How beautiful should they be before before, regardless of the impact on the child.

In fact, both views are wrong.Pregnant women can use skin care products, but have options.

Regardless of your previous body and skin condition, pregnancy will more or less affect you.

1. The skin becomes dry and sensitive

During the process of pregnancy, the level of feminine hormones will change, affecting the water storage ability of the skin, as well as the integrity of the sebum membrane.

So you will obviously feel that the skin becomes more dry and sensitive than before, it is easy to grow acne, itching, and can’t help but want to scratch.

2. Dour of stretch marks

Due to the impact of hormones during pregnancy, abdominal swelling will damage or break the skin’s elastic fiber and collagen fiber, the abdominal skin becomes thinner and thin, and there are some pink or purple -red wavy patterns with different width and narrows, different lengths, different lengths, and different lengths.The stretch marks.

For expectant mothers, the stomach becomes bigger day by day, and it is undoubtedly happy, but stretch marks are "pain that cannot withstand."

Therefore, considering skin care in the early stages of pregnancy can minimize the symptoms of dry skin itching and sensitive, which can have a very positive effect on postpartum postpartum postpartum body and psychological recovery.

Pregnant women can use skin care products, but they must choose cautiously and use natural, healthy, and safe pregnant women with skin care products.

Because after pregnancy, the mother’s nutrients are directly provided to the fetus through the placenta. Many small molecules can directly reach the fetus through the placenta barrier.

So which ingredients are not suitable for pregnant women, and even pregnant women are disabled?

1. Activity A ingredients

During pregnancy, it is necessary to avoid using skin care products containing vitamin A or vitamin A derivatives, such as vitamin A or vitamin acid.

The ingredients A component have a strong effect of "wrinkle removal and exfoliating", so they are added to various cosmetics.However, it is disabled during pregnancy because vitamin A acid increases the fetal tears rate.

2. Salmonic acid, oxide oxide oxide

Salmonic acid (also known as β-hydroxyl acid), peroxybenzen dioxide can clear pores and soften keratin. It is a common component of acne skin care products and has a certain irritation.

However, women during pregnancy are reduced due to physical skin tolerance. Use skin care products containing salicylic acid, which can easily cause skin allergies and may cause damage to themselves and children.

In addition, it is best to choose skin care products that do not add alcohol, dyes, mineral oil, hormones, heavy metals, Vaselin, glycopyol, paraffin, etc. for pregnant women with skin sensitivity or fetal danger.Taste.

Functional skin care products such as whitening, acne, freckle removal, wrinkle removal are not suitable for pregnant women, because the more functions, the more complicated the ingredients, the more dangerous for pregnant mothers and babies.

If you really can’t remember the harmful ingredients to the pregnant mother, keep in mind a principle "the simpler the better".

When choosing skin care products, skin care products should be biased to choose basic functions such as moisturizing and moisturizing, because such skin care products are usually simple, gentle and safe.

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