Will pregnant women wash their teeth and shoot teeth will affect the health of the fetus?Warning: Don’t fight hard to teeth, really don’t resist

During pregnancy, because of changes in body hormones and changes in dietary habits, many expectant mothers will have tooth pain, gum bleeding, and even inflammation of the gums.For the health of the baby, they all choose to forbearance pain, do not need to take medicine, do not look at the doctor, but in fact, if the expectant mothers find severe dental disease during pregnancy, they still need to deal with them in time.healthy.

Today, let’s talk about the problem of dental health during pregnancy. The following are the 8 questions that expectant mothers ask the most in this regard. Let’s take a look at the answer together.

1. Is it necessary to do oral examination before preparing for pregnancy?

Oral examinations before pregnancy must not be less.There is no oral examination in the conventional pre -pregnancy examination, so many women often ignore the oral examination of this project during pregnancy.If women with dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis and other diseases should be used to conduct a comprehensive oral examination and health care at a regular hospital before pregnancy to thoroughly treat oral diseases.This can ensure that there is a healthy oral environment before preparing for pregnancy, and there is no need to worry about oral diseases during pregnancy.

2. Will the dental tablets affect the fetus during pregnancy and pregnancy?

Usually the X -ray radio dose of dental filming is very small and does not harm the human body.Under normal circumstances, the dentist will only perform X -ray examination without the situation. In addition, it will protect the abdomen with a leading jacket during illumination, which can be carried out safely.

3. Can I treat dental problems during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is generally conservative treatment, and the specific treatment method must be determined based on the condition of pregnant women and weeks of pregnancy.For example, in the early pregnancy, it is easily affected by external factors. Generally, conservative treatment is selected.It is not recommended to be extracted and deep in the entire pregnancy.

4. Will early pregnancy vomiting affect teeth health?What should I do?

After pregnancy, you must rinse your mouth diligently.We all know that vomit often contains gastric acid that can eclipse teeth. If you do not rinse your mouth in time after pregnancy, gastric acid will damage your teeth. Therefore, it is recommended to use water or rinse your mouth with water or drinking water in time after pregnancy.

5. Is it necessary to use a pregnant woman toothbrush during pregnancy?Can I wash their teeth during pregnancy?

What is necessary to buy a toothbrush for pregnant women is exactly the IQ tax.It is enough to use soft hair toothbrushes and dental floss daily.Washing teeth during pregnancy is also possible, and it will not affect the baby, but bleeding may occur during the cleaning process, so pay attention.Generally, when we brush our teeth, we may not be able to clean the oral cavity, so regular extra tooth cleaning can also reduce the appearance of dental diseases.

6. How to care for teeth during pregnancy is healthier?

Brush your teeth every morning and evening during pregnancy, rinse your mouth after meals, and you can usually use the food residue of the gap in the teeth with dental floss.Care less foods with higher sugar.Sugar -containing foods can cause plaque to accumulate, which may cause tooth decay or damage gum health.

7. If there is a periodontal disease, what will happen without treatment?

If pregnant women suffer from periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, she has a higher chance of abortion, premature or low birth weight than pregnant women who are healthy.

8. Can I use painkillers during pregnancy?

If toothache seriously affects the daily life of pregnant women, painkillers can still be taken if necessary.But be sure to use under the guidance of obstetricians and dentists.And the drug should pay attention to whether it can be used during pregnancy.

Therefore, if you want to experience the problem of dental problems during pregnancy, it is strongly recommended to do oral examination before preparing for pregnancy. Pay attention to oral health. Of course, if you are pregnant, you must go to a regular dentist and receive treatment in time if you are pregnant.

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