Will patients with hepatitis B aggravate the condition?Will it affect the fetus?Pay attention to these problems

Hepatitis B, a transmission disease caused by hepatitis B virus.As we all know, hepatitis B is contagious. In addition to direct contact, it can be transmitted, and the spread of mothers and infants is also a relatively common way to spread.So, will pregnancy aggravate the disease of hepatitis B?Depending on the situation, because patients with hepatitis B patients are different, the impacts brought about after pregnancy are also different.

It is a normal physiological process when women reach the appropriate age.Many people think that patients with hepatitis B will aggravate their condition after pregnancy, but in fact, whether pregnancy will aggravate the condition according to different situations and different reactions.

1. Chronic hepatitis B carriers

There are a large number of hepatitis B virus in the liver of this type of patient. Although the liver is healthy, 25%of the pregnancy will cause the disease. In other words, if there is a phenomenon of hepatitis B virus, it may cause the onset during pregnancy. ThereforeDuring the pregnancy, he needs to do regular liver function examination and take good protection measures.

2. Patients with hepatitis B Xiaoyang

This hepatitis B is due to the high recurrence rate after treatment. Once you are pregnant, you may increase the condition. Therefore, you need to use drug treatment before pregnancy. Only the liver function recovers normal can the pregnancy preparation stage.

Third, patients with hepatitis B big three Yang

Due to the gradual change of the body during the pregnancy, and the use of drugs for a long time before pregnancy allows the disease to stabilize, pregnancy does not worsen the disease, and the liver is a state of affordable.

Generally, hepatitis B virus does not cause fetal malformations, no abortion, premature birth, and other problems. Although maternal and infant transmission will be formed during pregnancy, most of this situation is transmitted in childbirth.Take full measures to effectively prevent it.Generally, women who have hepatitis B virus have 87%of the chances of childbirth in children who use hepatitis B vaccine.If the hepatitis B immunoglobulin can be used while injection, the blocking rate can be significantly improved, and it can reach more than 95%.

In general, once hepatitis B needs to be treated in a timely manner, it is necessary to enter the pregnancy preparation stage if the illness is controlled and does not repeat.Pay special attention to avoid aggravating the condition or hurting the fetus.

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