Will ovarian cysts lead to infertility?

Ovarian cyst is a common gynecological disease and a very harmful disease.

Many women learned that they had ovarian cysts after visiting the hospital. They did not find any abnormal symptoms before that, so they often didn’t care.

Most of the ovarian cysts are benign tumors growing on the ovarian, and early tumors have no symptoms.

When the tumor is increased to medium, you can feel bloating or abdominal pupa and mass.

If the tumor grows up and is full of pelvic abdominal cavity, compression symptoms such as frequent urination, constipation, anxiety, palpitations and other discomfort will occur.


Generally speaking, ovarian cysts may be related to genetic factors, endocrine disorders, hormone levels in the body, gynecological inflammation, lifestyle, environment and other factors.

Will ovarian cysts cause infertility?

Whether the ovarian cyst will cause infertility to have a lot to do with the nature and size of cysts.

When ovarian cysts completely occupy a normal ovarian tissue and have no ovulation function, it will affect infertility.

Another case is endometriosis in the ovarian. Although the endometriosis of the ovary does not affect ovulation, it will affect the fertilization, transportation, bed, and development of the pregnant eggs from many aspects.Ovarian endometriosis is a direct factor that causes infertility.

However, some cysts are even patients with ovarian cancer. Although some of the ovarian tissues have lesions, the other part of the normal ovary is still ovulation, so it will not lead to infertility.

So under what circumstances will affect pregnancy:

1. When ovarian cysts cause the fallopian tube to block and affect ovarian function, it may affect conception.

2. When the cyst diameter is less than 5 cm, the patient can follow the clinic and review it regularly.If the cyst is significantly increased, consider surgical resection.

3. Ovarian tumors may not only affect pregnancy, but even if they are pregnant, they may cause adverse effects on pregnancy.

4. Ovarian cysts may cause miscarriage during early pregnancy. Ovarian cysts are prone to twist in the middle pregnancy. Those with larger advanced pregnancy cysts can cause abnormal fetal positions, and they may block the birth canal during childbirth.Pelvic congestion during pregnancy can increase the tumor rapidly or even cause bad changes. Therefore, pre -pregnancy surgery is more good than pregnancy surgery.

If you are pregnant, surgery is suitable at 16-24 weeks of pregnancy.The surgery itself does not affect the development of the fetus, but the surgery is likely to cause miscarriage within 12 weeks of pregnancy. The surgery during late pregnancy is more difficult and it is easy to cause premature birth.

5. Emergency situations such as reversing or rupture of cysts, surgery should be treated at any time.

How to judge whether there are ovarian cysts?

The symptoms of ovarian cysts are related to the size, nature, and location of the cysts.The specific symptoms are as follows:

1. The cyst is less than 2-3cm, and it is often found in the medical examination.

2. Unilateral and bilateral lower abdomen pain can appear in X life, such as chocolate cysts.

3. Sudden abdominal pain after menstruation, common luteal rupture, and chocolate cyst rupture.

4. If you have ovarian cysts, you can touch the lump in the lower abdomen.

4. Bloating, weight loss, decreased appetite, decreased weight, symptoms continue or gradually worsen. You need to go to the hospital for examination in time. Through B -ultrasound, nuclear magnetic, CT and other clear cysts, you need to further consider the treatment plan.

Therefore, once ovarian cysts occur, go to a regular hospital in time, do not delay the condition.

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