Will nine years of love betray you?Those fairy family members of the sun circle let me believe in love again

Yesterday, the news of the WeChat group and the circle of friends were screened by Luo Zhixiang Zhou Yangqing.

Nine -year love, once love.

Is it so difficult to love each other for more than ten years?Especially in the entertainment industry that changes quickly.

In fact, love is never circled.There are a lot of love celebrities in the entertainment industry in Japan.Today I will give you a disk (feed) point (mouth) one (dog) under the one (grain).

Marriage status: Marriage in 1980 – Today

This pair is absolutely the first husband and wife in the Japanese entertainment industry.The two got married because of filming "The Dancer of Yipou", and in 1980, the two officially settled as husband and wife.Together with the spring and autumn of 40 years, the marriage between the two has never had negative news, and it is undoubtedly a model of loving couples.At present, there are two sons, the eldest son Miura Yuda and the younger son Miura Guida.

Marriage status: Marriage in 1995-Today

Yamaguchi Kazuko, who has appeared in classic Japanese dramas such as "Long Holiday", chose to marry Tang Ze Shouming during his career peak.For two people without children, the outside world has been guessing.But Yamaguchi said, "I think there is no child’s life."In the show, he was asked "the most precious baby?" Tang Ze answered "Yamaguchi Hiki".

This dog food, I eat, I eat.

Marriage status: Marriage in 2000 -Today

Kimura Takuya is a national treasure -level Super Star in Japan.Although the status of Kudo Shizuka in the Japanese entertainment industry was not lower than the great god, in 2000, when the man announced the news that the two were about to get married, Kudo Shizuki was pushed to the cusp.It is said that Shizuki Shizuka often receives the intimidation letter and other items from Kimura Takuya fans.After marriage, it has taken the top of Japan’s "most annoying female artist" for many years.

Kimura daughter

Twenty years have passed, and both of them have come together, and they have two beautiful and lovely daughters.Recently, Kudo Shizuka’s birthday, Kimura Takuya also showed a love on Weibo.

Marriage status: get married in 2016 -Today

Take a look at the timeline of the high -value couple.

In 2011, Kitagawa Kyoko and DAIGO performed each other in "Lady ~ Last Criminal Psychological Analysis Officer".

In 2014, he participated in a variety show and pulled closer and was in love.

After that, the two simply announced their relationship and showed affection on various programs and SNS.

In 2015, DAIGO participated in the 24H TV marathon. At the end of the marriage, Jingzi immediately agreed to the proposal!

On April 29, 2016, the two had a grand wedding in Tokyo.Because DAIGO was the former prime minister of Japan, Mattaita, the prime minister of Japan also sent a blessing video.

For four years of marriage, the two have been loving as early as the beginning, and from time to time, they show love on social networking sites and TV shows.Jingzi took care of family and career after marriage, and was well received by the audience.Of course, the outside world is also looking forward to her mother -in -law.

Then, on April 22, 2020, Jingzi said in the log that he had a baby.Kitagawa Hiroshi played Horo in the live version of "Beautiful Madam", and he played Siro Ultraman in "The Legend of Ultraman". Therefore, some netizens said that "beautiful girls and Ultraman are about to have a baby"EssenceLooking forward to the child’s face value!

Marriage status: get married in 2018 -Today

There are more than Jingzi and DAIGO who have good news.On February 3, two months ago, Mi Ling Mi Ling disclosed the news of pregnancy. Her husband Miura Xiangping shared this good news on the ins.According to Japanese media interviews, it has entered a stable period and the due date is in summer.

Miura Xiangping and Tong Gu Ming were exploded after the Japanese drama "Love People".In the play, the male No. 2 played by Pu Xiangping is the first love of the female No. 1 played by Kiriya Meiling. Although the two did not walk together in the end, they became a positive fruit outside the play.On July 24, 2018, the two were officially registered and officially announced their marriage on July 26.

Do you know which gods and wives do you know?Let’s talk about it, I want to eat this dog food today!

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