Will it hurt in vitro "release"?Men and women should know

● — <Boyfriend suddenly wants to be "in vitro"> – ●

Ms. Zheng is 27 years old and just got married at the end of last year. It was sold in a real estate company in Beijing.

Due to the high pressure of life in Beijing, she and her partner negotiated in the past five years to work hard.

After marriage, both people will take safety measures in their sexual life. Suddenly one day partner said to Ms. Zheng: We can try "in vitro".

Due to the busy sales of sales, Ms. Zheng did not carefully understand what was released in vitro, so she agreed with her partner’s request.

In a blink of an eye, two months after this sex life passed, Ms. Zheng’s menstruation has not come.

Ms. Zheng had an ominous hunch in her heart. She quickly bought the paper to test the tested paper, but she was pregnant.

Seeing the test results, Ms. Zheng and her partner were puzzled. How could she get pregnant?

Many people are certainly unclear. Why is the in vitro "release"?What is the "release" in vitro?Will it hurt?

Some partners who do not consider children for the time being, will choose to adopt the in vitro "release" method of contraception.

As everyone knows, "release" in vitro can play a role in contraception to a certain extent, but it cannot ensure 100%contraception.

If semen accidentally enters women, it will also cause pregnancy.

In addition to "release" in vitro, is it possible to cause harm to the body?The answer is yes.

There are several aspects of common hazards released in vitro.

● – <"Release of in vitro" Whether it hurts the body> – ●

There are many hidden problems in in vitro release, which is likely to cause problems such as men and women’s reproductive health, men’s psychological health, and tight husband and wife relationships.

First look at the impact on male reproductive health.

When "release" in vitro, artificially terminates normal ejaculation, which will cause sperm death. Over time, the number of male sperm will be reduced, and severe cases may not produce sperm.

Semen is produced by the prostate and other glands. Long -term "release" in vitro will reduce the stimulation of semen in the gland and cause semen to decrease.

The long -term use of in vitro "release" is more harmful to male prostate.

The prostate is an important "lifeline" for the production of semen. If semen is not released for a long time, it will cause inflammation of the prostate or prostate hyperplasia.

In addition, after male prostate damage, men can also cause problems such as frequent urination, dysuria, and impurities of urine. It may also induce male reproductive diseases such as urethritis and scastitis.

Frequent external ejaculation may also cause unable to ejaculate normally in the later period, because the habit of nerve and muscle is in a state of ejaculation in the body and affects normal ejaculation.

In addition, it is important to note that in vitro "release" is often used, which will also cause tremendous pressure on the vasters. If the vasal tube is damaged, it will also affect the normal ejaculation of men.

Look at the impact on women’s reproductive health.

"Release" in vitro as a contraceptive method for many people has certain disadvantages.

If it is too late to pull out due to tension, semen leakage will also make women pregnant.

If the husband and wife are not prepared for children, women may suffer from abortion, and the damage to women is more harmful.

If a woman’s uterus is already fragile, it may affect future pregnancy because of abortion surgery.

The psychological impact of in vitro has also had a great psychological impact.

It is often used to "release" in vitro to contraception. For both husband and wife, mental stress will be relatively large.

When the husband and wife are in sexual life, they are easily nervous, and both sides will worry about shooting or omitting.

Neither the two sides can invest in their minds when they are doing sex, which will affect the quality of sexual life.

This method has been adopted for a long time. After a long time, not only the quality of life will have problems, but the couple will also have mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

Considering the psychological health of both husband and wife, it is recommended that you minimize the method of "release" this contraception in vitro.

In vitro may also lead to discord with husband and wife.

Using in vitro "release", women’s experience will be relatively poor.

Long -term use of in vitro will make women feel that they are tools, and they cannot experience the happiness and joy of sexual life, and they cannot feel the love of their partners.

Over time, the relationship between husband and wife will be affected, and even family relationships will break.

It may also cause the woman to be cold.

The in vitro release needs to be controlled by artificially. When men are about to release, they need to quickly pull out sexual organs from women.

Long -term human endless ejaculation behavior will make it difficult for women to reach orgasm. Over time, women will have sexual indifference and resist sexual life.

The more serious may cause cross -infection.

When the in vitro is released, the two parties do not take safety measures. When sexual behavior, it is likely to cause cross -infection.

Once some infectious diseases are infected, the treatment is also painful.

For example, AIDS, syphilis, and gonorrhea are all serious sexually transmitted diseases. When adopting in vitro, we must make comprehensive consideration.

The in vitro "release" has a relatively large impact on the body. It is not recommended to adopt it for a long time. There are also the following two contraceptive methods. It is not advisable to attract attention.

● —— <2 uncomfortable contraceptive methods> ● ●

The first is the safety period contraception.

Many partners are trying to try a safe -period contraception. In fact, the safe period of contraception does not ensure 100%success.

Especially women with irregular physiological periods are not recommended to adopt a safe period of contraception. It is likely to staggered the time, and there is no contraceptive effect at all.

Even if women who are relatively regular in physiological periods, under special circumstances such as low emotional or high pressure, it will affect the cycle and cannot ensure contraception.

Then there is emergency contraceptive pill.

Emergency contraceptives need to be taken within 72 hours after the end of sex, usually the best effect is usually effective within 24 hours.

Emergency contraceptives are not our conventional contraceptives, and more progesterone is added to emergency contraceptives.

Patients may have symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, and patients with severe conditions may have the risk of infertility.

When conducting sexual life, be sure to take contraceptive measures.

Don’t think that contraceptives can be taken casually. Once you cause trauma to your body, you are too late to regret it.

"Release", emergency contraceptives, and safety periods are not effective contraceptive methods.

Relying on these three methods are unreliable and there are certain dangers, so how do we have the right contraception?

● — <Turful method that men and women should know> – ●

The first is the in -palace.

The in -palace is a very popular contraceptive method. This contraceptive method is more efficient and safe, and the failure rate is low.

There are also many types of in -palace. You must consult your doctor first, and choose to choose the one who is more suitable for you.

The second is to use condoms.

Condoms are the most common contraceptive methods, and condoms can achieve more than 95%of contraceptive effects.

When using a condom, first carefully check whether the condom has problems such as holes and adhesion.

Knotomy can not only have the effect of contraceptives, but also prevent infectious diseases.

Pay attention to the use of condoms during use, do not fall off halfway.

The third is ligation.

The so -called ligation surgery is also called sterilization surgery. Loao surgery is not limited to men or women. Both sides can do.

Loao surgery can allow the vasters to no longer shoot sperm, and the fallopian tube will no longer discharge eggs, which will have contraceptive effects.

Couples who use this contraceptive method must consider carefully, because this method is irreversible.

If the two parties consider the premise that the child is no longer required, this method can be considered.

The above are several common contraceptive methods.

After understanding the correct way of contraception, we must further understand how to perform sexual life correctly so that we can ensure that the life of the couple is more harmonious and healthier.

● — <Correct sexual lifestyle> – ●

1. Pay attention to hygiene

Before the life of the husband and wife, you must take a bath. If the two sides have a odor in the mouth during the kissing process, it will affect the mood very much.

Especially for the private parts, we must do a good job of cleaning work. If you do not pay attention to cleaning and hygienic privacy during sex, many bacteria will be hidden, which can easily cause cross infection.

Maintaining private places can effectively avoid problems such as women’s gynecological diseases and male prostatitis.

2. Keep emotional stability

When doing the life of a husband and wife, you must pay attention to maintaining stability, too exciting and too low emotions, not suitable for husband and wife life.

Especially when the life of husband and wife is too emotional, it is easy to be too hard and cause unnecessary harm to women.

Men may even die suddenly due to excessive excitement during sex.

To maintain smooth emotions, you can pay attention and time in sexual life, so as to ensure that the two parties are not harmed.

3. Communicate with each other

Before the husband and wife live, the two sides must communicate well.

If one party is particularly tired or in a bad mood, you cannot force the other party to perform sexual life.

At this time, the sexual life is very ideal, and it is easy to cause contradictions and misunderstandings to each other, affecting the feelings of husband and wife.

With the time and energy of both parties, the life of husband and wife can relax each other, relieve fatigue and stress, and promote the relationship between husband and wife.

4. Keep the proper frequency

Although sexual life is important, the more the number of sexual life is, the better.

Without an additional sexual life, the physical strength and energy of both parties will even cause the reproductive system damage of both parties, which will affect the subsequent husband and wife life.

There are very few sexual life, or the sexual life cannot be performed, and it will also affect the reproductive system. Men may have erectile impairment, and women may have problems such as vaginal dryness.

Maintaining a proper sexual life is conducive to reproductive health between the two parties, and it is also conducive to the feelings of both husband and wife, and it also helps to release stress.

5. Do the foreplay

Doing a forefront play plays a very important role in the quality of husband and wife life.

If the foreplay is insufficient, women cannot secrete sufficient body fluid during sex, and pain will occur during sex.

Over time, women will also resist the life of husband and wife, and the feelings of both sides will be affected over time.

Before sexual life, you can relax the emotions by flirting, hugging, kissing, or creating a romantic atmosphere, which helps women enter sex life as soon as possible.

● — <Conclusion> – ●

If the husband and wife do not prepare for the child’s mind, we must pay attention to taking safety measures when sexual life to reduce harm to women.

Regarding security measures, I shared several security and effective methods with you before, which can be selected in combination with actual conditions.

The above five methods need to pay attention to normal husband and wife life, and partners need to operate together.

Only by ensuring the safety of both husbands and wives can the life of better and high -quality couples.

"Release" in vitro cannot be 100 % contraception, and always "release" in vitro will also have a lot of adverse effects on the body.

Sexual life is a very important part of the health of husband and wife. You must pay attention to taking correct contraceptive measures.

In sexual life, both husband and wife must pay attention to personal hygiene, communicate with each other, maintain a positive attitude, and do foreplay to create a high -quality husband and wife life.

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