Will it hurt if you have not fed the breast?

Symptoms of breast pain during pregnancy are mainly caused by obvious increase in estrogen and progesterone levels after pregnancy.

The elevated estrogen causes stimulation of the mammary glands and can promote the development of the breast, and progesterone will also stimulate the symptoms of breast pain caused by breast cells based on estrogen.This pain is to feed the baby to make the foundation and prepare a granary for the baby.

Starting from the fertilized eggs, the secretion of estrogen and progesterone in the body increases. At the same time, the prolactin in the body will increase, which will also cause breast pain, the range of areolas increases, and deepen the color.

Most of the symptoms of breast pain are generally obvious within the first three months of pregnancy. After three months of pregnancy, these phenomena will gradually reduce.At the same time, pregnancy reactions can also be relieved or disappeared, and the symptoms of nausea and vomiting of most pregnant mothers will also disappear.But there are also some pregnant mothers who can continue the entire pregnancy.

However, with the increase of pregnancy weeks, many pregnant mothers in the late pregnancy, about seven, eight, and nine months of pregnancy, due to the dilatation of the breast duct, it will produce a small amount of milk. At this time, it will feel slightly breast pain and pain andThe feeling of tingling nipples will continue until childbirth.When the milk secretion flows out after childbirth, the phenomenon of breast pain will be reduced at this time.

Breast pain during pregnancy is normal physiological phenomenon, and there is no need to do special treatment.It is recommended to choose some underwear with good breathability, loose and more comfortable after pregnancy.For example, a cotton for pregnant women to reduce the oppression of the breast.It is recommended to use loose underwear after pregnancy, such as pregnant women dedicated to reduce the oppression of the breast.

During the third trimester, especially when breastfeeding, the symptoms will be significantly reduced.If breast pain is still great, you can choose hot compresses and massage to relieve.Pregnant women with severe pain can insist on applying hot towels to promote blood circulation and relieve pain.Pay attention to keeping your mood comfortable and not exhausted, so as not to affect hormone level fluctuations and increase breast pain.You can also massage the breasts appropriately to keep the breast catheter unobstructed.At the same time, pay attention to keeping the breast clean and hygienic, scrub it with warm water daily, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and check regularly.

Under normal circumstances, breast bloating during pregnancy will not be obvious, nor can it be unbearable.However, if there is redness and heat pain, or even touching the breasts is obviously hot, considering the expression of acute mastitis, then you must go to the hospital to find a doctor. If necessary, you need to combine massage hot compresses and take anti -inflammatory drugs.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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