Will gynecological inflammation be contagious?Does it affect pregnancy?

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Gynecological inflammation is a common disease for women

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There are many types of gynecological inflammation, and some of them are contagious.For example, trichomonas vaginitis, moldy vaginitis, etc., are generally required to treat couples in medicine to achieve the treatment effect.

Gynecological inflammation is generally transmitted through the following channels

Sexual behaviors such as trichomonas and mold vaginitis can be transmitted in sexual contact, and about 1/2 people will be infected.If the woman suffers from bacterial vaginitis, her spouse should also be treated at the same time.

Indirect contact is another way of spreading some gynecological inflammation.For example, the toilet, bathtub, bath chair, towels in public toilets, and unclean toilet paper can cause transmission. When the vulva vaginal flora of the infected person is destroyed, vaginal inflammation can occur.

Gynecological inflammation that affect pregnancy

1. vaginitis

Vaginitis causes vulvar vulvar infections to cause vulvar vaginitis. The pathogens of vulvar vulva are mainly gonococcus, mycoplasma, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, mold, etc. These pathogens can directly devour sperm and cause infertility.

2. Cervicitis

The local inflammation caused by various pathogenic factors of cervicitis can occur in women of any age.The main manifestations are cervical congestion and edema. In severe cases, the secondary cause is cervical erosion, and it is often accompanied by changes in vaginal discharge, urgency, frequent urination, and small abdominal pain.

3. Annexal inflammation

Annexal inflammation, also known as tubal ovarian inflammation, inflammation of the disease affects the fallopian tube, and continues to expand ovarian inflammation. Because the fallopian tube and the ovarian inflammation are called the fallopian tube ovarian inflammation.Chronic attachment inflammation is very common. It is often chronic with acute inflammation process, but some acute inflammation processes are not obvious. Once discovery, it has turned chronic.

Kind tips

The skin of women’s vulva is very delicate, with rich skin sweat glands, many wrinkles, hidden without exposure, and poor breathability, so it is most likely to be attacked by germs.In addition, women’s genitals and abdominal cavity are connected with the outside world. This is the uniqueness of female genitals. The germs can also enter the uterus from the vagina, resulting in more serious gynecological diseases.

Many women suffer from gynecological diseases but do not pay much attention, and eventually cause evil results.The infertility of gynecological malignant treatment will form infertility.Therefore, gynecological diseases cannot be ignored by small.Doctors from Suining Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital reminded female friends that they must conduct regular gynecological examinations. If they find that they have abnormal conditions, they must go to a regular hospital for examination in time to treat targeted treatment!

Xiaobian 女: Women must be nice to themselves, care for their bodies, and cherish their health.Only by maintaining a healthy body and mind can we work with the greatest enthusiasm and achieve the dream in your heart, and make your life happier.

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