Will eating more Tremella can cause cancer?Stay away from sulfur "poison" Tremella, remember these 4 points, right

Tremella is a common ingredient in our lives. It not only tastes delicious, but also has a very high nutritional value.However, in order to pursue interests, some bad businesses will be smoked in sulfur in Tremella. Such white fungus will not only be cooked without glue, but also cause some damage to the human body.

As a dry goods seasoning owner, who has been working for 30 years, I will share with you how to distinguish the white fungus that has been smoked by sulfur, so that everyone can choose high -quality Tremella.


The surface of high -quality Tremella is slightly yellow, and the surface is also very clean. There are no impurities and black spots, which are round and tidy.Buy.

If the color of the white fungus is dark, the blossoming is very loose, and there are incompleteness, it means that the Tremella stock has been stored for too long and it is no longer fresh. Try not to buy it.

Because the Tremella that has just been picked is very fragile and easy to be damaged, many bad businesses will smoke Tremella with sulfur to extend the shelf life of the Tremella. The color that has been smoked by sulfur will be very white. It will look very beautiful and clean., Make people very desire to buy.

1. Smell the taste

Normal, high -quality Tremella flavor is very light, and there will only be a faint scent of bacteria, without any odor; and the white fungus that has been smoked by sulfur will smell a very pungent taste, and it will also be accompanied by a heavy sulfur flavor.Do not buy such Tremella.

Other Tremella if it is placed for too long, if it is moisture, it will have a sour or moldy taste.

When you choose Tremella, even if you choose the product, you are not very good, but there is no odor or pungent Tremella. Do not choose the Tremella that is good, but it has a stimulating taste.

2. Touch texture

High -quality Tremella is very dry, and it is slightly stabbing, and the toughness is excellent and will not drop the residue. The inferior Tremella will feel humid and the toughness is extremely poor.

Because some bad businesses will sprinkle water on it in order to gain weight for Tremella. This kind of white fungus will not only make you pay more, and it will not be stored for a long time, and it is easy to break.

3. Watch the ear slices of Tremella

After normal Tremella, the ear fillets are white and tender and very flexible; and the Tremella that has been smoked by sulfur, after soaking, the ears of the white fungus will be yellow and dry.Don’t eat it anymore.

Do you have a question now, why do I buy normal Tremella or high -quality Tremella, but I still ca n’t cook?

This is because you have missing these steps in the process of cooking, let’s take a look at it together!

1. Cold water soaked hair

When you make a bubble, it is best to use cold water. Although the hot water is soaked faster, it will also cause the nutrients in the white fungus to lose, and it is not easy to gum when it is cooked.

2. Soaking time

When soaking in Tremella, try to soak for more than two hours. Do not exceed six hours. The longer the Tremella hair time, the higher the glue rate when cooking.In the process of soaking, remember to change water and change at least three times.

3. Tear into small pieces

When the Tremella is cooked in the pan, don’t tear it casually or cut everything, and cook it. In this way, the probability of cooked Tremella will not be collapsed; you need to tear the white fungus into a particularly broken piece, which will increaseThe cross -sectional area of large Tremella fungus greatly increases the output rate of Tremella.

4. Cooking time

Tremella wants to produce glue, and the time to cook should not be too short. You can boil on high heat first, then turn to low heat and simmer slowly. Slowly stew slowly for 90 minutes.

When the Tremella is cooked, you can put the other ingredients in, and then cook it for more than ten minutes.

Intimate tips:

It is best not to exceed 6 hours for Tremella. Because the hair time of Tremella in the Tremella can be too long, it will produce a rice yeast acid toxin. This toxin is extremely heat -resistant.When soaking in Tremella, you must change the water frequently.

As a owner of a dry goods seasoning for more than 30 years, the experience is also relatively rich. Regarding what duties are in duty, you can hit the comment area, and I will answer them one by one!

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