Will dysmenorrhea be infertile?

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In the few days of each holiday, many friends often feel miserable, because some friends will have symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is a common gynecological condition, especially when women can diarrhea before and after menstruation.There are many reasons for the abnormal situation. We must pay attention to its harm to patients.Is dysmenorrhea infertility? The five major hazards need attention.


1. Dysmenorrhea of non -organic lesions of reproductive organs is called "primary dysmenorrhea".Primary dysmenorrhea usually occurs in unmarried and unhappy women, and generally does not affect fertility.

2. Dysmenorrhea caused by the lesions of reproductive organs, called "secondary dysmenorrhea", pathological dysmenorrhea.Its etiology is more complicated, endometriosis, endometriosis, uterine adenomia, uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, uterine cavity adhesion, residual horn, pelvic inflammation (acute, chronic)The vaginal cross -section may cause dysmenorrhea, and a series of examinations are required to determine the cause.

Will dysmenorrhea be infertile?

Many people’s holiday pain is pathological dysmenorrhea. Not only will it not be alleviated after marriage, but it will continue to increase. In the end, in addition to being affected by pain, it is more likely to infringe other organs and lead to infertility.And some women who have started dysmenorrhea from girls often take medicine herself, but do not know that with the growth of age, her dysmenorrhea is likely to have changed in nature.Disclosure and treatment did not discover until the treatment of infertility. The results increased, and the difficulty of treatment became increasing.


1. As a result of female qi and blood disorders, premature aging

Chinese medicine generally can see if women have dysmenorrhea diseases, mainly because patients with dysmenorrhea are more manifested on their faces, especially menstrual dysmenorrhea, women are always dark, dry skin, and it is easy to form facial plaque, acne and other facial facial facial faces.The invisible scourge of the problem, especially when women’s qi and blood disorders, and the abnormal radicals in the body are active, their aging age is 5 years earlier than normal women.In addition, dysmenorrhea can also cause habitual abortion, premature birth, and mentally retarded children. Therefore, women with dysmenorrhea must be cured and give birth to babies.

2. The hazard signal of infertility

According to clinical observations, about half of the infertility patients are accompanied by dysmenorrhea with different levels of severity.After a large number of clinical data analysis, 56%of those with dysmenorrhea are accompanied by infertility, and the patients are also conceived once they are eliminated.Therefore, in order to do not affect everyone’s fertility, the dysmenorrhea should go to the hospital for a examination regardless of the severity.

3. Affecting learning work

During the menstrual period or small abdominal pain, it is unbearable, accompanied by waist soreness, cold sweat, cold limbs, weakness, restless sitting, seriously affecting work, study and daily life, we must rest in bed.

4. Affect husband and wife life

The uterine abnormalities will also gradually reduce the number of cells and secretions in the vagina, causing vaginal atrophy, dryness and discomfort, and a painful sexual life displeased.There is sexual desire and sex directly leading to discord in sexual life.

5. Affect fetal growth

Experts have found that women with a history of five years of dysmenorrhea are 2.65 times that of female fetuses in the history of painless menstruation!For your healthy growth of your baby in the future, you must do your uterine maintenance work in advance.

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