Will drinking Chinese medicine affect pregnancy?

Look at the common doubts of Chinese medicine and gynecology over the years

1 Does drinking menstruation Chinese medicine affect pregnancy?

There are often some patients who come to see menstruation to see menstruation, and they will ask this way in the end.

The answer is: No.

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, the generation of menstruation is related to the internal organs, meridians, qi and blood, which is also closely related to the filling of kidney qi and the flourishing of the second pulse.(The "kidney qi" here does not refer to the gas produced by the kidney, it is the qi of the kidney refinement. The "kidney" of Chinese medicine is not simply the two "waist".Immune, reproduction, urology, and endocrine systems, don’t confuse it) Menstruation is adjusted, then it means that the kidney is strong and rushing. At this time, it is conducive to breeding healthy babies.

However, here is to remind everyone that once you find pregnancy when you drink Chinese medicine, you must inform and ask the doctor if you are more suitable for continuing to take the original Chinese medicine?Some traditional Chinese medicines are nourishing the spleen, liver, liver and kidney to regulate menstruation. There is no problem to continue taking; some are activating blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and depending on the patient’s situation.

Therefore, when drinking Chinese medicine to regulate menstruation, you can get pregnant and help pregnant, but you must pay attention to your menstruation!Once the push is pushed, the little red light is on, and it may be pregnant, and the Chinese medicine needs to be adjusted!

2 Is it harmful to use hemat blood drugs before pregnancy or transplantation?

We use the heparin of anticoagulation in Western medicine to analogy. Some pregnant mothers have previously miscarriage and need to be used to protect the fetus every day because she is in a high -coordinated state.The same Chinese medicine is added to the blood circulation medicine because the pregnant mother has the problem of "blood stasis". "Blood stasis" can cause abortion and bleeding. The subordinate blood of the choric membrane is a manifestation of "blood stasis".

The blood circulation drugs of Chinese medicine often have multiple effects, such as: safflower is blood nourishing blood and blood blood, three seven is promoting blood to stop bleeding, and red blood and Danpi are cool blood circulation and hemostasis. Proper selection according to the patient’s condition will not affect the baby. TCMIt is called "there is no reason, there is no 殒 or no sacrifice."

We have also encountered patients who drank Chinese medicine before test tube transplantation and asked us if there would be safflower in us?Because the safflower played in the palace fighting drama, it was used to harm the concubine. Yes, a large dose of safflower may indeed cause miscarriage.For women with stagnation, endometrial blood stasis causes insufficient blood supply, nor can the embryo be in bed successfully.Therefore, the blood circulation drugs such as small doses of safflower are mainly to improve the blood circulation of pelvic cavity, promote ovarian and endometrial blood supply, improve nutrition, and improve their functions. Blood prosper can take pregnancy, but it can increase the success rate of transplantation.

BTW, the anxiety baby who asked us at the beginning is now successful.

3 The menstrual stomachache is terrible. Do I have Gong Han?Intersection

Many babies who look at the dysmenorrhea sit down and say: The doctor is my palace Han, you can see what medicine is prescribed for me to make up for me.However, after seeing the doctor, I found that most of them were Gonghan!

Dysmenorrhea may be qi stagnation, blood stasis, qi deficiency blood stasis, and even inside the inside.Gonghan advertising is really good!You can’t get a seat to the seat!

I saw that some big coffees said from the media to say that drinking brown sugar water is useless. It is better to drink brown sugar water to drink hot water. Then there is a bunch of comments below that right!As a Chinese medicine gynecologist, it is really speechless, because the treatment of not dialectical is a hooligan!

Go back to talk about Gong Han, what kind of person is Gong Han?Small abdominal cold pain when menstruation or before menstruation, with hot water bottle or warm babies will improve. The menstrual color is relatively dim, the texture is relatively sparse, like black bean juice, and (this "and" very important) have symptoms of cold waist and cold limbs.

There is another word here. The autumn is like a day. It seems that the female friends who love beautiful and diet can easily be cold in hands and feet. Often, you are likely that you just lack nutrition, and blood deficiency will cause insufficient body temperature!


When did Chinese medicine start to pay attention to women’s reproductive health?

Archaeological found that the oracle essays of ancient Yin and Zhou dynasties recorded the rhetoric of fertility diseases and predicting childbirth time. Among the 21 diseases recorded, there were "breeding" (gynecological disease).

The "Yellow Emperor’s Canon" specifically describes the physiological development process of women: the fourteen years of menstruation and have the ability to fertility; the function of the 28 -year -old body has reached its peak; the age of 35 began to aging, and her hair has become embarrassing.Ah, this is very similar to the folding effect of the 35 -year -old in the age of we are talking about (the fertility power of this year is significantly decreased); at the age of 42, the face is straightforward, and the hair starts to turn white; forty -nine years old; forty -nine years oldWhen menstruation is cut off, the body aging, losing fertility.

After thousands of years, this passage still seems to be very objective.

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